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It’s strange how the medical profession in the 21st century are supposedly so advanced that in their opinion are constantly discovering diseases through tireless dedicated research, weird that most are diseases that just didn’t exist fifty or a hundred years ago. I don’t know why the fail to acknowledge that it isn’t their dedicated research it’s because they just weren’t around and it’s really the fault of the toxic preservatives, GMO’s and herbicides, pesticides and other crap sprayed on to crops and plants. Only 30 years ago the chance of a child being born with autism was 1 in 10,000 it’s steadily increased to around 1 in 10….hmmm I wonder why, it’s not hereditary so maybe it’s because of what’s being put into us. Also the “silver” filling so many people had are not silver. Yes the are silver coloured, an amalgam filling, not the resin ones, before 1976 were 52% mercury, then zinc. copper, tin and 8 to 10% silver. After 1976 they became the high copper amalgam which was mercury, copper and silver in equal portions, I have to point out that mercury is the most toxin non radioactive substance on earth. The food, vaccines, farming and dentistry have all been responsible for the sickening rise in disease in the western world and so many of these diseases are classed as autoimmune. The doctors tell you that autoimmune means that your body is attacking itself, what they really mean is that they have no freaking idea.

Part six..

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Dr Grube picked me up from the airport and took me to her practice, it was after 7 pm but the staff had stayed behind so I could have all the necessary x-rays prior to the surgery the next day. After the full mouth series of x-rays Dr Grube took me to the motel and spent some time preparing me for what was about to happen the next day.
The next day was Wednesday and I had 7 hours of dental work done, my amalgam fillings were all replaced with a bio compatible material in the first three and a half hour sitting, the next three and a half was to remove my wisdom teeth and clean out a cavitation in number 19 on the bottom left of my jaw.
Because she used conscious sedation I didn’t experience any pain whatsoever, in fact that evening back at the motel I didn’t even need a pain killer. I went to a local restaurant and ate soup followed by yogurt.
I had no dentistry the next day, that was so important as it would enable my immune system to recover, then on the Friday I was quite nervous as I knew I was about to have my front six teeth removed, but Dr Grube was so gentle with me, the conscious sedation was applied intravenously before the anaesthesia, so no needles in my gums, well they were but I didn’t see them which I can assure you was far less traumatic.
When I awoke three and a half hours later, I felt a little strange, as in I noticed I didn’t have teeth in the front of my mouth however there was no pain at that time. I was taken upstairs to see the massage therapist who made me feel a lot better. Acupressure and massage reintroduce the muscles and nerves in your body that had lost sensation over the years since I’d contracted MS.
When I returned to the motel the discomfort and pain were starting to set in, Dr Grube’s husband, a chiropractor and herbalist had given me some herbs and botanical’s to help. That night was a bad night for me, I felt very alone, thousands of miles from home and no one to help or comfort me. I closed the curtains and took one percocet for the pain which in all honesty was really bad. I made ice packs by crushing ice and wrapping it in a wet towel which I placed over my jaw. As I was alone I had to replace this every 20 minutes which was a pain in the butt. I’d rest or at least try to, then twenty minutes later get up and refresh the ice pack. I didn’t sleep much at all that night but I kept telling myself that it was only temporary and that in a short while I’d be a lot better.
The following day was a little better for me, the manager of the hotel had put a fridge in my room and stocked it with lots of yogurt as he knew I wasn’t able to eat anything solid, he was a good man, in fact all the staff were very helpful at the Hampton Inn.

During my surgeries on both days I had 25g’s and 50g’s of intravenous Vitamin C, this made a massive difference to my potential healing. I have to point out that this was given over a 3.5 and 4.5 hr period, the Vitamin C is essential and has to be given over at least this time or the body will not absorb it.

You want to, I can tell you do, ok then but not too much..

Part five…

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Think about it, big pharma spend billions on advertising their potions, you get sick so you take legal action but in the meantime you’ve helped line the coffers of two giants. While that is happening the insurance scam is growing, the food industry are not interested in health so they pile more and more contaminants into our food. And guess what, yes you get sicker meaning the insurance and big pharma are real happy.
To add to all this the ADA/AMA and ASA are spreading more and more misinformation so you get even sicker and use more drugs, it is such a travesty of justice how these groups are conspiring to make the world a sicker place, well most of the world anyway.
In October 08 I attended a three day training for new dentist’s in Colorado Springs, at the end of the first day I was leaving the hotel, in the elevator with Dr Blanche Grube and Dr Marilyn Medina, Dr Grube asked if I was going to have a total dental revision. I explained that this wasn’t possible financially for me although it was probably more important I have it than for most other people. When I explained I had MS, the shocked look on both their faces was a picture I’ll never forget.
Dr Blanche told me….yes told me that I was to come to Pennsylvania for treatment, then to my utter surprise told me that she would do this treatment for nothing, nada, zilch money. With tears in my eyes I hugged her and thanked her from the bottom of my heart, after nine years I was finally going to get better. I’d had the necessary impressions made with a local Huggins trained dentist which were then sent to Dr Grube, I’m sure you can imagine how excited and nervous I was when I arrived in Scranton knowing I was about to have an operation that could possibly change my life.

One or the other..

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Think about it? I really dislike doing this but when it comes down to it my life is the most important thing to me, so I can either accept that what I have of life is the best it can be and please understand that it’s pretty crap as it is. My day regardless of which one as they are all the same, my day begins when I wake which is usually around 5.30 am, I tend to check emails, play words with friends and meditate till I get up at 7.45 ish. At this time I’ve also drank a litre of water with baking soda. Breakfast is just a Snack a Jack rice cake then my supplements. I shuffle to the sofa and probably read. My days revolve around drinking about 4 1/2 litres of water with stuff in, having lunch and seeing my neice/carer for 45 minutes. Writing for my blog and watching a bit of early evening tv before going back to bed 12 hours after I left it, apart from 20 trips to the loo that’s my day Monday through Sunday. So as I said I can either accept that, or believe there’s something more. I don’t know what you would do but I do know what I would do…..Any freaking thing….. I’m never giving in even though what it is now is crap, although the weather to most of you is nice, it’s horrendous for me, just living my life is tough but the heat and humidity make it ten times worse, it really does. So asking for help, physically or financially is downright embarrassing, it’s humiliating so please understand this is so  hard for me. If……if everyone reading this cared enough to donate the price of a Starbucks each week for a month then I’d be so much closer to having Stem cell treatment and be able to Want to live. To be totally honest with you, if this was me reading about one of you, a friend or acquaintance asking for help, I’d be ashamed of myself if I didn’t do what I could to help.

One or the other… either haven’t seen my plea or you don’t give a crap… Go on, a fiver a week for a month, no big deal….

Garden of the Gods…

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Garden of God’s.

Today I’ve felt really good even though it’s a hot and humid day, great for most people but it can be very awkward from me, the temperature tends to make it very difficult. I’m still trying to work out why specifically for people with MS, my thoughts although not proven scientifically is that my body struggles to carry oxygen (oxyhaemoglobin) in the red blood cells to the organs. In my opinion of course, this results in extreme fatigue so much so that my legs simply will not move or have the strength to support me. So when the weather is like today, this week then I have to have all the windows open, fans going and blinds closed, but yesterday was fine and so far today I’m coping.

The title of this post, Garden of the Gods. I was chatting to a friend earlier and was talking about our “go to places”, where I would go to for a couple of hours to just “be”, to just reflect on life. Garden of the Gods is a national park a few miles from where I lived in Colorado springs. I went to the official website and took a video tour, it was beautiful and I’m not ashamed to say I cried like a baby, I’m not depressed or sad but I really miss being there. My promise to me is like Arnie said “I’ll be back”.


Part four..

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I became very concerned by this ever growing weakness that seemed to be spreading throughout my body. I saw my doctor who referred me to a neurologist who after a bunch of tests informed me quite bluntly that I had MS, we then had a heated discussion as I refused to take the medication. Several years later I interviewed for a job with Dr Hal Huggins, the more I read about this man the more I was in awe of him. He had made a stand against the all powerful ADA and FDA by proving amalgam fillings were dangerous. This didn’t go down well with a billion dollar giants, the ADA and FDA who were also in the pockets of the trillion dollar mega giants, the pharmaceutical industry.


Doc was about to offer me the job of Client Service Director when he asked me if I was prepared to lose all my friends. At first I thought this a rather strange question. I asked why would he ask that, he then said, “when you know what you’ll know, you’ll lose all your friends. I was intrigued and excited but eventually I said yes and started working a week later.

As my knowledge expanded with sitting in on doc’s consultations and reading all his books, I understood what he meant when he asked if I was prepared to lose my friends. It became obvious that so much of what is generally understood by the general public is tainted and twisted misinformation being spread by the hierarchy of six trillion dollar conglomerates.

Headed by the Pharmaceutical industry the others are the Oil and Gas giants, Food, Insurance, Law and I will group the ADA/ASA and AMA together.

Donate and help ?  


Part three

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At first it seemed that everything would be ok, my teeth were fixed so I had a nice smile but little did I know that it would be the start of a decade and more of pain and despair.
I had been investing in a stock, of which I owned 128,000 shares, I’d been informed that they would go for their IPO at anytime but that wasn’t the case. An extremely wealthy man, Geoff Squires had invested millions of pounds in the company so the shares were consolidated which basically meant my holding was reduced to 12,800. Obviously GS thought very highly of this company because he poured more money in so the shares were again consolidated reducing my 12,800 to 1,280. At this time I had to return to England and find a regular job.
A couple of years later I started my own business, a web media company selling advertising and web pages, it was good but hard work.
At the end of 2001 I met a woman through some friends and moved to the States, my first thoughts were to meet this woman and see how things went but after a short time it became obvious that we felt a lot more for each other and we married.
Dona was a graphic designer and had her own business near Denver, Colorado, I got a job working for A.D.T.   in the newly formed Fire Systems Group, a division aimed at servicing the fire and security needs of companies in the Denver metro area.
My life seemed good to me, although my wife’s personality seemed to change. In hindsight the change in personality and attitude towards me should have alerted me to what was really going on, but, ever the romantic optimist I ignored the signs.
I continued to exercise daily although it worried me that my stamina was failing, I couldn’t ride my mountain bike as far or as hard as I did before. Even though I worked out with weights 3 times per week I seemed to be getting weaker not stronger. We sold the house near Denver and bought a bigger place in Castle Rock, it wouldn’t be finished for six months so we moved in with some good friends.

Who is Stefan continued..

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The launch was constantly delayed for one reason or another so I had to wait patiently for it to happen, let me tell you it was not an easy thing to do.
Back to that terrible day in Florida, I had left the gym then called into Winn Dixie for my groceries then headed back to my condo on Anastasia Island. My condo was on the third floor, three steps from the top with hands clutching my sports bag and shopping bags I tripped. Not having a hand free to break my fall I used my face, ouch, not a good thing to do.
I opened my eyes to see teeth and blood sprayed out on the top step, The initial shock and the adrenaline surging through my veins stopped me from crying like a baby but needless to say, I was in a lot of pain.
My brother Brian and his family were staying in the condo next to mine so I clawed my way to his door and knocked, Jeni was the first to see me and the shock on her face frightened me, blood running through my fingers with my palm over my mouth.
Brian and Jeni were great, helping me to gather everything from the steps, then calling several dentists to find one that could see me now.
The next month went by very slowly which couldn’t be said for the money spent on fixing my teeth and my deepest thanks go to my incredible mum for her financial help.

So nice….

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So nice.

As you know, my situation, my condition is not the best but by no means the worst so everyday I count my blessings and express my gratitude in prayer and meditation. I woke a little earlier than normal this morning about 5.15 so after twenty minutes of playing Words with Friends I decided to soak in the bath. I’ve spoken of the wonderful benefits of magnesium chloride before so as per normal I soaked for an hour, I can imagine most would say they couldn’t possibly soak for an hour or more, it would be so boring.

Anyway I usually play one of the thousands of meditations available on YouTube, this way I know specifically how long I’m in. Anyway my point is that after an hour or allowing the healing mag chloride to soak into my body and listening to inspirational Tibetan meditation I got out. I really feel good, stronger and more stable so I know what I’m doing is really helping, this feeling is so nice.

I truly believe that where I am is a stop over point, this is only temporary because I know I have better things to do and better places to be. A lot of what needs to be done is through myself, my attitude and self belief, however any help I can get financially to help me have Stem cell therapy, however small will be much appreciated, please click the DONATE button on the right, thank you.

Could I..?

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Could I..?

I think that everyday I imagine how it will be, not would be, but will be when I get my health back, what will I do? I really can’t imagine there’s anything that could take the place of what I did while working for Huggins Applied Healing in Colorado. I loved being in that beautiful state, yes for 4 months of the year it was a tad chilly but the summer and autumn or Fall as it’s called there was fantastic. I will have Stem Cell therapy and I will get better, it might not be 100% healthy but it will be as good as I was in the early years of having MS. Being able to help others is without a doubt so fulfilling to me and it’s something I hope to be able to do again. I have a wealth of experience and knowledge gleaned from working for a truly great man which I’d love to be able to put to good use.

So I will get healthy and I want to return to where I consider my home so the question is…Could I ?

I would be extremely grateful if you could help me keep my site open and donate what you can, any amount will help, thank you.