Toxic metals in our foods…

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So many people meander through their lives thinking that they are doing the right things from a health standpoint; they never eat fast foods and restrict their sugar intake to a certain extent. However although this is a good start it is only a small step in the right direction.
Millions of people are daily taking in contaminants and toxins from sources they had no idea were dangerous, the foods we eat are loaded with contaminants.
This is the start of a program to highlight the toxins and effects on your body:

Toxic Metals: Source and Symptoms.


Table Salt, aluminum is added to this mineral-deficient product as an anti caking agent.
Antiperspirants and that includes natural crystals and deodorant stones.
Tap water, aluminum causes dirt to settle out of the water, a drying agent added to cocoa, table salt and baking powder.
Most cosmetics use aluminum as a base.
All prepared foods made with tap water, uncoated aluminum cookware, aluminum cans.
Antacids, Maalox, Mylanta, Rolaids and many others, peppermint, spearmint and wintergreen are naturally high in aluminum.
Animal feeds, many dry animal feeds are contaminated with aluminum.

Early symptoms include: flatulence, headaches, dryness of skin and mucous membranes.
Tendencies for burning pain in head relieved by food.
Loss of memory and mental confusion, some dementias, reduced sweating.
Later symptoms may include: Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia’s.
ALS or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.
Dental cavities.
Kidney and liver dysfunction.
Neuromuscular disorders.
Parkinson’s disease.

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Ventura County on raw milk rampage:

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Ventura County on raw milk rampage: After destroying Rawesome, other raw milk operations now targeted
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) Perhaps the best investigative reporter covering the raw milk industry today is David Gumpert, writing for – a site covering food safety, raw milk raids, regulation and much more. All NaturalNews readers would do well to put his site on your reading list. Late last night he posted a showstopper article containing two extraordinary revelations about raw milk:

• In Wisconsin, the primary dairy insurance provider has ditched raw milk dairies, sending them a letter that essentially declares they will have no insurance coverage if they sell raw milk.

• After destroying Rawesome Foods (which is being physically deconstructed right now), the Ventura County Health Department is now targeting other raw milk distribution centers in California. As Gumpert writes:

[The county] has threatened to interfere with a private food club in that area just north of Los Angeles that distributes Organic Pastures milk. The health department officials first said to a food club volunteer manager that there was concern about whether the milk was going to be stored. When that turned out to be a non-issue, since the milk is nearly immediately distributed to members, the “concern” suddenly shifted to whether the club needs to be registered as a retailer.

Read the full account at:…

An agenda to destroy real food in Ventura county
So, you see, the raids on Rawesome Foods weren’t really about James Stewart and Sharon Palmer after all. It was all part of an agenda to destroy all raw milk operations across the county. And this, of course, is part of a nationwide agenda to harrass and criminalize farmers who produce real food and haven’t sold out to the corporate-run factory food operations.

For example, we recently broke a story about bureaucrats in Michigan threatening to arrest pig ranchers and destroy their livestock based entirely on hair color! (

In California, two different counties have drummed up fabricated charges against James Stewart and Sharon Palmer in an attempt to destroy their reputations and throw them in the slammer. And that’s just the beginning. Emboldened by their false authority, California bureaucrats now believe they have God-like powers and can rule over the people with unlimited power (at gunpoint, no less).

James Stewart, by the way, is making an appearance on the Alex Jones Show today (Thursday) at (or around) 11:30am central time. Listen to his interview at where he promises to share details about how he was tortured in the LA County jail (among other things).

Check NaturalNews for more coverage of this. Yet more breaking news on this issue is developing. The LA Times refuses to cover this story, not surprisingly. The only real investigative journalism taking place today is happening on independent websites like,,,, and other similar sites. That’s where real news is now found on a daily basis.


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No safe human usage level..

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By Dr. Mercola

One of the more recent toxic additions to our food supply is the artificial sweetener called Neotamei.

In the European Union, where it was approved as a flavor enhancer as of November 2010, it is known by its “E number,” E961ii.

Made by NutraSweet (a former division of Monsanto and the original manufacturer of aspartame), neotame is 13,000 times sweeter than table sugar, and about 30 times sweeter than aspartame.

It’s based on the aspartame formula—despite the fact that 80 percent of all FDA complaints pertain to adverse reactions from aspartame.

Neotame is essentially aspartame plus 3,3-dimethylbutyliii–the presence of which ends up reducing the production of phenylalanine, which allegedly makes it safe for those suffering from phenylketonuria (PKU).

(Hence neotame does not need to bear a PKU warning label like aspartame.)

Unfortunately, it may actually be an even more potent and dangerous neurotoxin, immunotoxin and excitotoxin than aspartame.

Proponents of neotame claim that increased toxicity is of no concern because less of it is needed to achieve the desired effect.

Still, Monsanto’s own pre-approval studies of neotame revealed adverse reactions, and there were no independent studies that found neotame to be safe.

On August 16, 2000, the law firm of Hartman & Craven filed comments on the neotame docket pertaining to the lack of safety data submitted in support of neotameiv, stating in part:

“A food additive petition has been submitted to the FDA for the artificial sweetener neotame. In that petition, the sponsor claims the data presented demonstrate that the compound produces no adverse effects at a dose of 1000 mg/kg/day in the rat. The sponsor also claims that the product should be safe for patients with diabetes. A review of the data submitted to the FDA does not support these conclusions.

In fact, no safe human usage level can be determined based on the submitted data. The animal experimental evidence indicates a toxic effect on growth. The clinical evidence raises concerns about glucose control in patients with diabetes.

Searches for an explanation resolving the adverse findings leave no clear acceptable answers that would insure the safety of the public but does stimulate speculation on questions relating to possible liver effects.”

Is Neotame Allowed in Organics?

While some writers have made the claim that neotame is allowed in organic foods, there does not appear to be any supporting evidence for this. Ditto for the rumor that it doesn’t have to be listed on the label. For example, according to a recent article on Sott.netv:

“Neotame was approved by the FDA for general use in July 2002 … The FDA loosened all labeling requirements for Neotame as part of a large-scale effort to make it a near-ubiquitous artificial sweetener, to be found on the tabletop, in all prepared foods, even in organics. It simply does not have to be included in the ingredient list.”

The Cornucopia Institute wrote a rebuttal to this internet rumor last year, statingvi:

“Organic foods cannot contain synthetic additives, unless these additives have been petitioned and approved to appear on the National List of Approved and Prohibited Substances (7 CFR 205.605). Emily Brown Rosen, Standards Specialist at the USDA’s National Organic Program, writes about neotame: “For organic food, all additives must appear on the National List.” Neotame has never been petitioned or approved for inclusion on the National List, and therefore cannot legally be added to organic foods.

We see no evidence, and see no reason to suspect, that any organic certifying agents would allow organic food manufacturers to violate the federal standards by adding this synthetic sweetener.

Moreover, as a direct food additive, neotame must be listed on the ingredients label, contrary to suggestions that this could be added to food in a stealth-like manner (21 CFR 101.100). We have not seen any evidence to suggest that neotame is being added covertly to organic foods. Not only would organic manufacturers be breaking the law by adding this synthetic sweetener to organic foods, they would also be breaking the law by not including Neotame on the ingredient label.”

Why is Neotame Dangerous?

That said, my recommendation for neotame is similar to that for aspartame, which is: avoid it at all costs if you care about your health. Neotame is like aspartame on steroids, so while you want to avoid both, neotame appears to be more toxic. One way of avoiding all artificial sweeteners is to purchase foods bearing the USDA 100% Organic label. I don’t believe there’s any reason to suspect organic foods will contain neotame.

I’ve previously expounded on the many health dangers of aspartame, and all of those dangers apply equally to neotame. But as if aspartame wasn’t bad enough, NutraSweet “improved” the aspartame formula by adding 3,3-dimethylbutyraldehyde, which blocks enzymes that break the peptide bond between aspartic acid and phenylalanine, thereby reducing the availability of phenylalanine. This eliminates the need for a warning on labels directed at people who cannot properly metabolize phenylalanine.

Neotame is also more stable at higher temperatures than aspartame, so it’s approved for use in a wider array of food products, including baked goods.

However, one of the byproducts your body creates by breaking down aspartame is formaldehyde, which is extremely toxic to your health even in very small dosesvii. Furthermore, in a search of, the U.S. National Library of Medicine, which has over 11 million medical citations, neotame fails to include any double-blind scientific studies on toxicity in humans or animals. If neotame was indeed completely safe to ingest, you would think the NutraSweet Company would have published at least one double-blind safety study in the public domain?

Well, they haven’t… Why not?

In and of itself, 3,3-dimethylbutyraldehyde is categorized as both highly flammable and an irritant, and carries risk statements for handling including irritating to skin, eyes and respiratory systemviii. Does this sound like something that belongs inside your body?

How Did these Chemicals Get Approved for Human Consumption?

Today, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) could rightfully be accused of being a “subsidiary” of the Monsanto Company. When you realize just how many Monsanto executives and employees who have migrated into positions of power within the FDA and other government agencies, a truly disturbing picture emerges of the foxes guarding the henhouse.

The FDA is packed by pro-business, pro-corporation advocates who often have massive conflicts of interest when it comes to protecting the health of the public. In fact, the revolving door between private industry and government oversight agencies is so well established these days, it has become business as usual to read about scandal, conflicts of interest and blatant pro-industry bias, even when it flies in the face of science or the law.

Aspartame and Neotame—a Dieters WORST Enemy?

One of the most effective marketing and PR tactics for artificial sweeteners has been the claim that they help in the battle against obesity. Unfortunately, they don’t. In fact, the research and the epidemiologic data suggest the opposite is true, and that artificial sweeteners such as aspartame and neotame tend to lead to weight gain.

As I’ve often said, there’s more to weight gain or weight loss than mere calorie intake.

One reason for aspartame and neotame’s potential to cause weight gain is because phenylalanine and aspartic acid – the two amino acids that make up 90 percent of aspartame and are also present in neotame — are known to rapidly stimulate the release of insulin and leptin; two hormones that are intricately involved with satiety and fat storage. Insulin and leptin are also the primary hormones that regulate your metabolism. So although you’re not ingesting calories in the form of sugar, aspartame and neotame can still raise your insulin and leptin levels. Elevated insulin and leptin levels, in turn, are two of the driving forces behind obesity, diabetes, and a number of our current chronic disease epidemics.

Over time, if your body is exposed to too much leptin, it will become resistant to it, just as your body can become resistant to insulin, and once that happens, your body can no longer “hear” the hormonal messages instructing your body to stop eating, burn fat, and maintain good sensitivity to sweet tastes in your taste buds. So, you remain hungry; you crave sweets, and your body stores more fat… Leptin-resistance also causes an increase in visceral fat, sending you on a vicious cycle of hunger, fat storage and an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and more.

Neotame Added to Cattle Feed to Fatten Livestock…

If you want more proof that artificial sweeteners like neotame are not a dieter’s best friend, consider this: neotame is actually used as a substitute for molasses in cattle feed. The product is marketed as “Sweetos” in India. The makers of Neotame, in partnership with an Indian health care company called EnSigns Health Care Pvt Ltd, introduced the neotame-laced cattle feed sweetener back in October 2010ix. According to the press release:

“Sweetos is an economical substitute for molasses. Sweetos guarantees the masking of unpleasant tastes and odor and improves the palatability of feed. This product will be economical for farmers and manufacturers of cattle feed. It can also be used in mineral mixture,” said Craig Petray, CEO, The NutraSweet Company, a division of Searle, which is a part of Monsanto.

… “We are in talks with the animal husbandry department to reach out to farmers and are trying to tie up with extension services with co-operative societies as well. Cattle consume more fodder when mixed with Sweetos. This product has great export potential as well,” said Mohan Nair, chairman, Ensigns Health Care.” [Emphasis mine.]

This brings up several disturbing facts… Not only are some countries now producing animal products that are potentially laced with neotame residues, but they’re clearly stating that the “diet” sweetener increases the amount of fodder consumed by the animals, so how exactly is it supposed to help you lose weight? Loss of appetite control is never a good thing when you’re trying to lose weight, and the statement made about Sweetos fodder speaks volumes about neotame’s impact on your appetite.

How to Report Adverse Reactions to Aspartame or Neotame

Did you know that only a fraction of all adverse food reactions are ever reported to the FDA? This is a problem that only you as the consumer can have an impact upon. In order to truly alert the FDA to a problem with a product they’ve approved, they must be notified – by as many people as possible who believe they have experienced a side effect. This mean you can take action against the manufacturers of these chemicals that continue to put your optimal health at risk, if you feel you have had a bad reaction to their product.

I urge you, if you believe you have experienced side effects from aspartame or neotame, let the FDA know about it!

Please go to the FDA Consumer Complaint Coordinator page, find the phone number listed for your state, and report your adverse reaction.

There’s no telling just how many reports they might need before considering taking another look at the safety of aspartame or neotame, but the only way to press them is by reporting any and all adverse effects. And in the meantime, do your health and the health of your family a favor and treat all foods and drinks that contain aspartame or neotame as if they were deleterious to your optimal health. Because, in my opinion, they are.

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A hundred Trayvons a day…

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A hundred Trayvons a day – Why the real murder of blacks is carried out by pharmaceutical companies, vaccines and cancer clinics
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) No matter what you think about the Trayvon Martin shooting case, the degree of emotional and cultural outpouring in this case is impressive. But it seems to be taking place in a highly selective way. A shooting like what happened with Trayvon is tragic but rare, whereas at least a hundred African-Americans are killed by drug companies, vaccine pushers and cancer clinics every single day! And most of the drug companies are led by white men, so if there’s any justification for an outcry against white-on-black crime in America, it should be directed at the vaccine manufacturers, drug companies and cancer clinics, it would seem.

But no. The outcry is focused on one Hispanic man named Zimmerman who allegedly shot a young African-American man named Trayvon. Every life is precious, of course, but how is the life of one young man more precious than the lives of a hundred of other African-Americans who die each day at the hands of their doctors, oncologists and pharmacists? FDA-approved drugs kill 106,000 Americans a year according to the Journal of the American Medical Association. And cancer deaths disproportionately occur in blacks due to chronic vitamin D deficiency among those with dark skin color. If you’re curious to know why, watch my video explanation about sunlight and vitamin D. This video explains why the cancer industry refuses to tell black people the truth about why they need extra vitamin D to prevent cancer:

Outrage is power, but such power must be focused at the right target
One thing I’ve always enjoyed about the black community in America is their sense of brotherhood; the sense that if you attack one of us, you attack all of us! Strength through community. We are more powerful when we act together than if we act in isolation. These are dignified philosophies for any community to follow, but they are all too easily misdirected if the people are not told the whole truth.

What am I saying, exactly? That the African-American community would be far more justified — and potentially save far more lives if they marched on Merck, Pfizer and AstraZeneca. You want to know who’s really killing your black babies? It’s the vaccine companies. The drug companies. The cancer clinics. In the cancer industry alone, it is widely known that people with dark skin color have chronic vitamin D deficiencies that accelerate cancer tumor growth. That’s why cancer tumors are far more aggressive in black men and women than white men and women.

The cancer industry views black people as business opportunities to be exploited for cash. It’s a form of medical enslavement, and it goes on day after day, year after year, with tens of thousands of victims each year in the USA alone, and not a single highly-visible black community leader has anything to say about it.

At least not that I’ve heard. Where is Jesse Jackson on the issue of black babies being made autistic by vaccines? Where is the leadership outcry against the cancer industry and its exploitation of black women for profit? Where are the rallies, the basketball team photo ops, and the church gatherings for all those African-American men, women and children who are sacrificed to the machine of white corporate profit that kills a hundred Trayvons a day across America?

There is only silence in that quarter. No press conferences. No marches. No outcry.

When NaturalNews defended Maryanne Godboldo, virtually no one in the media spoke out
The closest anything came to that was the case of Maryanne Godboldo, an African-American mom in Detroit whose daughter was taken from her by the state because she refused to put her on psychiatric medication. The state staged a SWAT team raid at her house, and she was ultimately charged with multiple felony counts.

NaturalNews went to bat for Maryanne, defending her health freedom, promoting her cause, and supporting her raising of funds to fight the establishment. With the help of her support group in Detroit, they staged sidewalk protests and online social networking campaigns of protest. In the end, all charges were dropped against Maryanne Godboldo.

The mainstream media refused to cover the story. Only NaturalNews and a few other media outlets (like dared report the truth of this African-American mom who was being railroaded by the medical establishment.

Real freedom requires knowing who is trying to enslave us all
You see, NaturalNews believes in righting wrongs. We believe in medical freedom, health freedom and economic freedom. We are anti-slavery in the truest sense of the term, in that we teach people how to free themselves from medical slavery and exercise their freedoms in all areas of their life: Food, free speech, political ideas and much more. We don’t care if our readers are black, white, brown, yellow or chameleon colored as long as they learn how to demand justice, liberty and true freedoms for themselves and those around them.

It pains me to see the African-American community demonstrate such a passionate response in the case of Trayvon Martin and yet fail to direct that anger and resentment in the direction where a far greater number of people are being killed daily. How many black men across America are dying from prostate cancer right now? High-dose vitamin D3 could reverse those cancers in the vast majority of cases, yet the cancer industry will not tell black men this simple fact. They are denied the knowledge that would save their lives, and so they die quietly, silently, by the hundreds and thousands, all across America year after year, without a peep from the leaders of the African-American community.

You know what this proves to the globalists? That the way to murder black people is to do it with chemicals, not guns, because the black community won’t protest death by chemicals. Where there is no apparent violence involved, the deaths go unnoticed. This is the dirty little secret of the eugenics movement, which actually originated in what is now the United Kingdom (yeah, Kings and Queens and all that…).

The eugenics agendas underway in the world today are insidious in their use of silent “stealth” tactics to target certain genetic groups for extermination. GMOs and vaccines are already being developed that target only selected genetic profiles. Theoretically, it would not be out of the question for the GMO seed companies to produce a variety of corn that contained a chemical designed to target those of African-American descent and selectively compromise their health or fertility. What we know from observing current events is that such deaths would simply be explained away without any real outcry whatsoever. Score one for the (evil) global eugenics movement.

Eugenics programs target blacks in Africa
Make no mistake: Eugenics programs are very real. They exist right now, and most of the populations being targeted with vaccines and AIDS drugs (which actually cause immune system failure) are, in fact, people with dark skin color. Look at where the vaccine non-profits are focusing their “good deeds” around the world — it’s almost always “black” nations in Africa. Ever notice that?

For every Trayvon death in America, perhaps a hundred thousand African children are either killed or made infertile through vaccines and other “high-tech” population control solutions offered by organizations like the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which spends hundreds of millions of dollars promoting vaccines and infertility technologies. ( and (

None of this justifies what happened in the Trayvon shooting, of course. I don’t yet know the facts of that case, and I very much doubt anyone else does either, as there simply has not been time for the full facts to come to light. But at the same time, we do have facts about Big Pharma, vaccines, and the death of African-Americans day after day. We know, for example, that the number of people dying in America from FDA-approved pharmaceuticals is equivalent to a jumbo jet airliner nose-diving right into the ground every single day. We know that blacks are disproportionately harmed by cancers compared to whites. We also know that both type-2 diabetes and obesity disproportionately impact blacks compared to whites, even though the cures for these conditions are readily available (and dirt cheap to acquire or dispense, by the way). We also know that both blacks and whites (and everybody else) is intentionally denied access to the truth about nutritional remedies and cures that can reverse disease and free these people from medical enslavement.

Even if the facts in the Trayvon case reveal he was shot without justification, his death — as tragic as it has been — pales in comparison to the death of tens of thousands of other African-American men and women each and every year by the vaccine and drug industries. So while I love to see people take to the streets and express their outrage — because that’s a constitutionally-protected exercising of Free Speech — I desperately wish those efforts would be directed at the far worse criminals operating in America today.

Zimmerman doesn’t even compare to real (corporate) evil…
Believe me, this Zimmerman man who allegedly shot Trayvon is nothing compared to the evil of the corporate stiffs who run the largest GMO seed companies and vaccine manufacturers. Those people are pure evil day in and day out, and they think nothing of using little black babies for their medical experiments on a routine basis. Why do you think the Nigerian government issued arrest warrants for Pfizer executives? (

Why does the drug industry routinely conduct illegal medical experiments on black people like we saw with the Tuskegee experiments? (

The pharmaceutical and vaccine giants think absolutely nothing of rounding up a few hundred black children for their medical experiments. It’s all for the “greater good,” anyway, right? In reality, that translates into selling those drugs to a bunch of white people who have high-paying insurance policies that will offer full-price reimbursement to the drug companies. It’s all about profit at any cost.

Why we all should be marching on Monsanto and the vaccine companies
The African-American community going after Zimmerman is, I believe, a kind of deliberate misdirection to make sure all that rage and hatred doesn’t end up being pointed at the real murderers who kill little black babies for profit. Those murderers, of course, are the psychiatric drug pushers, the vaccine companies and the GMO pimps.

The day the African-American community across this country really wakes up and realizes who is murdering their children is the day that a “Million Man March” takes down Monsanto and conducts citizens’ arrests of all the people who work there. That’s what I want to see: A million people of all colors marching on Pfizer, marching on the corrupt CDC, marching on the FDA, and marching on the very same DEA that has put countless thousands of your people behind bars for the very same crimes that white people only get slapped on the wrist for, you know? The real injustices in America are not named Zimmerman, they are found in the grand conspiracies between evil corporations and corrupt government agencies that routinely betray the American people while they sell out to corporate interests.

Because if the death of one young black man can ignite so much righteous indignation across the African-American community, imagine what might be accomplished if everybody wakes up to the real source of what’s killing their children by the tens of thousands. It’s called genocide, people. It’s happening right now, right in front of our eyes, and there is absolutely no outcry against it.

If you like what you read, please consider donating to help support my blog, even as little as $5 will help.

If you like what you read, please consider donating to help support my blog, even as little as $5 will help.

My book “Dentistry and how it’s damaging your health” is available here for only $2.99

Did You Know…

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Did You Know… …that diet sodas (and other diet foods) have been clinically proven to cause weight gain?

Diet sodas may be calorie-free, but they aren’t without health consequences—including fattening you up. A 10-year study by the University of Texas (UT), San Antonio found that diet sodas can cause you to gain weight, especially in the stomach area.
According to Professor of Medicine, Helen Hazuda, of the University’s Health Science Center, artificially sweetened diet sodas may also increase a craving for sweets, distort appetite, and even damage brain cells.
Waistlines Expanded 70% – 500%!
The UT study involved nearly 500 men and women, and the negative effects of diet soda were observed even among those who consumed very small amounts. The waistlines of those who consumed diet drinks expanded 70% faster than those who quenched their thirst with other beverages, including regular soda!
Even more alarming was that those who drank 2 or more cans of diet soda a day saw a whopping 500% greater increase in their girth (i.e., the measurement of a person’s stomach or waistline), Hazuda told the American Diabetes Association.
Along with greater girth, diet soda sets off diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and other chronic conditions. The study results were not altered by other factors including:
==> Exercise
==> Social class
==> Education
==> Smoking
How Diet Soda Triggers Weight Gain
Researchers theorize that diet-soda induced weight gain might stem from artificial sweeteners distorting appetite and making people crave extra-sweet foods. Additionally, artificial sweeteners may damage the brain cells involved in helping us feel full.
Obesity researcher Sharon Fowler, coauthor of the UT study, explained in an interview with the Daily Mail, “Artificial sweeteners could have the effect of triggering appetite but unlike regular sugars they don’t deliver something that will squelch the appetite.”
Dr. Hazuda recommends that people stop consuming diet sodas altogether, as she herself has done, saying, “They may be free of calories, but not of consequences. I think prudence would dictate drinking water.”
Humans Aren’t Meant to Ingest “Nasty Chemicals”
Mike Geary, certified nutrition specialist, calls artificial sweeteners “nasty chemicals that the human body is simply not meant to ingest.” Geary points out that in addition to the serious problems acknowledged by the UT studies, artificial sweeteners have also been linked to:
Negative effects on the liver, kidneys, and other organs
Gastrointestinal problems
Developmental problems in children and fetuses
“I don’t know about you,” says Geary, “but I’d rather protect myself and my family and steer clear of these possibly dangerous artificial chemicals.”
The Single Most Important Change for Better Health
Dr. Joseph Mercola is a highly respected integrative physician who concurs that it’s extremely important to avoid diet sodas. He says that the No. 1 action a person who is new to natural medicine can take to dramatically improve overall health is … to immediately stop drinking soda and diet soda, and choose pure, healthful water instead.
= = = = = = = = = = =
Featured Topic:
Sugar Shocker: How a “Sacrificial” Sugar Ends
Digestive Disorders … Lifts Fatigue … Boosts Immunity …
Breaks the “Fat Signal” … and Even Stops Digestive Cancers
Escape the Epidemic that Silently Threatens Your Health
If you’re suffering from fatigue, skin rashes, digestive upsets such as bloating and gas, insomnia, joint pain, blood sugar imbalance or diabetes, weight gain, or chronic infections … the culprit may very well be a single protein molecule attacking you from within your own body.
Nearly 40% of older Americans (and more each year) suffer from gastric disorders—persistent bloating and discomfort … debilitating pain … and dangerous diseases such as leaky gut syndrome, Crohn’s, and diverticulitis. Conditions once considered rare are now epidemic. For instance, celiac disease—a health-destroying disorder caused by wheat gluten—went barely noticed a decade ago. Now it affects 1 of every 133 people.
Gluten intolerance or sensitivity is far more common than celiac disease, and its destructive symptoms are even more difficult to identify. Given this, many doctors simply suggest cutting out wheat and dairy to see if you feel better. The problem with this approach is that gluten and other food culprits are pervasive throughout the Standard American Diet (SAD). Thus, cutting out wheat and dairy may bring no relief even if these foods are severely undermining your health. This is why digestive disorders go undiagnosed for years, unleashing much larger problems down the road, such as muscle and joint dysfunction, heart disease, and cancer.
But recently, scientists made a breakthrough discovery. They identified a dietary invader proven to cause countless gastric problems. Pinpointing the cause led quickly to the cure—a completely natural remedy that captures this digestive invader and knocks it out—with no harmful side effects. After just a few shorts weeks of therapy, people—even those with the most chronic conditions—experienced outstanding benefits against…
Digestive problems, bloating, gas, and persistent pain
Food sensitivities—from gluten and grains to nuts and dairy
Diabetes and blood sugar balance
Skin rashes and acne outbreaks
Inexplicable weight gain and cravings
Low energy, especially after eating
Arthritis, joint discomfort and muscle stiffness
Compromised immune function
Blood pressure and heart health
Mystery Exposed
The root cause of these persistent health problems is a single molecule present in nearly every food we eat. Ironically, this molecule was once thought totally harmless! It was even used medicinally as a blood coagulant. But now science has confirmed a surprising link between this molecule and major digestive trouble.
The molecule is called lectin.
“The term ‘lectin’ was introduced in 1954 by scientists William C. Boyd and Elizabeth Shapleigh,” says John A. Casey, M.D., C.C.N. “Researchers have shown that some lectins are blood type specific… However, very few of us made the connection between using lectins in the lab to agglutinate blood and going home to have them for dinner.”
Lectins are found in fruits, vegetables, seafood, grains, beans, and seeds. Gluten is a huge source of lectin—which means lectin is jam-packed into foods such as breads, cereals, and many other processed foods. Other major lectin sources are corn, milk, soy, and peanuts.
It’s no wonder allergies, digestive chaos, and chronic diseases are skyrocketing! The American diet is almost completely dependent on gluten and corn-based processed foods, all loaded with lectin. Referring to celiac disease, one expert gastroenterologist at Mayo Clinic told the New York Times, “It’s not just that we’re better at finding it. It truly has become more common.”
The problem is lectin!
Setting off a Cascade of Trouble Within
Lectins start trouble as they enter our intestinal tract. That’s because these molecules attach themselves to the sugars found naturally in healthy cells. It works like this: Most cells have membranes that contain carbohydrates. And as food passes through our digestive system, lectins latch onto cells that line our intestines and colon.
Unfortunately, once latched on, lectins disrupt and damage cells. In response to the damage, your immune system kicks in, sending white blood cells rushing in to deal with the problem. In other words, lectins attack your body … and your body attacks back. These attacks can lead to cell destruction. Even worse, your immune system can become overloaded, leading to autoimmune dysfunction.
A cascade of problems is now unleashed throughout your entire digestive system, spreading out to your skin, muscles, joints, and even your heart.
A Simple Disguise can Trick a Complex Invader
To solve the problem of lectin—which is found in almost every food you eat—researchers tried a simple experiment. What if the lectin could be diverted by a flood of “decoy sugars?” Could the “decoy sugars” get between lectin and the body’s own cells?
The answer was yes, and the secret is “sacrificial” sugars. When a supplement containing a combination of 5 “sacrificial sugars” is taken with meals, lectin is disabled. Instead of attacking your intestine and colon walls, the lectin hitches a ride on the sacrificial sugars and passes harmlessly through your body.
For patients, the effect of these sacrificial sugars was almost immediate. With just a few doses incorporated into meals, lectin was vastly eliminated from the digestive tract.
Break the Lectin Fat Signal
Sacrificial sugars can also break lectin’s ability to stimulate fat cell production. That’s right, unfortunately, lectin also makes you fat. According to a report in the peer-reviewed journal Neuropeptides, lectin from wheat, corn, peas, potatoes, and lentils binds to insulin hormone receptors, and triggers them to stimulate fat production. That’s why so many of us with gastric problems also suffer from inexplicable cravings and sudden weight gain. It’s paradoxical but true: by introducing these 5 decoy sugars, you can break the weight gain signal right at its source.
Flush out Lectins and Even Neutralize Nasty Gluten
Since gluten is also a lectin, the sacrificial sugars that flush out lectin also protect you from “hidden gluten” in processed foods, sauces, medicines, and even cosmetics. Protecting yourself from the lectin-soaked American diet comes with long-term health benefits, because eliminating lectin helps to …
Promote weight loss through improved metabolism and energy
Restore proper water balance in your body
Soothe those occasionally achy joints, muscles and organs
Balance inflammation and improve immune function
Repair your digestive tract and keep it healthy
Facilitate healthy detoxification in your liver and gut
A “Lectin Force Field” Between You and Lectins Everywhere
You could try to follow a diet that severely limits your intake of lectins. But lectins are everywhere—not just in foods, but in the environment, too. Since lectins are prevalent in the plant world, you can be exposed to them just by walking on the grass… inhaling pollen in the air… or spending time in your garden. Lectins even lurk in medicines… cosmetics… vitamins… and nutritional supplements.
But you don’t have to live in a bubble to stay away from lectins. Scientific research shows you can create a virtual lectin force field to help protect your gut. Since 70% of your immune system is located in your gut, this lectin force field can enhance your total immune health, long-term. Renowned integrative physician Dr. Michael Cutler—with 18 years of experience in chronic degenerative diseases, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue—says the discovery of lectin protection deserves nothing short of a Nobel Prize! Get the details on this natural breakthrough here, so you can protect yourself and your family from the molecule that attacks from within.

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Booted out of Germany…

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By Dr. Mercola

In Germany, massive resistance to genetically engineered (GE) foods, both among politicians and the general public, has caused chemical giant BASF to close its German biotech division.

European opponents of GE foods are jubilant.

A reported 75 percent of Germans oppose genetically engineered foods, and few politicians are in favor of genetic technology.

Over there, opposed to the US, it’s actually politically risky to support it!

This explains why BASF is moving its genetically modified (GM) plant science headquarters from Germany to Raleigh, North Carolina…

According to Farmers Weeklyi:

“BASF will transfer some GM crop development to the US but stop work on crops targeted at the European market—four varieties of potato and one of wheat.

The decision, which involves a net loss of 140 highly skilled jobs in Europe, also signals the end of GM crop development for European farmers.

Bayer CropScience, BASF’s German competitor, is working on GM cotton and rice in Ghent, Belgium—but not for European markets.

“There is still a lack of acceptance for this technology in many parts of Europe—[by] the majority of consumers, farmers and politicians,” said Stefan Marcinowski, a member of BASF’s board of directors.

“Therefore, it does not make business sense to continue investing in products exclusively for cultivation in this market.” The company instead plans to focus on plant biotechnology markets in the Americas and Asia.”

Majority of Common Crops Grown in United States are Genetically Engineered!

Folks, this is exactly why we must demand labeling for genetically engineered foods in the US! The general lack of awareness about genetically engineered foods has allowed biotech giants like Monsanto to dominate large portions of the market in the U.S., and the lack of labeling has greatly helped keep people in the dark about what’s really in their food.

“Acceptance” of genetically engineered foods is actually NOT high in the US. It only appears that way because Monsanto has managed to infiltrate the very agencies tasked with regulating them, and are doing everything in their power to prevent any action that might impede their market growth. As a matter of fact, the vast majority of Americans polled say they would avoid buying foods with genetically engineered ingredients, if they knew which foods contained them—which of course is KEY to getting rid of them. It’s important to realize that at this point, the vast majority of common food crops grown in the US are already genetically engineeredii, including:
•94 percent of all soybeans
•93 percent of canolaiii
•93 percent of cottonseed oiliv
•72 percent of all corn
•Approximately 25 percent of all milk and yoghurt contain genetically engineered recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH)v

(Between 2008 and 2009, 95 percent of all sugarbeet acres were also planted with Roundup Ready technology. However, in early 2010, a court ruled to prohibit further planting, cultivation, processing, or other use of Genuity® Roundup Ready® sugarbeets until an environmental impact statement has been completed. The EIS is not anticipated to be completed until 2013, so the future of GE sugarbeets still remains to be seen.)

What all of this means is that virtually every processed food you encounter at your local supermarket that does not bear the “100% USDA Organic” label is likely to contain at least one GE component—corn (most commonly in the form of corn syrup), canola or cottonseed oil, and any kind of soy or soy derivative, and potentially anything containing sugar from sugarbeet too…

Germany Still Worries about Contamination from Genetically Engineered Imports

Last year, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) also deregulated genetically engineered alfalfa in the U.S., which is a perennial crop commonly used in cattle feed. This will undoubtedly end up contaminating even organic animal products as alfalfa is a perennial crop that can easily spread and end up in organic alfalfa fields…

In the video above, Germany expresses similar concerns, stating there’s already a huge problem with contaminated animal products. Milk, meat, and eggs get contaminated by imported feed containing genetically engineered components. While GE feed is not allowed, the GE content is oftentimes not reported on the label, and therefore ends up being used unwittingly. There, they have realized that coexistence does not work. It cannot work, because gene technology completely takes over. This then makes it impossible to grow organics… a fact that American regulators have still refused to acknowledge or accept.

Most of Europe Breaking Free of Biotech Threat

Last year, Mexico denied Monsanto’s request to expand a pilot planting project in the northern part of the country for fear that the genetically modified variety might cross-contaminate with other native species, which are crucial to Mexico. As explained by GMwatch.orgvi:

“Diversity is important because each strain has not only a distinct look and flavor, but also certain characteristics that make it more likely to survive in given conditions. If only one type of corn existed, it would not be able to be grown in all parts of Mexico, as each part has differing temperature and rainfall.”

A couple of months later, in March of last year, Hungary introduced a new regulation stating all seeds must be tested for genetically modified organisms (GMOs) before being accepted into the Hungarian market. When GE seeds were found to have been inadvertently planted, it led to the destruction of nearly 1,000 acres of maize, to prevent cross-contamination to other fields.

But cross-contamination and destruction of biodiversity is not the only threat posed by genetically engineered crops. Both the altered plant itself and the herbicides used on them have been shown to pose profound risks to environmental, animal, and human health.

GE-Triggered Superweeds and Superpests

When the land is doused with a single herbicide for years on end, the ecosystem adapts. Glyphosate is the active ingredient in Monsanto’s herbicide Roundup, and has been used in massive quantities on all Roundup-ready crops since their inception. As a result, glyphosate-resistant “superweeds” are getting out of control, driving out their non-resistant counterparts.

An estimated 130 different types of weeds spanning 40 U.S. states and 15 million acres are now resistant to the herbicide, and these superweeds are spreading at a rapid pace. Extremely hardy Roundup-resistant weeds are now boosting costs and cutting crop yields for farmers across the United States. Compounding the problem is that farmers are resorting to ever higher amounts of herbicides and more toxic varieties in an effort to keep these superweeds in check, but all that does is create ever increasing resistance.

The same goes for crops genetically engineered to control certain pests, such as the Bt cotton sold under the trade name “Bollgard” in India. It was designed to control the Bollworm, but today, the insect has become resistant to the Bt cotton.

Bt crops appear particularly prone to create “super pests” as they contain added genes for Bt toxins that allow the plants to produce their own insecticides. (This Bt toxin, by the way, has now been found circulating in the blood of pregnant women and fetuses.) Because the plants release the toxin continuously, pests can evolve resistance to it. Making matters worse, other beneficial insects like bees and Monarch butterflies may be negatively impacted by the massive use of toxic chemicals.

Potential Health Hazards of Genetically Engineered Foods

Last but certainly not least are the many potential hazards to animal and human health. Although Monsanto, the world leader in GE seeds, insists that genetically engineered foods are no different from conventional varieties, the research tells of a different reality. Here is just a sampling of the unsavory findings associated with GM foods:

GM peas caused lung damage in mice

Offspring of rats fed GM soy showed a five-fold increase in mortality, lower birth weights, and the inability to reproduce

GM potatoes may cause cancer in rats

Male mice fed GM soy had damaged young sperm cells

Bacteria in your gut can take up DNA from GM food

The embryo offspring of GM soy-fed mice had altered DNA functioning

GM foods lead to significant organ disruptions in rats and mice, specifically the kidney, liver, heart and spleen

Several U.S. farmers reported sterility or fertility problems among pigs and cows fed on GM corn varieties

Bt corn caused a wide variety of immune responses in mice, commonly associated with diseases such as arthritis, Lou Gehrig’s disease, osteoporosis, and inflammatory bowel disease

Investigators in India have documented fertility problems, abortions, premature births, and other serious health issues, including deaths, among buffaloes fed GM cottonseed products

Why We MUST Insist on Mandatory Labeling of GM Foods

Mandatory labeling may be the only way to stop the proliferation of genetically engineered foods in the U.S. because while biotech giants like BASF and Monsanto are being driven out of most parts of Europe, many U.S. states are actually passing legislation that protects the use of genetically engineered seeds and allows for unabated expansion! At present, no less than 14 states have passed such legislation. Michigan’s Senate Bill 777vii, if passed, would make that 15. The Michigan bill would prevent anti-GMO laws, and would remove “any authority local governments may have to adopt and enforce ordinances that prohibit or regulate the labeling, sale, storage, transportation, distribution, use, or planting of agricultural, vegetable, flower or forest tree seeds.”

While legislation like this sounds like crazy nonsense to most people, such bills are essentially bought and paid for through the millions of dollars Monsanto and other biotech companies spend lobbying the U.S. government each year. In the first quarter of 2011 alone, Monsanto spent $1.4 million on lobbying the federal government — a drop from a year earlier, when they spent $2.5 million during the same quarter.

As mentioned earlier, their efforts of persuasion are clearly made infinitely easier by the fact that an ever growing list of former Monsanto employees are now in positions of power within the federal government.

Proof Positive that GMO Labeling WILL Change the Food Industry

Many don’t fully appreciate the strategy of seeking to have genetically engineered foods labeled in California. The belief is that large companies would refuse to have dual labeling; one for California and another for the rest of the country. It would be very expensive and a logistical nightmare. So rather than have two labels, they would simply not carry the product, especially if the new label would be the equivalent of a skull and crossbones. This is why we are so committed to this initiative as victory here will likely eliminate genetically engineered foods from the US.

Powerful confirmation of this belief occurred in early 2012 when both Coca-Cola Company and PepsiCo Inc. chose to alter one of their soda ingredients as a result of California’s labeling requirements for carcinogensviii:

“Coca-Cola Co. and PepsiCo Inc. are changing the way they make the caramel coloring used in their sodas as a result of a California law that mandates drinks containing a certain level of carcinogens bear a cancer warning label. The companies said the changes will be expanded nationally to streamline their manufacturing processes. They’ve already been made for drinks sold in California.”

This is a PERFECT example of the national impact a California GMO labeling mandate can, and no doubt WILL, have. While California is the only state requiring the label to state that the product contains the offending ingredient, these companies are switching their formula for the entire U.S. market, rather than have two different labels. According to USA Today:

“A representative for Coca-Cola, Diana Garza Ciarlante, said the company directed its caramel suppliers to modify their manufacturing processes to reduce the levels of the chemical 4-methylimidazole, which can be formed during the cooking process and as a result may be found in trace amounts in many foods. “While we believe that there is no public health risk that justifies any such change, we did ask our caramel suppliers to take this step so that our products would not be subject to the requirement of a scientifically unfounded warning,” Garza-Giarlante said in an email.”

Learn More about Genetically Modified (GM) Foods

Due to lack of labeling, many Americans are still unfamiliar with what genetically engineered foods are. We have a plan to change that, and I urge you to participate and to continue learning more about GM foods and helping your friends and family do the same.

Please, print out and use the Non-GMO Shopping Guide created by the Institute for Responsible Technology. Share it with your friends and family, and post it to your social networks. You can also download a free iPhone application, available in the iTunes store. You can find it by searching for ShopNoGMO in the applications.

Your BEST strategy, however, is to simply buy USDA 100% Organic products whenever possible, (as these do not permit GM ingredients) or buy whole fresh produce and meat from local farmers. The majority of the GMO’s you’re exposed to are via processed foods, so by cooking from scratch with whole foods, you can be sure you’re not inadvertently consuming something laced with GM ingredients. When you do purchase processed food, avoid products containing anything related to corn or soy that are not 100 percent organic, as any foods containing these two non-organic ingredients are virtually guaranteed to contain genetically engineered ingredients, as well as toxic herbicide residues.

To learn more about GM foods, I highly recommend the following films and lectures:
•Hidden Dangers in Kid’s Meals
•Your Milk on Drugs – Just Say No!
•Everything You Have to Know About Dangerous Genetically Modified Foods

Important Action Item: Support California’s Ballot Initiative to Label GMO’s!

In 2007, then-Presidential candidate Obama promised to “immediately” require GM labeling if elected. So far, nothing of the sort has transpired.

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Pradaxa may lead to death…

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PRADAXA can cause bleeding which can be serious and sometimes lead to death…
What are the possible side effects of PRADAXA?
These are not my observations or my opinion, this is the list taken from the official Pradaxa website, look at the headline…SOMETIMES LEAD TO DEATH.
Wake up people, the pharmaceutical industry is taking you for fools, they are laughing all the way to the bank, along with the legal profession who know they can sue these people. They are all in it together, making millions, no BILLIONS from the demise of the human race, or at least the American population. I say that because here in the US the majority of people use one drug or another. Yes they do take drugs in Europe but not as frequently.
It sickens me to watch TV without a DVR, I use this to skip over the ridiculous commercials for drugs, if you watch TV in the evening you’ll notice that the majority of ads are for pharmaceuticals. Using very clever marketing to con the viewer into believing it’s ok to make a stand and take the drug.
Read the small print on your medication, ask at the pharmacy why you have to sign the little slip before they give you the drug. You are signing that slip to say you will not hold the drug company responsible if you get sicker or die because of taking the med’s.
The following is from the website of Pradaxa, every side effect that’s mentioned is an actual side effect of people that were guinea pigs for the drug, they actually happened.
PRADAXA can cause serious side effects. Click on the “WHAT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT INFORMATION I SHOULD KNOW ABOUT PRADAXA?” link above to learn more.
In some people, PRADAXA can cause symptoms of an allergic reaction, including hives, rash, and itching. Tell your doctor or get medical help right away if you get any of the following symptoms of a serious allergic reaction with PRADAXA:
• Chest pain or chest tightness.
• Swelling of your face or tongue.
• Trouble breathing or wheezing.
• Feeling dizzy or faint.
Common side effects of PRADAXA include:
• Indigestion, upset stomach, or burning.
• Stomach pain.
Tell your doctor if you have any side effect that bothers you or that does not go away.
These are not all of the possible side effects of PRADAXA. For more information, ask your doctor or pharmacist.
Call your doctor for medical advice about side effects. You may report side effects to the FDA at 1-800-FDA-1088, or by visiting
PRADAXA can cause bleeding which can be serious and sometimes lead to death.
Call your doctor or seek immediate medical care if you have any of the following signs or symptoms of bleeding:
• • any unexpected, severe, or uncontrollable bleeding; or bleeding that lasts a long time
• • unusual or unexpected bruising
• • coughing up or vomiting blood; or vomit that looks like coffee grounds
• • pink or brown urine; red or black stools (looks like tar)
• • unexpected pain, swelling, or joint pain
• • headaches and feeling dizzy or weak
• It is important to tell your doctor about all medicines, vitamins and supplements you take. Some of your other medicines may affect the way PRADAXA works.
• Take PRADAXA exactly as prescribed by your doctor. Don’t stop taking PRADAXA without talking to your doctor as your risk of stroke may increase.
• Tell your doctor if you are planning to have any surgery, or medical or dental procedure, because you may have to stop taking PRADAXA for a short time.
• PRADAXA can cause indigestion, stomach upset or burning, and stomach pain.

The list above actually happened to the people that tested this drug, read that again….it happened so it is possible to happen to you. As I mentioned earlier, you sign that little slip of paper at the pharmacy and relinquish any right to legal action against the pharacy. They are happy to dole out the drug but not willing to stand by it, they just want the profit.

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Root Canals…

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Root Canals
A root canal is often recommended to a patient that has been having a minor problem with a tooth, slight pain or discomfort but then again it could be that you have had a fall and knocked the tooth so that it’s moving in the socket.
You experience this problem and see the dentist as your savior, someone that is going to relieve the pain and make it comfortable for you to eat again, what a nice person.
Well I suppose this paragraph is going to upset a lot of people, patients and dentists alike. A root canal is a bad thing, in fact it’s the worst thing a woman can have, it’s bad for men but the absolute worst thing a woman can have.
I’ll explain that in more depth a little later but now I’ll tell you why the dentist is recommending the root canal. You think it’s because it’s best for you, well no it’s not. but it is the best thing for the dentist.
Firstly it’s a very lucrative business, it probably takes the dentist an hour, and I’m being generous here, so an hour’s work relates to $1,000 to $1,500, good pay for an hour’s work.
Secondly the ADA had a requirement for dentists to place 40 million root canals each year, well that’s what it was at the end of 2007. In their infinite wisdom they changed that in 2008 to 60 million by 2012.
So American dentists have a quota to fill, yes they have so many to do each month, in fact the staff are encouraged to promote root canals to patients.
I remember in 2008 I was talking to a woman that had called in for information; she told me that she had recently moved to a new state. She called a dentist in the town she had moved to, the receptionist asked why she was calling and was told why she needed to see a dentist. “A slight pain in my front tooth”, the receptionist replied with “sounds like you need a root canal”. Now this is the recommendation from a receptionist on the end of a phone line not a dentist looking into her mouth.
Fortunately the woman did not use the dentist and called me for the name of a Huggins trained dentist.
Now to the point I made earlier and why a root canal is the worst thing for a woman, Dr Huggins did extensive research over many decades and part of that was specifically on root canals.
He found that a very large percentage of women that died of breast cancer also had a root canal; I believe it was more than 90%. Now that’s not a coincidence, if it had been 15 %or 20% then I suppose it could be written off as a coincidence but in excess of 90% then no, it’s just too much.
I’ll clarify what I mean here, this doesn’t mean that if you’re a woman and you have a root canal you’ll get breast cancer; it means you have a greater chance of getting breast cancer if you have a root canal.
Similarly just because you smoke it doesn’t mean you’ll get lung cancer however there is a far greater chance of getting lung cancer if you smoke than if you don’t.
So is there an alternative to root canals?, yes to get the same long term effects of course there is an alternative, try taking small doses of strychnine on a daily basis. Sorry for my flippancy, but the strychnine will devastate your body, slowly which is similar to what happens with root canals?
When the dentist does the root canal, he or she drills through the enamel and cleans out the dentin tubules of which there are more than 3 miles of these microscopic tubes. Then removes the pulp chamber, so the tooth is now dead, it’s then filled with a wax called Gutta Percha which is heated. The tooth is sealed, now anything that is warm will cool over time. When the Gutta Percha cools, it shrinks causing little voids in the tooth, there are bacteria which were aerobic bacteria which require oxygen, but they mutate
into anaerobic bacteria that can thrive in the absence of oxygen. Some of those bacteria are more toxic than botulism or tetanus.
When the tooth is dead it creates other problems, the bacteria accumulating in the tooth is bad enough, however it gets worse, blood normally flows to the tooth to help move the nutrients to the living tooth. But it’s dead so the blood doesn’t provide the necessary nutrition anymore. The tooth attaches to the bone via something called a periodontal ligament, when the tooth originally grew in your mouth this ligament was formed. Six different types of strands form the ligament, there are thousands of them forming a shock absorber between the tooth and the bone. Three types grow down from the tooth and three types grow up from the bone intermeshing to form this hammock if you will.
So because it’s dead there are anaerobic bacteria in the tooth and around the tooth in the periodontal ligament, so it’s no wonder a large percentage of root canals are re done and often several times.
There is no such thing as a sterile root canal… it is very misleading when you are told it’s a successful root canal. What is really meant is that it’s an unsuccessful root canal, yes it’s solid and it’s not giving you pain at the moment but it is causing other problems it’s just that you aren’t aware of them yet.
When something is in your body that your body doesn’t like, you experience problems, your immune system lets you know by way of a symptom. It’s your body’s way of telling you something isn’t right. Something shouldn’t be there, it’s not natural and your body is trying to eliminate it. What do you do, you see a doctor or dentist and they give you a drug which mask’s the symptom. Keeping this as simple and understandable as possible, there are little switches in your body that say…PAIN… the drug turns that switch off. The problem is still there but you have been told to adopt the ostrich attitude and bury your head in the sand.
As I mentioned earlier, a root canal is in the best interest of the dentist, not you. But you have pain in your mouth and quite often its excruciating pain. Now there might be a genuine case for removing the tooth, I know that doesn’t sound like a good option but it has to be considered if the tooth is dead. However there may be an alternative and one that is very easy to do.
Now I know lots of people are going to read what I say now and just dismiss it without a second thought. Vitamin C is one of the most overlooked and underrated vitamins; I’m not talking about the standard dose recommended by the authority that appears to have no idea of its true value or concern for your health.
Now I’m not saying that this will cure the problem but I am telling you that Vitamin C will help. When you have bacteria in your blood, and there are various ways it might have
got there. You might have had a fall and knocked the tooth loose. You might have eaten some foods that didn’t agree with you or it might have been the fact you’ve been doing something wrong for your body for many years and your immune system has said ”enough”, the sign for this is pain. When bacteria gets into the blood it will manifest itself in a variety of ways, if this is in your mouth then the likelihood is that it will show itself as an abscess. This is just as likely to be a rash on your skin or an ache in a joint.
Firstly I’d make sure you have sodium ascorbate powder (Vit-C), there are numerous places you can get a decent sodium ascorbate from but my recommendations are:
Brunson product, 1 800 610 4848
Huggins Applied Healing, 1 866 948 4638
Either one is good, so this is how it’s used.
¼ teaspoon in 2 oz’s water then put ½ oz of the water into your mouth, lean your head to the side so the water and sodium ascorbate cover the tooth that is infected. Let it bathe in the water for 45 seconds then spit it out, don’t flush it around your mouth just let it sit over the infected tooth. Repeat the process three more times until all the water is gone.
Repeat that process 6 times each day.
Do this for 7 days.
I can just hear some of you saying, “That’s a pain in the butt, I’m not going to do that” well it’s a very easy and cheap alternative to losing the tooth and certainly a lot less traumatic and painful than having a root canal.
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Corporate corruption..

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New report reveals how corporations undermine science with fake bloggers and bribes

You’ve probably heard about how the tobacco industry tried to suppress scientific evidence that smoking causes cancer by publishing shady research, bribing politicians, and pressuring researchers. But you may not have realized that tabacco’s dirty tricks are just the tip of the iceberg. In a disturbing new report published by the Union of Concerned Scientists about corporate corruption of the sciences, you’ll learn about how Monsanto hired a public relations team to invent fake people who harassed a scientific journal online, how Coca Cola offers bribes to suppress evidence that soft drinks harm kids’ teeth, and more. Here are some of the most egregious recent examples of corruption from this must-read report.

The report is a meaty assessment of corporate corruption in science that stretches back to incidents with Big Tobacco in the 1960s, up through contemporary examples. Here are just a few of those.

One way that corporations prevent negative information about their products from getting out is by harassing scientists and the journals that publish them. Here’s how Monsanto did it:

Dr. Ingacio Chapela of the University of California–Berkeley and graduate student David Quist published an article in Nature showing that DNA from genetically modified corn was contaminating native Mexican corn. The research spurred immediate backlash. Nature received a number of letters to the editor, including several comments on the Internet from “Mary Murphy” and “Andura Smetacek” accusing the scientists of bias. The backlash prompted Nature to publish an editorial agreeing that the report should not have been published. However, investigators eventually discovered that the comments from Murphy and Smetacek originated with The Bivings Group, a public relations firm that specializes in online communications and had worked for Monstanto. Mary Murphy and Andura Smetacek were found to be fictional names.

Corporations also form front organizations to hide their efforts to undermine science. That’s what happened when producers of unhealthy food got together to cast doubt on the FDA’s recommended health guidelines:

The Center for Consumer Freedom is a nonprofit that targets dietary guidelines recommended by the FDA, other government agencies, medical associations, and consumer advocacy organizations. The center has run ads and owns a website that accuses government agencies of overregulation, and has published articles claiming to refute evidence that high salt intake and other dietary guidelines are based on inadequate science. The center was founded with a $600,000 grant from Philip Morris, but has also received funding from Cargill, National Steak and Poultry, Monsanto, Coca-Cola, and Sutter Home Winery.

Sometimes corporations just go for it and buy off legit organizations, as Coca Cola did when they appear to have paid dentists to stop saying kids shouldn’t drink Coke:

In 2003, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry accepted a $1 million donation from Coca-Cola. That year, the group claimed that “scientific evidence is certainly not clear on the exact role that soft drinks play in terms of children’s oral disease.” The statement directly contradicted the group’s previous stance that “consumption of sugars in any beverage can be a significant factor…that contributes to the initiation and progression of dental caries.”

Corporations can also unduly influence federal agencies, as ReGen did when they wanted their device approved for trials by the FDA, despite serious medical problems:

ReGen Biologics attempted to gain FDA approval for clinical trials of Menaflex, a device it developed to replace knee cartilage. After an FDA panel rejected the device, the company enlisted four members of Congress from its home state of New Jersey to influence the evaluation process. In December 2007, Senator Frank Lautenberg, Senator Robert Menendez, and Representative Steve Rothman wrote to FDA Commissioner Andrew von Eschenbach asking him to personally look into Menaflex. Soon thereafter, the commissioner met with ReGen executives and heeded the company’s advice to have Dr. Daniel Shultz, head of the FDA’s medical devices division, oversee a new review. The FDA fast-tracked and approved the product despite serious concerns from the scientific community.

If bribery doesn’t work, you can always censor negative results, the way pharmaceutical company Boots did:

Boots commissioned Dr. Betty Dong, a scientist at the University of California–San Francisco, to test the effects of Synthroid, a replacement for thyroid hormone. Boots hoped to reveal that despite its high price, Synthroid was more effective than similar drugs. The company closely monitored the research, and when Dong found that the drug was no more effective than its competitors, instructed her not to publish the results. When she refused to comply, Boots threatened to sue. The company relented only after several years, during which consumers continued to pay for the costly product.

You can also try “refuting” scientific results with bad evidence, the way the formaldehyde industry did:

To counter a study that found that formaldehyde caused cancer in rats, a formaldehyde company commissioned its own study. That study-which found no association between the chemical and cancer-exposed only one-third the number of rats to formaldehyde for half as long as the original study. A formaldehyde association quickly publicized the results and argued before the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) that they indicated “no chronic health effects from exposure to the level of formaldehyde normally encountered in the home”

And then, if you’re Pfizer, you can just generate as much favorable research as you like to bolster sales of a drug, despite your discovery that the drug increases risk of suicide:

From 1998 to 2007, Pfizer discreetly facilitated the publication of 15 case studies, six case reports, and nine letters to the editor to boost off-label use of Neurontin, a drug prescribed to treat seizures in people who have epilepsy and nerve pain. The number of patients taking the drug rose from 430,000 to 6 million, making it one of Pfizer’s most profitable products. An investigation found that Pfizer had failed to publish negative results, selectively reported outcomes, and excluded specific patients from analysis. [Most importantly] Pfizer failed to note that the drug increased the risk of suicide.

Read the full report here, which includes sources for these stories, as well as an extensive section devoted to reforming scientific practices. There are ways we can avoid this kind of corruption, and they involve everything from federal reforms to corporate transparency.

[via Union of Concerned Scientists]

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Grass-fed beef…

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Grass-fed beef is more nutrient dense than than poultry…

(NaturalNews) For over 60 years red meat has been vilified for its heart clogging saturated fat & cholesterol content. Poultry products have been marketed as the healthiest animal protein due to their low-fat content. New understandings of health and inflammation now reveal that grass-fed beef is significantly more nutrient dense than poultry.
Saturated fat and cholesterol have been blamed for heart disease and other cardiovascular diseases. Research indicates that saturated fats and cholesterol are necessary for overall cellular health. They play an extremely important role in regulating neurological, cognitive and hormone function. A diet low in these important fats causes lowered immunity, sex hormone function and accelerated aging and brain degeneration.
Red meat could be one of the best foods in an individual’s diet or one of the worst. The key factor is what the animal is eating. Naturally, cows eat a near 100% green diet of grass, flowers, shrubs and other wild vegetation. Grain feeding is genetically incongruent for these animals and leads to excessive weight gain and fat accumulation.
Fatty Acid Ratios
The typical grain-feed is made up of corn and soy due to the low cost associated with government subsidies. Grain-fed cows are extremely high in omega 6 fatty acids. The average ratio for a cow on a grain-fed diet is roughly 25:1 (omega 6:3).
Humans should naturally have an omega 6:3 ratio around 4:1 or 2:1. When these ratios become skewed, they trigger cellular inflammation and accelerated cellular degeneration. This environment causes an individual to become highly inflamed and to build degenerative disease.
The more grass an animal eats the greater their omega 3 content and the lower their omega 6 levels. A 100% green-fed diet, which is genetically congruent for a cow would provide an omega 6:3 ratio of 2:1. This is ideal for the animal’s long-term health and is highly anti-inflammatory for human consumption. The omega 3 fatty acids present in this meat are primarily the all-important long-chain variety EPA and DHA.
Chicken and turkeys cannot live on grass alone. They lack the highly specialized digestive tract that allows them to convert grass and roughage into a quality meal. They need some addition to grass and the vast majority of farmers choose to feed them a mixture of soy and corn. Chickens can get about 25% of their calories from grass while ducks can go up to about 50%. The higher the level of grass, the higher the anti-oxidant and omega 3 content of the meat and eggs.
Grass-fed mammals contain high levels of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). CLA is considered to be one of the most potent anti-carcinogenic nutrients. Finnish researchers have found that the greater the amount of CLA in a woman’s diet, the lower her risk of breast cancer. Women who consumed the largest amount of CLA had a 60% lower risk for breast cancer.
Grass-fed mammals are also extremely rich in carnitine and carnosine.
Carnitine helps the cellular mitochondria drive energy efficiently from fat metabolism. Carnitine is the critical gate-keeper that allows fatty acids to pass into the mitochondrial furnace effectively. Carnosine is a powerful antioxidant that improves muscle, brain & cardiovascular function. It functions to reduce the effects of stress by protecting the proteins of the body which aid in tissue healing and repair.
Poultry has significantly less CLA, carnitine and carnosine than grass-fed beef. Beef also contains a lot more branched chain amino acids. This includes the crucial muscle building amino acid leucine. Grass-fed beef has an enormous edge over free-range poultry when one compares the fatty acids, proteins, fat-soluble anti-oxidants and minerals such as zinc.
by Dr. David Jockers

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