It’s not incurable…

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Over the years in the US my life changed dramatically, yes I am still Stefan but not the Stefan you knew back in the 90’s. I feel blessed that I was able to work with and study with some incredible people. Several world leading authorities in genuine healing not the farcical sham of treating one of the many symptoms of a disease as most western allopathic doctors brainwashed by Big Pharma do.

There are many dedicated health professionals genuinely working to actually cure diseases that most western populations are lead to believe are incurable.

I personally talked with and physically met several survivors of so-called incurable life threatening diseases, I worked with and studied the doctors and medical professionals.

At Huggins Applied Healing we were monitored, our phone calls were listened to, we were spied on by the organisations that didn’t want the public to know of the genuine healing methods available. I knew of doctors whose lives were threatened and some that for some reason are no longer with us.

The following article by the wonderful Mike Adams about a real cancer cure and how  genuine natural health doctors are being killed is well worth the read.


A breakthrough cancer treatment appears to be the reason why a handful of holistic doctors were recently found “suicided” is now gaining worldwide attention as a potential universal cure for cancer. And new microscopic footage released by First Immune shows this amazing remedy in action — the human protein GcMAF is visually seen activating the body’s own macrophages, which are then able to attack and destroy breast cancer cells in vitro.


The roughly two-minute video clip, which has been posted to YouTube, reveals the true healing power of GcMAF, a human protein that the body makes naturally but that some people lack or can’t produce in adequate volume.


By delivering an activated version of this substance intravenously, scientists have shown that the immune system can be fully invigorated to destroy cancer cells on its own without the need for chemotherapy or radiation.


“Your GcMAF empowers your body to cure itself,” explains the website, operated by First Immune. “In a healthy person your own GcMAF has 11 actions discovered so far, including two on cells, three excellent effects on the brain, and 6 on cancer. Amongst these it acts as a ‘director’ of your immune system.”


As you’ll notice in the above video, GcMAF serves as the energized mechanism for macrophages to target and eliminate breast cancer cells. The incredible mechanistic action of this substance is shown in amazing clarity, and is further described in an associated paper entitled “Multifaceted immunotherapeutic effects of GcMAF on human breast cancer cells.”


“Time lapse photography over 60 hours shows the cancer monolayer … first changing from corrugated to smooth … as the cancer is destroyed,” reveals First Immune. “[T]hen the cancer ‘fingers’ are also eaten and destroyed by the macrophages.”


Holistic doctors ‘suicided’ over GcMAF, which threatens to put cancer industry out of business

Short for Globulin component Macrophage Activating Factor, GcMAF just so happened to be the primary focus of research being conducted by Dr. Jeff Bradstreet, M.D., a Florida doctor who was found floating dead in a river back in June. His sudden death was immediately ruled a suicide, even though he had a gunshot wound to the chest, suggesting he was murdered.


Dr. Bradstreet’s “suicide” was just one of about seven others that occurred all around the same time, and all within the holistic healing community. Dr. Bradstreet and his other now-dead colleagues had all been involved in research focused on GcMAF’s potential as both a treatment and cure for cancer, and one that doesn’t produce deadly side effects like conventional cancer treatments do.


GcMAF doesn’t actually cure cancer, of course — it merely provides the ammunition needed by the body’s own immune system to eradicate and cure cancer itself, naturally. And this represents a threat to the pharmaceutical industry, which profits to the tune of billions of dollars annually peddling quackery like chemotherapy and radiation, both of which have been shown to cause more cancer.


“GcMAF and/or oral Colostrum MAF macrophage activation therapy is indicated in the treatment of any diseases where there is immune dysfunction or where the immune system is compromised,” explains the website of a clinic out of Japan that sells an oral form of GcMAF.


Besides cancer, the conditions listed as appropriate candidates for GcMAF treatment include:



Autoimmune diseases

Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV)

Hepatitis B virus (HBV)

Herpes Simplex virus (HSV)


Hepatitis C virus (HCV)

Multiple sclerosis (MS)

Urinary tract infection (UTI)

Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA)


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

Lyme disease (Lyme borreliosis)

IgA deficiency disorder

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME)

Mycobacteria infections

Parkinson’s disease



Human papillomavirus (HPV)

Lupus (Systemic lupus erythematosus, SLE)


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There’s always a but !!!

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There’s always a but!!! Something that has always amazed and shocked me since I started working at Huggins Applied Healing is how we all just take it for granted that the medical professional we are seeing at that specific time knows what he or she is doing. I mean they are a qualified medical professional and we have sought their help. They may be a doctor, dentist or even a surgeon. But what do they really know about the drug/medication they are prescribing and recommending we should take!!

The problem of death by drugs/medication is more prevalent in the US than here in the UK but it still is a problem and one that is increasing.

All I suggest is to ask a question and not simply accept that the drug being prescribed is safe, before I was made aware of this problem I just did what most people do and thank the doctor and believe the drug would solve my health issue.

Something like 100,000 deaths happen each year in America because the patient took a prescribed medication, not an overdose or the wrong drug but the correct dosage of the prescribed meds.

The question to ask is “what are the known side effects of the medication being prescribed”, the doctor should know… What you should know is that the pharmaceutical company have a list of every potential side effect their drug has, it’s been trialed on at least 1,000 people. They will have documented every side effect that occurred, from mild nausea  to vomiting to liver failure and even death. It might show that of the 1,000+ people 35% had no side effects but 65% did. In a lot of cases the patient is very much a guinea pig, you’ll hear that “no one has had that problem before” or that’s what the doctor tells you, he/she is not lying it’s just they haven’t been told by the pharmaceutical company.

Every drug has side effects, every drug….99.9% of drugs treat symptoms not the cause of the health problem, so yes the drug/medication will address “A symptom” of the illness but it probably will cause a different and additional problem.

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The three worst foods…

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I know this is going to upset a lot of people but it has to be said, the three

worst foods you can put into your body are as follows:

Sugar, alcohol and caffeine, in that order.

All carbohydrates consumed will at some point be converted into sugar in the body;

the average consumption of sugar worldwide is more than 43 lbs per person per


That isn’t the case for Americans where sugar is consumed at a much higher level; in

fact it’s closer to 140 lbs per person per year.

The problem is that sugars will imbalance the chemistries of carbohydrate

metabolism and it does this more dramatically than anything else.

Sugar affects the balance of calcium and phosphorus these two should have a ratio of

2 ½ to 1, an ideal balanced ration is 10 mg% to 4 mg% of calcium to phosphorus.

When this balance is upset you may experience calculus on the teeth, cataracts in

the eyes, kidney stones, gallstones, arthritis or arterialsclerosis. However, correcting

this imbalance has shown a reversal in these problems.

A good alternative to sugar is not the sugar substitutes like Aspartame or high

fructose corn syrup, but honey or agave nectar.

I’ll mention this now before I forget; aspartame is probably in close to 9,000 food

and drink products. Aspartame has been shown to mimic the

detrimental effects of multiple sclerosis. It affects the pancreas negatively,

believing it has to deal with sugar and addressing the insulin issue when in

reality that isn’t a problem so the pancreas is overworked. It’s the “cry wolf”

syndrome so when the pancreas is actually called into play it simply can’t do

its job properly.

Aspartame is converted into methanol, then into formic acid (fire ants inject formic acid

when they bite) then into formaldehyde which as you know, is embalming fluid,

not nice for the living body.

Alcohol, most populations around the world have alcohol built into their social life, in

fact when a person doesn’t drink alcohol he or she is often seen as a strange


I’ll not go into depth on this subject because I believe most people already know of

the detrimental effects alcohol can have on your liver and kidneys.

I think you all know that spirits are harder on your body than beer or wine,

wine is probably the easiest for the body to assimilate and has less harmful

effects on your chemistries. White wine is closer to the body’s natural ph so

is easier to deal with. I suppose if you are going to drink when you socialize

then white wine would be considered more acceptable.

Caffeine, looking back on my time with Dr. Huggins I distinctly remember him talking more

negatively about caffeine than anything else. In fact I remember him telling me

that if caffeine disappeared off the face of the earth then probably 40% of

doctors would be out of work.

One cup of coffee requires roughly 3 units of insulin to metabolize; a doctor had a

relative with diabetes who was taking 18 units of insulin per day. He asked how

much coffee he drank and was told about 6 cups per day. He put two and two

together as in 6 cups of coffee each requiring 3 units of insulin equaling 18

units. He explained his understanding and suggested not drinking coffee as a

way of eliminating the diabetes. He stopped drinking coffee but continued with

the insulin at the same dosage which resulted in insulin shock. I’m not suggesting you take this action believing it will rid you of diabetes however it should be considered

and discussed with your medical professional.

There are about 30 mgs of caffeine in the average candy bar (chocolate), you’ll find

about 125 mgs in a cup of coffee, however a regular Starbucks contains around

250 mgs and their Grande has approximately 550 mgs.

Starbucks also put other ingredients in their coffee (excitotoxins) which make you crave

a “Starbucks” not just a coffee.

You’ll also find caffeine in most tea’s plus soft drinks; this can vary from as little

as 34 mgs to more than 70 mgs.

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Natural and organic is best..

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Nutrition…or the lack of it…

It has become a very sad place to live; I went to the US in 02 and was proud and very happy to live in the most powerful country in the world.
I became quite disillusioned as the years went by as I learnt more about the Monsanto’s of this world, companies whose sole aim is profitability, I admit that business is about making profits but not at the expense of humankind.
Here is a company driven by money and money alone, ethically they are at the bottom of the list, their advertising is based on lies, extolling their virtues and relentless research to help feed the world. That may be partially true, yes they are trying to feed the world, but with what?
Foods that have been grown from genetically modified seed, seed that has its own pesticides built in, so what happens to the corn or whatever vegetable materializes. It then lives inside your body, it contaminates your organs and prevents them from doing the job God assigned it to.
Around 90% of the foods we buy from mainstream food providers contains unnatural preservatives, has been sprayed or coated with pesticides or herbicides, has been bleached, processed or some other method to allow it to have a longer shelf life. What we are told is that this is better for us, what that really means is that it is better and is more profitable to the growers, transporters and stores selling this nutritionally bereft product.
You’ll read labels that contain misinformation not truth, labels that tell us this product contains the recommended daily allowance of vitamins and nutrients, I ask the question, based on what?
Yes the product in it’s original form, prior to processing probably did have the nutrition needed, however after bleaching, pasteurizing, homogenizing, processing, coloring and so many other unnatural processes there is very little left. Parents buy breakfast cereals that have had millions spent on them emphasizing the benefits it will give to your child. This isn’t strictly true, in fact the cereal probably contains less nutrition than the box it came in, yes you read that correctly, the cardboard box is probably more nutritional than the cereal, in fact the sugar coating on the cereal is far more damaging to the child than most things he or she will put into their body.
When we were born, it was a culmination of a man and woman meeting to procreate, we’d like to think that love played a big part in the child’s creation. We are human, natural, created with God’s blessing, well that was how it was supposed to be, the last thing we need is something synthetic in our human, living body. We are not supposed to have plastic or synthetic products mixing with living tissue.
We have a guardian, a unique protector living in our bodies, the immune system made primarily of white blood cells. Its job is to protect us, it constantly searches for foreign bodies, when it see’s them it goes into attack mode. It tries it’s very best to remove invaders, unfortunately there are some things that prevent that from happening. What are they? well think about it, what are those giants spending millions and millions on, yes you guessed, synthetic products, preservatives, pesticides and other unnatural substances that resist natural things.
So what happens is these unnatural, synthetic products take up residence in areas of your body specifically allocated for the natural nutrition needed to sustain this living temple we call our body. Our organs function inefficiently, we develop symptoms, see the doctor who provides more unnatural substances to fool the brain into thinking all is well. It masks the symptom, turns off the switch telling us we feel pain. So initially we feel ok but the problem is getting worse, but the receptor inside now has it’s eyes closed and ears blocked. The ostrich syndrome, bury your head in the sand, no, you can’t see the problem but it’s still there and probably getting worse by the minute, hour, day.
Doom and gloom prevails, well it doesn’t have to be that way, we can chose to eat good natural foods, not the junk forced down our mouths by the Monsanto’s of this world, make a stand, a true and honest objection to those giants with no interest in humanity. I’m referring to the companies interested in their own well being and profitability, not the health or well being of the majority, those making profits through the lack of understanding. This lack of knowledge isn’t through ignorance or lack of education, it’s through the brainwashing that takes place everyday, the masses watch television, read magazines and listen to the radio. Those at the top of the food chain spend billions on advertising to make people believe what they are promoting is good, the hidden message is that it’s great for them but bad for you.
Look for products that are organically grown, do some research yourself.
If it is a basic food but has more than 5 things in it’s contents then it probably isn’t natural, it has lots of preservatives, for some reason when you see natural flavors on the label, it probably means MSG. Monosodium Glutamate is an excitotoxin used to make you want more, it’s also a neurotoxin, stay away from products containing this.

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This is a fact…

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Feeling great breathing in the fresh air as you hike along a trail through the forest, it’s a great feeling knowing that all in your life is good, you have a great job, live in a beautiful house with a loving partner.

Nice looking back at the wonderful exciting experiences over the past 25 years while soaking up the beauty of nature surrounding you, you realise that you’ve been so lucky but at the end of the day you’ve worked hard at this. Funny how the harder you’ve worked the luckier you’ve become, well in some peoples eyes that’s the case.

You are hiking along loving what you see around you when you come across a tricky section where there is a steep wet bank sloping down to a fast running river on one side and a steep rocky slope on the other. You know it’s potentially dangerous but as long as you are careful you should be able to negotiate the path running along the ridge, so slowly but carefully you edge along towards the other side. It shouldn’t be a problem and you’ve faced far more dangerous obstacles in your life so far.

Everything seems fine until for some unknown reason your foot slips on a muddy part, your feet both shoot out from under you and you fall awkwardly on your side and begin to slide down what you realise is an extremely slippy slope. Desperately you grasp at plants and rocks, arms and legs flailing about but you are constantly slipping further and further down towards what you know will be your death in the wide fast flowing water.

You manage to stop your descent by grasping onto what looks like a deeply rooted plant, you’ve stopped temporarily and reach for another plant so you can get back up the slope to safety. Then a horrible feeling as the first plant comes loose and the desperation is flashing through your body again, another plant and partly buried rock are in sight so you use your fingertips to hold on even though it seems nigh on impossible.

You hear a voice coming from the side you walked from shouting that they are calling for help, the rescue team will be here soon and everything will be alright. Meanwhile the hold you have by your fingertips has broken so you are sliding again picking up momentum to your certain end.

Then amazingly your foot stops on a protruding rock, this is great, surely now you’ll be able to get into a better position so the rescue team who’ve arrived  will be able to get you out of this. The slow dripping of muddy water is making things very difficult, your clothes are getting very wet and covered in mud making them very heavy and so tiring to move.

The rescue team are there at the top but are shouting to me that the overhanging trees, narrow path and the muddy water is making it impossible to get to me. So what they’ll do is throw some hooks that will enable me to wedge myself against the slope, I won’t be able to get back up but I will be able to slow my descent.

So their plan is not to save me but to slow down my impending death, not acceptable but all that’s on offer.


So if this was you, would you A) stay where you are laying flat against the muddy bank waiting for death after your arms and legs have become too tired to hold on any longer, or B) do whatever you can to get back to the top and safety.


OK so this is me…The rescue team or the medical practitioners have told me there is nothing that they or anyone can do for me.

So option A is definitely a big NoNo as far as I’m concerned, option B means that I’m going to do whatever I can, every day I’m going to look for a way back, I’ll try whatever is available, eat whatever I need to, try every unction and potion on God’s green earth until I find a way back to safety.

It is frustrating and challenging to say the least, but I personally see no choice in this scenario, I refuse to accept that I will get sicker and weaker every day until I’m unable to care for myself……If I just accepted that option I’d simply find an easy and painless way to top myself. But I 100% believe I will beat this hideous disease and completely change my life, I’m sure there are some of you with a smile on your face raising your eyebrows and saying, “ahh poor delusional Stef”. I will overcome this..and that my friends is a FACT..

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I will win….

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I met with a man from Works and Pensions today who conducted a survey, at first I was a little concerned but he made it very clear his questions and my answers would have no effect on my disability benefits so there was nothing to worry about.

The questions seemed strange to me, one specifically was “was I happy yesterday”…. I explained that I’m not unhappy…. When I look back on how my life has changed which is quite dramatically then of course I’m not pleased but I have to look at how things in my life are now compared to my final year in Colorado then I’m massively better off.

The neurologist’s I’ve seen both here and in the US are adamant that there is no way the disease I have MS is curable and I should accept that and prepare for a daily decrease in quality of life. But I see things very differently, I believe wholeheartedly that I have so much more of my life to live, be it using the supplements, herbs and nutrition or using my mind, I will beat this so called incurable disease.

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