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I have always been very active all my life, I’ve done nearly a thousand skydives, I was a Hang Glider, SCUBA diver , mountain biker, rock climber and a pilot. In 04 I was diagnosed with MS, I never took any medication to treat the symptoms but concentrated on nutrition which has served me well. At the time I was living in the US and working for the world leading authority on biological dentistry. This gave me the opportunity to study with what is considered alternative healing. which is how I learned about Dr Paolo Zamboni at the university of Ferrera in Italy who cured his wife of MS. Since then the operation has been done in several countries and more than 75,000 people have been cured. I am a permanent resident and have a social security number but as you can imagine having no family in the US to help and the MS getting a stronger hold every day I was forced to return to England. My hopes are for a restore my health so I can so I can return to the beautiful state of Colorado where I lived for eleven years.




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She thought she was dying. Part 2..

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During the weeks prior to the clinic that she would attend I think I talked with her on a daily basis, she had justifiable concerns so taking her calls wasn’t a problem. On one particular call on a Monday morning she was in a terrible state as over the weekend she’d vomited 63 times and had a wicked case of diarrhea. Over the previous 18 months she’d lost almost 50% of her body weight so the vomiting and diarrhea was a major concern.

I gave her some advice to stop both of the violent body eliminations then spent some time with doc explaining my concerns.

A big problem was how weak she’d become, she would experience severe trauma during the extensive dentistry and knowing her immune system was extremely compromised would definitely be a challenge to say the least.

I arranged for another hour telephone consultation between Krystina, her father and Dr Huggins, she and her dad were very worried about the journey but at the end of the day not flying down from Canada would just mean nothing would change in a positive way, the reality is that she would just continue to get worse.

She and her father agreed that attending was her only real option.

Her dental work was more than $45,000 and her week with doc was $6,000 so it was an expensive option but I knew this was the best thing she could do.

I think Dr Nunnally was concerned and  certainly had reservations about the work that desperately needed to be done,  I remember him spending a lot of time explaining the dangers. He would use Conscious Sedation or as it’s often referred to as Sleep dentistry, “Versed” would enable the dentist to work for several hours as normally a patient couldn’t be in the chair for more than 2 or 2 ¼ at most

I was very happy about the results after her dental work although she had to have 2 further dental sessions, the first immediately after the initial work and the second a month later.

Over the next year she definitely put some weight back on and the strain she was under mentally was eased so all in all she was pleased she’d made the commitment albeit financially very demanding.

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She thought she was 1

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When I first talked with her she was in such a bad way, she’d seen a lot of so called experts only to be told there was nothing that could be done to actually heal her, it was only going to be a case a taking more and more drugs to ease the pain but she had to accept the inevitable which was death.

I think my first conversation lasted more than an hour which didn’t put me in “doc’s” good books but in my heart I knew with the help of Drs Huggins and Nunnally we could save her.

The lady in question was originally from Europe but had emigrated to Canada in the 80’s, I knew that if I could provide enough information to her and her father that my compelling argument would be enough to change her life for the better.

I talked with doc and arranged for a telephone consultation in a few days. In the meantime I requested as many x-rays on her jaw to be sent to us.

When they arrived the next day I was shocked at what I was seeing, even in my inexperienced view they looked bad but the response from Dr Huggins scared me. Now this was from the world’s leading authority in biological dentistry, a man that had seen the worst but her x-rays shocked him.

After the consultation with doc I spent another hour talking to Kryztina and her father, eventually they agreed to attend a clinic in Texas.

Now this would not be an inexpensive undertaking, The clinic would involve a weeks course with Dr Huggins looking specifically at how to re-balance her body chemistry followed by extensive dentistry with Dr Nunnally.


Part 2 tomorrow..

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Harmful misinformation..

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Contrary to the misinformation doled out by governments both here in the UK and the US, Raw milk especially raw goats milk is significantly healthier than the nutrient free pasteurized and homogenized crap you buy from the supermarkets.

You can regularly see advertising on TV or in magazines about how beneficial it is to drink milk, that would be the case if it hadn’t had been zapped of nearly all it’s nutrients and enzymes.

A few years ago while living in the beautiful state of Colorado in the US I drank 3 1/2 gallons of raw goats milk each week and I can tell you I had more improvements in my health than at any time since I was diagnosed with MS.

It tastes fantastic, creamy and slightly sweet.

In western civilization, most milk consumption is in the form of pasteurized and homogenized cow’s milk. Although such milk is portrayed as being healthy, it actually can lead to impaired health, including allergies, tooth decay, colic in babies, arthritis, heart disease, and even cancer. A much better choice is raw milk, and, though generally more difficult to find, the best raw milk of all is raw goat’s milk. As the Journal of American Medicine states, “Goat’s milk is the most complete food known.” Goat’s milk is the most highly consumed milk in many other parts of the world and it is delicious as well as extremely nutritious. Goat’s milk has vitamins, minerals, trace elements, electrolytes, enzymes, proteins, and fatty acids that are easily assimilated by the body. It is interesting to note that goat’s milk is digested in 20 minutes; whereas, it can take up to 24 hours to digest cow’s milk. Pasteurization and homogenization are not what nature intended. These processes destroy valuable natural enzymes and nutrients that our bodies utilize to sustain health. They also alter food chemicals and make fats rancid. Cow’s milk and goat’s milk differ greatly in their nutritional composition. Goat’s milk does not contain the complex protein that stimulates allergic reactions, making it less allergic. It also helps to boost the immune system. Goat’s milk alkalizes the digestive system and also helps to increase the ph level in the blood stream. Furthermore, goat’s milk does not produce mucus and will not worsen allergic respiratory conditions such as asthma. Goat’s milk also contains less of the enzyme xanthise oxidase. When entering the blood stream, this enzyme can cause tissue on the heart to scar that results in the liver supplying more cholesterol in order to protect the heart. Arteriosclerosis can be the result of this mechanism. Additionally, homogenization of milk products has also been linked to heart disease. People who are lactose intolerant may find goat’s milk to be a good alternative source of milk. Goat’s milk contains less lactose than cow’s milk and passes through the digestive system more rapidly. Most lactose intolerant people have no difficulty tolerating goat’s milk. Additionally, raw goat’s milk fights microbes, primarily due to the healthy medium-chained fatty acids it contains, such as capric and caprylic acids. It is very important to note that raw goat’s milk is rich in selenium, a necessary bodily nutrient known for its immune strengthening and antioxidant properties. Raw goat’s milk soothes the digestive tract. People with conditions such as bloating, diarrhea, asthma, and irritability may very well be suffering from an allergic reaction to cow’s milk. Raw goat’s milk on the other hand can be comfortably consumed without triggering these allergic responses. Because of its effective acid buffering capacity, goat’s milk has been used to treat conditions such as ulcers. Children with problems digesting cow’s milk may have a viable alternative in raw goat’s milk. Goat’s milk is a natural food that children can consume comfortably, even if they are sensitive to cow or other forms of milk. In fact, goat’s milk is very similar to human milk. Children who drink goat’s milk tend to remain more satisfied between meals and sleep through the night. In conclusion, goat’s milk provides excellent health benefits, is delicious and is well tolerated – as opposed to today’s pasteurized and homogenized varieties, which are not only less nutritious and less tolerated, but also can be a precursor to poor health. Sources:………

About the author Luella May is a natural health advocate helping people to heal naturally. Luella is in the midst of editing her ebook, “The 8 Invisible Stains of Our Souls” which will be available in the next few months. She partners with Tony Isaacs, who authors of books and articles about natural health including “Cancer’s Natural Enemy” and “Collected Remedies” Luella contributes to The Best Years in Life website for baby boomers and others wishing to avoid prescription drugs and mainstream managed illness and live longer, healthier and happier lives naturally. Luella co-moderates the CureZone “Ask Tony Isaacs” forum as well as the Yahoo Health Group “Oleander Soup” and hosts her own yahoo group focusing on the natural well-being of pets,

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Why is it ?…

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We all know that technology has taken massive strides in the last hundred years, bigger leaps than in any other period in “man’s” existence. You only have to look at the way you are viewing this article, on the screen of a pc, laptop, tablet or smart phone. Quite staggering really to stop and think of how life is, compared to life when “baby boomer’s” were kid’s.

Now we can get information at the flick of a switch by turning on a news channel on the TV or sending an email to someone in another city, country or continent. We are so lucky these days to have so many benefit’s in comparison to previous generations.

Most of the world’s industries are competing for our business which has encouraged and developed a competitive nature within individuals and organisations to develop the best tool, appliance, gadget or vehicle.

This being the case in most fields of business then why are people in general around the world sicker than they were 100 years ago. It’s constantly rammed down our throats that a new drug has been developed to fight a particular health issue and that we should all feel good about ourselves because we’re wearing a pink ribbon.

Donate to help fight cancer is what we are told, well how long have so-called researchers been trying to find an answer.
Penicillin changed lives a long time ago. The discovery of penicillin is attributed to Scottish scientist and Nobel laureate Alexander Fleming in 1928

So my point is this, how is that how did people working with such limitations in comparison to today able to make such incredible breakthroughs yet in today’s technologically developed world a cure for cancer cannot be found.

Actually it has, in fact there are many cure’s available if…..if you are willing to look outside the box and seriously consider what is generally perceived as “alternative or complementary medicine” .

It’s quite sickening to know that the methods used 75 years ago and are 100% natural are today described as “Alternative” and thought of as “New age” or whacky, when in reality they are natural, and effective and strangely have no side effects.

Going back to my opening statement, the answer is simply that the competitive attitude in “Business” doesn’t apply to the pharmaceutical industry collectively known as “BIG PHARMA” because they have a strangle hold on mankind. The Smithkline Beecham and other controllers of life as we know it have no intention of killing off the “cash cow” of illness in the world.

No, they are all part of a Cartel, they all know that if they spend millions on developing a drug to address a symptom, then people will constantly spend their hard earned money every month. They will make billions every year, they set aside maybe a hundred million to pay out compensation to those unfortunate to have had serious side effects. But sickness is big business, I feel bad for nurses because they are underpaid and over worked struggling to help the ever growing nation of sick people.


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A frightening thought..

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Feeling good when waking is a good, no …..a great feeling especially when daylight is lighting up the whole room at 4.30 am and the first thoughts going through my mind are ones of a physical day. Going for a fifteen miler through Clumber Park on my mountain bike and then working up a good sweat in the gym.

But sadly those thoughts rapidly disappear as the truth shocks me back into reality as the weakness and pain in my body reminds me that today is not the day I become MS free.


The weakness is not like anything you’ve experienced, it isn’t like the tiredness you feel after a hard day of digging in the garden or loading a row of skips with rubbish, no this is weakness that makes it very difficult to stand up when getting out of bed. Taking a step and desperately grasping the doorframe or chest of drawers for balance. and just when I think I’m stable there is the most frightening feeling as my whole body experiences a painful bout of spasticity. It’s a bit like an overpowering body yawn, my left leg starts to bend at the knee and my foot curls up as if  my toes are trying to grip a pencil.

When this happens I’m often left standing on my right leg as my life flashes in front of me remembering the pain I was in when I buggered my right knee several years ago and praying I’m not going to collapse and knee buckling under me.

I work out, not the same as I did of course, but I try to do some exercise most days but the tiredness and absolute weakness the day after tends to limit me somewhat.

So do I have reason to feel concerned ?, of course I do but those feelings of dread stay for a few minutes until the unjustifiable confidence comes back.


I don’t think of myself as hard done by, I have MS, yes, it’s considered incurable, life threatening, I’m in pain somewhere in my body 24/7 but, I firmly believe I got MS for a reason, I believe in God and he has a plan for me. I can’t see it yet but at the end of the day I’m just one of the billions on earth and there are people a lot worse off than me so suck it up, deal with it…

I helped thousands when working for Dr.Huggins in Colorado and my blog gets almost a half million hits each year, I’m not making money from it and I pay to host it but I know its helping some people so I’ll keep it going as long as I can.

You never know, tomorrow might be my day….

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