Wake up call..

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Considering my work for over three years in an area very much devoted to natural healing and my reading and personal discussions with Dr Thomas Levy I’m very pleasantly pleased by the positive effects I’m noticing with the lipospheric Vit C.

In fact I realise that over the years I’ve taken great pleasure in helping others and being able to use my experience and knowledge in this area, what frustrates me is that I’m good at giving advice but I’ve not been good at listening to myself.

So the wake up call is because for a few weeks with raw food and a few days with lipospheric vit c has made me accept the things I know and to follow and be strict with my own advice.

So I’ll take two lipospheric each day and monitor the effects.

My hyperbaric was good today, it’s not practical to do two per week at this time but once is better than none so I have to be grateful.


Very optimistic…

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I’m just on my third day of using the lipospheric vitamin C again and I’m noticing positive improvements already which in reality doesn’t surprise me.

I remember  in 2010 while I was working for Dr Huggins in Colorado, Dr Thomas Levy a good friend of Huggins was paying a visit which tended to happen every few years. I was very fortunate to ask Dr Levy a question about vitamin c in general, I was surprised at his response.

He walked into my office and took a seat then proceeded to explain in great depth the reason why lipospheric vit c was so superior to any other form taken orally and almost as beneficial as intravenous vit c.

Even though the lipospheric is only in 1 gram packets it’s absorbed in the small intestine which has the effect of 8.25 grams.

I’ll not go into this here as a more detailed explanation is in an earlier poste entitled Turbo charged vitamin c.

I’ll keep you all updated on my improvements using Raw food and Liposheric Vitamin C over the coming weeks.

I really appreciate all the positive comments my blog is receiving daily, it continues to inspire me knowing that more than I’m getting more  than 1,000 hits each day.

God bless you all..x