The easy path…

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Easy path.

I think that because of the ease in getting a message out to the majority of people via television, magazines and the internet that misinformation whether we want to know it or not is crammed into our minds almost every minute that we are awake. So is it any wonder that 9 out of 10 people seem to be more than willing to take the easy path when it comes to what they see as an answer.

Living is a constant challenge, just being able to survive, looking after yourself, your spouse and kids is a 24/7 job… when there’s a problem with health for you or a loved one, the automatic reaction is to give/take a pill and because of the ease in the way the bastards, sorry, pharmaceutical companies pretend to be promoting something that’s good, you just believe them. The toxic drug, and make no mistake about it, it is toxic will temporarily mask the problem, drugs of today turn off receptors in your brain, the ones telling you that something you’ve probably put into your body is hurting you.

Hmmmm doesn’t seem like the best route to take, the keep mopping up the water method as opposed to turn the tap off and pull the plug out of the sink first way.

It scares me knowing that a billion dollar giant has completely brainwashed the people and the medical professionals who initially had the desire to help, but are now simply dishing out drugs and taking the easy path.

Who am I….

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Who am I…..

I’m not a Doctor or PhD…. I’m not a medical professional… ….

I’m not a magician…. I’m not an illusionist… .

I’m not special…. I’m not better than you…

Enough of what I’m not, what I am is me, I’m Stefan and because of that I know that certain things, good things will happen to me, for me and because of me. I know that I will get better, the disease that’s squatting in me will leave, how it will go, I don’t know but I do know….. not think… not wish, I know it will go. I will live a long healthy, wealthy and happy life. Again I’m saying I don’t know exactly how, I’m not being specific by saying I will win millions on the lottery or anything else but I know God, The Universe or whomever you chose to call him will make this happen for me, no one will be deprived or neglected because they are more deserving, no one will suffer but I will have health and wealth, why….. because I know I will…. because I’m Stefan….

150,000 and counting…

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Back in 1999 I’d been living in Florida for 18 months, that was broken up into several three month periods then a month or so back in England. It was a good period of my life, I owned more than 100,000 shares in a company that were about to have their IPO, and make me a multimillionaire. I’d spend my days researching other stocks to buy on the NASDAQ and working out at the gym or running on the beach, to say I was having a good time was an understatement. I looked forward to Sunday when I would spend the morning at my church, St Augustine Southern Baptist was a beautiful church in many, many ways. I remember quite clearly one evening leaving bible study, I was feeling quite humble in the presence of such nice people. I was walking to my car when a friend asked me why I was looking as I did, I explained that I was just a normal person, I’d done lots of things in my life, worked hard but what was about to happen would change my life completely. Again she looked puzzled and asked me to explain, I felt strange, almost embarrassed and told her about the shares, the IPO and the money I’d make, I told her that it just didn’t seem right and said “I’m not worthy”….

It was only a few months later that I had the fall and smashed my face into the concrete step. That led to the dentistry that in reality was the cause of the disease I have now. The following year saw the Geoff Squire intervention and the consolidation of shares so the IPO never happened.

Ok leap forward seventeen years to now, imagine this, you know how it feels waking up on a Sunday morning after over indulging Saturday night, you have a bit of a fuzzy head. What if you the had to negotiate your way through one of those fun houses at the fairground that has strange shaped rooms and uneven floors. Added to this someone has strapped really heavy weights to your wrists and ankles. You find it really difficult trying to do anything, your limbs are struggling with the weights plus you have really thick motorcycle gloves on making finger dexterity non-existent.

I say this because the above description would be hard to cope with for a few minutes, it wouldn’t be nice for a few hours, it would be horrible not being able to do simple, basic things because of the thick gloves, the weights on your wrists and ankles, the uneven floors, yeuk….. that would be really horrible if you had to be like that for a day. Welcome to my world but it’s isn’t a 24 hour annoyance, no it’s actually been over 150,000 hours. So I take back what I said leaving church in 1999, I AM WORTHY so give me back my life…P.S. Tinnitus and going to the loo 25 times a day make it worse but I’m not beaten yet..

My truth..

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My truth.

I’m reasonably confident that all I’ve written about in my posts is fact… I absolutely know that what I say is what I believe so it’s my truth…. I honestly believe that a large part of all serious illness is self-inflicted. Hold on, hold on, I don’t mean that everyone with a serious debilitating disease has thought “oh I think I’ll get sick today”. Obviously that doesn’t happen, no one wants to have a life threatening, terminal illness or a form of dementia, but what I do believe is there’s a sequence of events that slowly but surely lead you down the path of ill health. It can start with simple things like indulging and over indulging in foods or drinks or recreational drugs. Obviously the surface effects are things like weight gain or rapid loss, these can lead to anxiety or depression which lead to worry and doctors visits, then medication, I say medication but it’s not really, it’s just a pharmaceutical drug that eases a symptom temporarily.  All the time that this health issue, physical or mental is happening it’s rapidly affecting the basic functionality or the organs in the body. Every organ needs, what? pharmaceutical drugs? No, definitely not because all they do is mask the problem while the real cause is getting worse. What every organ, every gland, every cell needs is proper nutrition, the reason they fail or function incorrectly is simply because you’ve been putting crap that is nutritionally bereft into your body. Yes it fills you up, temporarily through its bulk but the feelings you misinterpret for being hungry are really but the incredibly intelligent body is screaming for actual, real, natural nutrients not chemical, synthetic garbage. So your mind is being fooled into thinking a certain way because the money grabbing pariahs are conning you while laughing all the way to the bank. So inadvertently you are making things worse, you have a responsibility to look after yourself and ignore the constant advertising feeding you blatant lies.

Sadly the changes happening to the body are gradual, it’s not as if the changes physically and mentally just happen overnight, they take place over months and years so aren’t necessarily obvious to you that doesn’t notice the small subtle differences in a daily basis.  Your organs are constantly fighting a losing battle, you don’t give it what it genuinely needs so it adapts, it makes adjustments but it can only do that for so long. Then the organ or organs say enough is enough and give in, they stop working so the doctor gives you something that allows you to keep functioning, The drug pusher, sorry, the doctor is happy to keep doing this because they themselves have been brainwashed by the pharmaceutical giants into keeping you sick. Take control, stop reading crap sponsored by the people that don’t want you to be healthy, it’s not in their financial interest to make people healthy. Knowing about this, knowing I have the ability to cure myself is my truth.

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My Ah ha moment..

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As I’ve said before, my days are pretty much the same regardless of it being a workday or weekend, the routine of supplements and consuming my water and special drinks is 99% of the time exactly the same. That might seem incredibly boring to you but it’s a procedure that keeps me alive. No that’s not an exaggeration it’s a fact, by not having the water I become frighteningly dehydrated so much so that I’m unable to move at all. Similar things happen if I don’t take my salt capsules or the nutritional supplements. I’m sure some of you cringed when I mentioned the Salt caps…. contrary to the constant, blatant lies being told about salt, it is imperative that everyone takes salt everyday. Now to clarify that statement of fact, good salt, ideally Himalayan Crystal salt is jam packed with essential trace elements the human body needs, as opposed to nutritionally bereft table salt that does nothing good but lots of bad things to all the organs in your body.

Getting back to my point, on Sunday I did something different, not relevant to explain precisely but needless to say, something different. That evening I suffered terribly, the change in my physicality was like night and day, I was confused and quite sad until it clicked in my head, it was like a flipping light going on,  that Ah ha moment will help significantly. This complex disease that has unlawfully taken up residence is going to be difficult to beat but it will happen, of that I have no doubt.

My why…

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Okay so let’s set the scene, you’re going to have to take yourself back to when you were a 10 or 11 year old kid… it… Okay, now you know that for 99% of the time you are a good kid, you do all the right things, follow orders, requests by your parents and do better than average at school. This being the case under normal conditions you are pretty pleased with yourself, that’s is until you just seem to go through and uncontrollable rebellious streak. It only lasts for a couple of weeks but it’s happened and even though deep down you know it’s wrong you just changed. It’s at this time your parents decide to punish you, not in a physical way as that’s not acceptable these days, 20, 30 or 40 years ago it was perfectly acceptable but for reasons I don’t understand its not the done thing now. Back to my point, your parents have told you that the Christmas present you’ve been dreaming about is just not going to happen because you’ve been a rebellious, uncontrollable little monster so the prezzy you’d hoped for isn’t going to be waiting for you to open on Christmas morning. You being you accept that as a little monster you don’t deserve to get anything nice, you aren’t going to be rewarded for being a bad person. So one morning you wake and decide that your monster like phase has passed so back to being good, and hope that your rebellious spell will be forgiven, you’ll be in your parents good books again, you hope!! As the weeks and months go by you’ve reverted back to what for all but a two week period had been your normal ways. But your parents even though are treating you as their normal loving child have maintained that you need to learn a lesson that your behaviour during that two or three week spell was just not something that can be accepted so the special gift you were hoping for is still off the table. Now as much as you know you were a little monster you also know that it was a small break from your normal self and you’re back so surely you deserve your special gift. Your parents say no and you’ve lost the chance to be rewarded until you show that the bad you has truly gone. Now one day even though you are still sad inside but being a good kid you stumble across a big box in the basement and look inside, you are absolutely blown away because inside you see the gift you always wanted. Now you know your parents are trying to teach you a lesson by telling you that you lost your chance at being rewarded at Christmas, you know you weren’t supposed to find it but you know it’s there. They don’t know that you know so they keep up the charade, it’s frustrating for you because no matter what they tell you, no matter what they think you do or don’t know, it’s different now because you know, you’ve seen it, it’s happening.

Now liken this to me, to my current situation, I’ve got a horrible disease, I’m experiencing horrible things 24 hours a day, the doctors tell me that there’s nothing that can be done and if anything it’s just going to get worse. Okay I’m the little kid and regardless of what’s being told to me, I’ve seen the prezzie, I know I’m going to get it, the difference is I just don’t know when my Christmas day is going to be. I’m happy because knowing is my Why.


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As I’ve said before I am forever assessing my progress or lack of it on occasions. If this disease is trying it’s best to destroy the healthy cells in my body and its doing this 24/7 then any progress is constantly being negated. So if in the main I’m not getting significantly worse then I see this as winning, does that make sense? To a certain degree I take my progress for granted and get annoyed at myself when I take a step backwards, albeit a temporary setback. Over the last month or so I feel I’ve definitely made improvements, minor ones but significant to me. I get confused because of the setback, but in reality what I should be feeling is gratitude. I think the retrograde step is minimal and temporary, it tends to last as long as a good rest. I’m not a medical professional, I’m not able to use a lab to properly examine my blood so it’s simply a case of trial and error, New supplements and methods take time and patience so I shouldn’t feel confused I should just be proud and confident.

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Who is Stefan…

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From my book, Who is Stefan.

I wanted to explain a little more about myself and what’s happened over the years, I would consider myself a bit of a daredevil in lots of ways, I’ve done over 800 skydives, I was a hang glider pilot, a scuba diver, mountain biker, rock climber and a pilot. I was always interested in trying new things and seeing new places, I’ve been very fortunate to have been able to travel to so many countries around the world, 24 to be exact.

My life seemed to be so complete, I’ve had great jobs, two great kids and what most people would consider to be a very comfortable life, that was until a terrible day in 1999.

I was living in Florida and expecting the launch of a company I owned 128,000 shares in during the dot com boom. It was anticipated that the shares would launch at $15 and reach $50 within a week or so, this meant that I’d be able to sell my 128,000, I’d make almost $6.5m and I’d be a multimillionaire.

p.s. That didn’t happen as I’d believed.

Just think about it, wouldn’t you feel good about yourself knowing you’d helped in healing me of a supposedly incurable disease, please donate what you can.

No doubt…

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No doubt…

In everything I do everyday I have an unfailing belief in myself, so much so that I can imagine to others it might seem a little strange or that I’m fooling myself. During the years I worked and studied under Dr Huggins I rapidly learned a great deal about health in general as well as the specifics of safe dentistry and body chemistry re-balancing. Between 2007 and 2011 I talked with more than 17,000 clients and patients. Obviously some had a great deal of interest in understanding how and why Dr Huggins had discovered through tireless research the reasons behind most, not all but most disease. So when talking with them I always felt it was necessary to justify my credibility as a senior director, in my view at the time establishing who I was and  my knowledge and experience would lead to an easier acceptance of the answers and guidance I was hopefully providing.. Okay skipping forward to now and how I’m perceived by people that talk with me, obviously not about their own personal health but mine and the disease I’m coping with. The reality now is that it doesn’t matter whether someone, anyone thinks I’m doing the right or wrong things, it doesn’t matter if they, you think I’m living in a dream world. The only thing that matters right now is what I think and believe about my health, I know that my tactics are 180 degrees from what Big Pharma and the brainwashed medical profession  think, but when I’m cured and living a normal life it’ll be me with a smug smile on my face, I will tell others when I’m asked about how I felt back then and I’ll reaffirm that even on my darkest days that I had no doubt about the end result.

So if you met me on the street for the first time or as an old friend, would you want to sit and chat over a Starbucks, ok well as it happens I’m not able to get out and I need financial help for treatment, so instead of buying me a coffee why not donate the same cost or a little more. Just click the donate button, select an amount then select your country and click, thanks in advance.

Subtle improvements…

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As each day passes it would be easy to get despondent, to fall into a “poor me” state and to get just a little depressed, but that’s not the case. I spend my days, just about 24/7 on my own, apart from an hour when my sister visits or when my carer is here but the rest of the time I’m alone. Actually it doesn’t feel like I’m alone because I’m researching or reading or talking to myself in my head. No I’m not going doolally, I tend to discuss with myself how I am, how I feel and what changes have taken place over the past few weeks and months. I have noticed changes and in the main they are positive, small and probably not noticeable to anyone else but to me they are huge. When I move around to go to the loo or into the kitchen there have been times  that my left leg just refuses to move or my left foot doesn’t raise ever so slightly as I walk, this results in my toes buckling under my foot, you can imagine the pain which is horrendous. But the Active Stem and the other addition Bone Broth appear to be minimising the problems, not removing them completely but making them less frequent. So all in all I’m pleased, the changes are there, they’re small and subtle but they are there.

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