So lucky…

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So lucky.

I often spend time reading, mostly murder/mystery novels and I try to keep up on my passion which is natural health as opposed to surviving on plastic synthetic foods. Over the last few years I’ve much preferred reading on my Kindle rather than paperbacks simply because it’s much easier for me. Obviously my own health is a priority for me so researching about possibilities to remove this turd of a disease using natural supplements and methods such as Stem Cell treatment. So I surf the net on my laptop, read books on my Kindle and watch tv. I’m able to do this because I live in my little flat and have disability benefits, not a lot but enough to get by on. There are hundreds of thousands of people around the world that also have the same disease but don’t have the same background or experience I have so are part of the majority taking MS  prescription drugs or don’t have the same benefits or emotional support. Ok I cannot live the life I used to, I can’t do the things most people take for granted, but I’m in a far better place than 99% of other people with multiple sclerosis and for that I am so lucky and ever so grateful. I see the stem cell treatment as being a very good option for completely removing this disease, the treatment is expensive and is effectively being done in several other countries so if you would like to help with whatever you can, just click the donate button, thank you.


What I am…

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What I am..

Hi this is Stefan, I’m the guy that grew up in Liverpool as one of seven kids.

I’m the boy that lived in a two bedroom house with mum, dad 4 brothers and 2 sisters.

I’m the guy that met and skydived with some great people, friends over a 15 year period.

I’m the guy that drove to Edinburgh to collect his sister and niece when they were having problems.

I’m the guy that took his brother to Florida twice.

I’m the guy that’s helped lots of friends and relatives on many an occasions.

I’m the guy that used to go mountain biking with brothers and friends.

I’m the guy that used to go out for a beer with a close mate and brothers.

I’m the guy that helped whenever I could, whoever needed it.

I’m the guy that helped thousands of people in America.

And guess what, I got multiple sclerosis and can’t do any of those things anymore.

But I’m still Stefan.

What I’m not.

Is someone that forgets and ignores and turns their back on a friend or family member in need.

I might have a hideous incurable disease and be housebound 24/7 but I’d rather be me than be a shallow and inconsiderate fair weather friend.

Not yet..

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Not yet..

Being told in 2004 that I have a disease that the medical world considers incurable, notice I said the medical world not what I think. I know it’s different and far more complex but think about anything, a jigsaw puzzle, those frustrating intertwined metal links or a secret code. When first attempted to complete or interlock or solve it is always frustratingly difficult to the point where it appears impossible. But in my head it’s no different, it’s not impossible, it’s just Not possible Now, it just means that the twists or combinations haven’t been done correctly, the answer is there, it just hasn’t been found Yet…. Yes there are huge organisations spending millions of man hours and countless amounts of money on finding an answer, a solution, or are they. It’s strange how they can find or produce something that gives partial or temporary relief that makes them billions and billions in profit but for some inexplicable reason they can’t find the definitive answer, a cure, could that possibly be because that would put an end to the disgustingly profitable scam that 99% of people believe….. hmmmm.

Anyway as far as I’m concerned the negativity of accepting their statement of it can’t be done is just not going to happen, I see no point in accepting their view because it’s not impossible, it’s not incurable, I just haven’t found it yet…


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It’s strange how the medical profession in the 21st century are supposedly so advanced that in their opinion are constantly discovering diseases through tireless dedicated research, weird that most are diseases that just didn’t exist fifty or a hundred years ago. I don’t know why the fail to acknowledge that it isn’t their dedicated research it’s because they just weren’t around and it’s really the fault of the toxic preservatives, GMO’s and herbicides, pesticides and other crap sprayed on to crops and plants. Only 30 years ago the chance of a child being born with autism was 1 in 10,000 it’s steadily increased to around 1 in 10….hmmm I wonder why, it’s not hereditary so maybe it’s because of what’s being put into us. Also the “silver” filling so many people had are not silver. Yes the are silver coloured, an amalgam filling, not the resin ones, before 1976 were 52% mercury, then zinc. copper, tin and 8 to 10% silver. After 1976 they became the high copper amalgam which was mercury, copper and silver in equal portions, I have to point out that mercury is the most toxin non radioactive substance on earth. The food, vaccines, farming and dentistry have all been responsible for the sickening rise in disease in the western world and so many of these diseases are classed as autoimmune. The doctors tell you that autoimmune means that your body is attacking itself, what they really mean is that they have no freaking idea.

What if…

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What if…

So when I was diagnosed with MS in The Rose hospital in Denver, Colorado in February 2004, the neurologist told me he would prescribe a course of medicine. The look on his face when I told him I wouldn’t be taking any drugs, he got quite mad at me and said I’d be in a wheelchair permanently within six months if I didn’t take them.

The three others I saw in Colorado all said the same over the next ten years.

The first neurologist I saw in England, an oriental doctor at a hospital in Nottingham basically told me that my MS was classed as stage 4 and that there was nothing she could do for me, there was no drug that could stop or slow down the disease.

Well fifteen years after my original diagnosis, I’m not in a wheelchair, I don’t take any drugs for MS, so although there have been six neurologists and numerous doctors that have all looked on me with sad faces that said, never mind Stefan, keep living in your dream world.

None of them have believed me when I’ve said I will cure myself, I think one member of my family believes me, a couple think I might possibly be right but the rest have given up on me and treat me as the ugly red headed step child….but I’ll stay strong and believe in myself and I say to all the non believers….WHAT IF I’M RIGHT…

It just is….

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It just is…

Firstly I’ll say that the mind is like a parachute……a parachute is a very helpful thing if you are falling from a plane thousands of feet in the air, but and this is the most important and relevant part…… it’s of absolutely no use whatsoever unless it’s open…

So let’s think about something that most people use everyday, the microwave oven…..  the average normal person will just put some frozen food or a drink in it and press a few buttons wait a few minutes then ‘Ping’ it’s done, you take it out, wait a minute then eat or drink your piping hot food. It’s just taken for granted, it’s nothing weird it’s just a microwave!!! But do you know how it works? Is it sending heat to the food? Don’t worry I’m getting to my point… no it’s not sending heat it’s actually sending radio waves at a specially set frequency that agitate the molecules of water in the food, they vibrate rapidly and generate heat which in turn cooks the food.

Not confusing, not rocket science just something you knew of but not the specifics, ok a step further, a radio station broadcasts other radio waves at a different frequency, they mysteriously are captured by a receiver, it might be a radio or iPod, convert the waves and release them so you can hear music. Get my point? it might be signals received on your Sky dish…then it’s “I’m a Celebrity” no one spends time thinking about how it works… It just is…

Everything….. Yes everything is energy, energy vibrating at different frequencies to form a substance or thing, it vibrates faster or slower to form water of steel, now regardless of who you are, rich or poor, black or white, what I’ve said is fact, not my opinion, fact.

The point of this is there are waves, energy all around and I believe that they can change everything, if the correct waves at a very specific frequency are absorbed into my body, it will correct what’s wrong. Why not? The waves at different frequencies are cooking your food, playing music and showing Ant and Dec on your flat screen TV. Bring someone from 1910 to now and they could not believe what is normal today unless they were willing to have a mind like a parachute.


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Why do I bother? Why do I write and openly profess to the world about how I will overcome a supposedly incurable disease when the medical fraternity and that includes the pariahs…… the pharmaceutical industry who all make categorical irrefutable statements in their opinion that multiple sclerosis cannot be cured. The reason “they” say it is, is because MS like several other diseases is quite frankly a “Cash cow” for them. All of those co called incurable diseases make billions and billions of dollars/pounds in profits for them so why on earth would they find a cure!!!!

I digress, getting back to my point, I write most days as a way to inspire and motivate myself, no one else can and that’s not a complaint or criticism it’s just a fact. I was telling a friend yesterday (you know who you are) that I’m a man of my word so I will not go back on that, I’m stating out loud that I will cure myself and as a man of principle I will not shirk from my duty. I consider my writing for my blog as my own personal journal.

Give up…

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Give up.

If I start my day as I did yesterday by being in my Mag Chloride bath at 05.45 and soaking for an hour then I feel so much better than I do on other days, so ideally it would be the thing to do everyday. However as beneficial as it seems, getting there is not as easy as you might think, as I’ve said previously, moving about is difficult, it’s physically very demanding, so the extra effort required, as basic as it seems, is really hard for me, on top of that the initial effect and for the following 30 minutes puts me into a state of utter exhaustion. So I go through a really conflicting period, I know the mag chloride has residual benefits but the “NOW” period is exhausting. Similarly I know the long term benefits of exercising are good for me but even doing what appears to be very basic fundamental exercise initially completely drains me. My body is shouting at me to not repeat the exercise…. please no more, but the mentally experienced part is saying “Stefan, don’t give up, don’t be a wimp”. My knowledge of how the body works, how muscles go through an accelerated period of atrophy because of the disease I have, I know if I don’t do it, if I don’t persevere with the supplements and exercise the MS will beat me. Anyone that knows me, knows I’m from Liverpool and I am a son of an amazing mother, knowing this you’ll also know that the words Give up, are not in my vocabulary.

The easy path…

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Easy path.

I think that because of the ease in getting a message out to the majority of people via television, magazines and the internet that misinformation whether we want to know it or not is crammed into our minds almost every minute that we are awake. So is it any wonder that 9 out of 10 people seem to be more than willing to take the easy path when it comes to what they see as an answer.

Living is a constant challenge, just being able to survive, looking after yourself, your spouse and kids is a 24/7 job… when there’s a problem with health for you or a loved one, the automatic reaction is to give/take a pill and because of the ease in the way the bastards, sorry, pharmaceutical companies pretend to be promoting something that’s good, you just believe them. The toxic drug, and make no mistake about it, it is toxic will temporarily mask the problem, drugs of today turn off receptors in your brain, the ones telling you that something you’ve probably put into your body is hurting you.

Hmmmm doesn’t seem like the best route to take, the keep mopping up the water method as opposed to turn the tap off and pull the plug out of the sink first way.

It scares me knowing that a billion dollar giant has completely brainwashed the people and the medical professionals who initially had the desire to help, but are now simply dishing out drugs and taking the easy path.

Who am I….

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Who am I…..

I’m not a Doctor or PhD…. I’m not a medical professional… ….

I’m not a magician…. I’m not an illusionist… .

I’m not special…. I’m not better than you…

Enough of what I’m not, what I am is me, I’m Stefan and because of that I know that certain things, good things will happen to me, for me and because of me. I know that I will get better, the disease that’s squatting in me will leave, how it will go, I don’t know but I do know….. not think… not wish, I know it will go. I will live a long healthy, wealthy and happy life. Again I’m saying I don’t know exactly how, I’m not being specific by saying I will win millions on the lottery or anything else but I know God, The Universe or whomever you chose to call him will make this happen for me, no one will be deprived or neglected because they are more deserving, no one will suffer but I will have health and wealth, why….. because I know I will…. because I’m Stefan….