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I’m quite excited because tomorrow I’m having a blood test, so in a week I’ll be able to see the results, this will be the first time I’ve seen my labs since 2011 so I’ll have a better idea of how my body has been reacting to the diet and supplements I’ve been on since returning to the UK.

When I first started working for Dr.Huggins in 2007 I was educated in body chemistry re-balancing, I was quite shocked to learn that when the regular doctor reviewed blood test results and said “ you look perfectly fine, everything is in the normal range”. What he really meant was that the range he was referring to was not a healthy range but the range most people fell into.

The reality is that this range included the overweight people, the smokers, drinkers, fast food eaters, in fact the majority of people irrespective of health. This range as I’m sure you can imagine is a very broad range in order to encompass the majority of people. But the reality is the range should be a much narrower band for actual healthy people and that’s where I want my results to be. I accept that there will be exceptions with my results because I’m suffering from a disease. But I know where the differences should be, yes I’ll expect to see an elevated lymphocytes a part of my white blood cells (immune system) but I’m hoping to see a good ratio between calcium and phosphorus and several other components.


Since returning I think I’ve done reasonably well on my diet, that’s referring to my everyday foods not a diet as such. I’ve taken a consistent group of supplements based on what I believe was needed according to previous blood tests taken several years ago and supplements my body has needed. I say that based on problem’s when not taken initially and then taken to address  those physical reactions.

The blood test results will provide me with information that I will interpret and will be able to make adjustments where necessary. I’m very lucky because I have a doctor here with an open mind when it comes to western medicine.


She’s having a cholesterol test done but she knows there is a complete difference of opinion between our two views but I’ll smile and nod when she tell’s me my cholesterol is high. Cholesterol is the second biggest natural detoxifier in the body, it’s there for a very specific reason. 99.9% of people will have been brainwashed into believing there is good and bad cholesterol, HDL and LDL.

Actually there is HDL, LDL and VLDL which is very low density lipoproteins and they all have a role to play, there’s no good or bad cholesterol. Yes they need ideally to be within a certain range in order to do their job properly. There is a specific cholesterol post on this site I wrote detailing the reasons and roles they play in keeping you alive and how the pharmaceutical industry con people in order to make billions in profits.

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No more…

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Well admitting defeat is a problem for most men but in this case, I’m referring to the H2O2 now it’s a little frustrating but as i’ve said before I have to be my own guinea pig when it comes to trying potential “cures” for this crappy disease.

I’m sure there are many people that follow the program exactly and have great results but in my case it was just too much.


When I originally tried it in 2009 I was able to get all the way up to 25 drops 3 times per day the back down to 3 drops. The main problem for me was timing, I was often in my office at 7.30 am and back home by 6.30pm, so eating my meals at the correct intervals was very difficult to attain.


I remember discussing the program with my employer Dr.Huggins who expressed his doubt about the efficacy, he tried one drop in 8 ozs of water and experienced severe pain similar to the pain I had at 20 drops. So now looking back I can clearly see that it’s fine for some people but not others.


I think in my own case I’m physically in a much worse condition at this time in comparison to then. The H2O2 caused far more discomfort now than it did then. So I’m admitting defeat in this case although I’ve positive thoughts when it comes to magnesium chloride an sphingolin myelin basic protein.


I’ve no problems about taking these things so I’ll remain positive and see how it goes. I have a doctor’s appointment on Thursday and I’ll ask if I can have a blood test,  a CBC is a complete blood count which will give me a far better understanding of how my body is reacting to the various protocols I’ve been using since returning to England.

It felt really good this to wake up then just drink water and have a protein shake for breakfast, it almost felt that I was cheating by not drinking the H2O2, but I’ve stopped so no feeling guilty just positive.


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Side effects..

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I’ve tried to remain positive over the last couple of weeks and I have to admit maintaining a positive attitude has been a challenge and that’s putting it mildly. Since day 1 of using the hydrogen peroxide there have been problems in one form or another. These “issues” that I’ve talked about have either been the taste or pain in my gut. I wonder if I’ve been doing it wrong so the problem’s are worse for me than they have been for other users. Probably not but they’ve been a real challenge for me.


Today was the 15th day so I am on 17 drops three times per day. The taste and gut ache have in reality been minor in comparison to the problem I’ve not mentioned…

I think if I talked about it I would have had a lot more opposition from family members understandably so.


This symptom didn’t raise it’s ugly head until about a week ago so probably from 10 drops its become a problem.

I’m only now recognising it as the possible cause, at first I thought I’d just not had enough water with the himalayan crystal salt or sole (solay) so I’ve been drinking more, infact around a gallon each day.

This has had my mind fighting itself because that much water has put a strain on my liver and kidneys and I’ve known this but ignored my own knowledge.


About a week ago I started to become terribly weak in the evening, so weak I couldn’t stand properly when I was trying to cut fruit or prepare my water for the next day.

I’d be standing at the sink trying to pour water from the filter jug into the respective bottles. I couldn’t stand straight, I found I was bending uncontrollably from the waist. It started to really worry me as my face would almost hit the worktop which with a sharp knife in my hand was a little worrying.


On top of this I felt my neck was aching a lot so I’d also put this down to a lack of water so I’d drink another pint and rest thinking I’d done too much physically.

So all this has been running through my mind today and although I don’t want to I’m stopping the hydrogen peroxide, at least for now. I’ll see if things improve over the next few days and make a judgement then.


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I have to be strong…I’m referring to believing in myself and having the courage of my convictions…So I tell myself several times each day that I have to walk the walk not just talk the talk but it’s hard being alone and feeling so bad in several ways. I drink the water with H2O2 in (hydrogen peroxide) sounds a lot worse when I say it like that. It has the most disgusting aftertaste and extremely painful in my gut. However the taste go’s after 5 minutes and the pain eases off a couple of minutes later.

So its the build up to the drink thats hard, thinking about it sends a feeling of dread right through me, but as I said I have to believe in Dr. Cavanaugh’s research, her book “The One Minute Cure” is full of compelling research, evidence and testimonials that give me hope.


Having hope is so significant for what I’m doing, just think of yourself in my position, ok I was very active physically, some readers will know about the skydiving, scuba diving, mountain biking, hang gliding, rock climber and I flew small aircraft. Now it’s a very different story, now my days excitement is limited to soaking in a bath with magnesium chloride, wondering which T shirt to wear, what’s for lunch and reading. So constantly looking for a way to eliminate this crappy debilitating disease from my body plays a major role in my life.


It’s not all bad though, I am in a far better position than I was when I lived in Colorado, here I have family nearby, mum, sister Suzie and niece Deb’s have been fantastic in so many ways, for their love and support I will always be grateful.

Putting it into perspective, sucking an old sweaty sock (H2O2 tastes like that) and the gut ache are a small price to pay if this protocol works.


I took a break from writing this a few minutes back and made my drinks for the rest of the day then without putting any thought into it I had my second dose…yeuk…. but I came back to writing so I didn’t give myself any time dwelling on the impending doom which was the best thing to do in hindsight.

Sunday’s are my “fast” day which starts at 6pm Saturday thru 6pm Sunday, so I’m looking forward to my meal in 6 hours. Actually I think Dr. Cavanaugh’s protocol for H2O2 which requires drinking it 1 hour before and at least 3 hours after has a big effect on the taste and pain. Not having food in the gut certainly makes a difference. I have been meticulous about the dose and timing however I am noticing a difference today over previous days because of the fasting. I’ll still eat on other days but I will be very conscious of the amount of food I eat.


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