My only option…

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Multiple Sclerosis is considered an incurable autoimmune disease, meaning that the body’s own defences are attacking itself.  Essentially you are causing the disease… well I don’t agree with them for several reasons, them,  being the followers of traditional western medicine

Now it might sound like I’m just a pompous ass who’s stubborn and won’t accept their word but although the latter part is true the first part isn’t.

To start with I personally worked for a doctor that cured himself of the disease and hundreds of others over a twenty five year period.

So I’m following the basic tenets of his work, now every person is individual and unique so it’s not just a case of one size fits all, on the contrary it is a very complicated process to find the precise changes that need to be administered in order for the immune systemto accept, change and correct the various components in the blood to enable the corrections to take place.  

As I’ve said before, I’m not working in a laboratory, nothing is tried “In Vitro” as in a test tube with samples of the necessary additions to my blood to see what can work or go wrong. No it’s all done using myself as a guinea pig, great when I experience a positive but on the opposite end it can knock me back a month or two. But all in all I’m optimistic about my chances of once again living a normal life, I know, I know, I was never normal…

So why am I doing it this way? well the answer to that is quite straightforward, the world says that MS is incurable and I don’t agree so this is my only option..

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My journey..

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If I was to sit and think, just ponder about my situation I’m sure it could get on top of me and end up with me feeling sorry for myself. when I look at my life as it was in comparison to how it is right at this moment it seems a world away. I was a very active person.

Skydiving, Hang gliding and SCUBA diving were just three of the many sports I participated in

I can look at the 180 degree turn my life took on that day in 1999 when I had a terrible fall on the concrete steps going up to my condo in St Augustine, Florida. How now I’m at home 24 hs a day 7 days a week. How the disease I have, MS makes it incredibly difficult just getting through the day. Just standing is extremely strenuous let alone getting into the bathroom 25 times each day or getting food in the evening, my life at this time is living with extreme fatigue

But I don’t look at my life that way, if I did I’m sure I would have ended it by now, no there isn’t a sliver of doubt in my mind that my life will change for the better as quickly as it did in 1999.

Some people will purse their lips and tilt their head a little and say, ah poor Stefan he’s living in his dream world…

Well don’t…..because I believe 100% that the day will come, I won’t be surprised if it’s tomorrow but I won’t be depressed if it isn’t.

My life isn’t about the final destination, I see it as a journey, a challenging one yes, but still the journey I’m on. There are some bad times of course but a heck of a lot of good times and for those I feel so grateful. In this state I look at all around me and every day there is something good. They might be small inconsequential things to most people but to me they are huge blessings so I give thanks for them and accept them gratefully.

I’m Stefan, Stefan with eternal optimism, Stefan with unlimited strength to persevere..

I refuse to be the guy you used to know who was active but now is sick with Multiple Sclerosis. I demand to be know as Stefan who cured himself….

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The synthetic chemical joke.

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A plastic world..

The place we all live is the same, that sounds like a contradiction if you think about the homes we live in or the cities and countries but I’m not referring to the outside parts, no I’m referring to our body. The human body is essentially the same, the differences begin to materialise and establish themselves as we grow. These changes are primarily engraved into the workings of our body based on what is fed to us as we are growing. So the adage of “You are what you eat” comes into play.

We often hear about someone celebrating their 90th or 100th birthday and smile that they seem happy and content in their lives albeit physically limited.

But when you stop and spend some time actually looking at how foods have changed over the last 50 years you’ll see a marked difference. Foods these days have only a small percentage of the true nutrition that was naturally in it years ago.

There are masses of commercials on TV, in magazines, the radio and the most prolific source of information, the internet all promoting a medication to address a symptom of what basically comes from poor nutrition.

Sadly it’s become accepted that it’s a normal part of life to take medication, be it from the doctor of some OTC drug advertised in the media.

It’s not natural to need a drug, it’s not natural to be sick, it’s not natural to be a decrepit stumbling shadow of yourself by the age of 65.

The younger generation will never see one of their own living to 80 let alone 90 or 100 yrs old.

The brainwashing that takes place every moment of every day is making 99.9% of people believe our world is advancing but it’s not.. Before greed took over killer diseases were genuinely beaten. In the days before ultra fast computing and modern research facilities, the plague, pneumonia and several other mass killers were researched by candlelight and hard work. A genuine cure was found and people were healed, whereas now all that happens is a method to address a symptom is found which generates billions in revenue for the greedy selfish few.

There will be a time in the not too distant future  when people look back and realise that Y2K wasn’t the problem, it was the fact that the Natural world became a Synthetic Chemical Junk yard where nothing nutritious grew.


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The farcical joke.

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The joke that’s happening on Sunday night..I’ve always enjoyed the talent show’s like Idol, Britains got talent an X factor. But what was great in the X Factor has transitioned into a farce..

I imagine that there are others feeling the same way specifically the 6 chair challenge.. To me it’s no longer the “Judges” making a choice as to which artist they’d like to mentor, now it’s the baying crowd deciding. The judge looks sheepishly at the crowd who one minute are  cheering for the act then the next are chanting for them to be swapped,

The judges are so weak, 99% of the time it comes down to the fickle crowd.

This just pi%%es me off.

Not the same..

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Since coming back to England three years ago I’ve seen several changes, some good and some bad. There is no doubt that here I’m significantly better off than in my last year living  in Colorado, I have enough money to pay all my bills and buy the much needed, life changing supplements that I simply couldn’t afford back there. I get to see some of my family especially my mum which is brilliant. My big sister Suzie has been fantastic, I know I’d never have made it without her love and support and my incredible niece Debbie has also been “there for me” so I have so much to be grateful for…thank you so much..

My life in Colorado was different, special in so many ways. The position I held at Huggins Applied Healing was very stressful. Over the 3 ½ yrs I talked with probably more than 17,000 clients and some would become patients.

I probably talked and helped more than a 1,000 clients that like me had multiple sclerosis, probably another 1,000 cancer patients and lots of ALS patients, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Multiple chemical sensitivity and other serious health problems that had been dismissed by traditional Allopathic doctors. I can clearly recall the many times I’d finish a call with someone that knew they would likely be dead in a matter of months, sometimes only  weeks unless something very special and unique was done and I’d have to go sit outside on my own and cry. But the incredible most fulfilling feeling happened on a regular basis seeing these people being given their lives back because of the work done mainly by Dr Huggins and Dr Blanche Grube or Dr Stuart Nunnally.

The disease I have is considered incurable by traditional medical practitioners, so trying to work out which supplements and what dosage using myself as a guinea pig is a tiring and often painful process but as I said earlier I’m grateful to have the chance.

So, I’m better off now, I have a great place to live, I can buy the nutritious foods and supplements I need, there is zero stress in my life other than hoping I recorded a programme on Sky TV. But….but I really miss my life back there, yes Colorado is an incredible place, it is beautiful but it’s the work more than anything I miss. It was stressful yes but also the most fulfilling rewarding job I’ve ever had. I look back and feel blessed that a lot of people were better off because of me. I am always reading about possible non traditional ways of healing, I try to keep myself informed by re-reading ‘Docs’ books and posting on my site that gets over 300,000 hits each year, but I really miss what I did and being part of that very special group.

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Life in a nutshell..

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There are lots friends on here that knew me as a skydiver and some Facebook friends that knew me as a director for Huggins Applied Healing but there is a difference, actually a massive difference between the two men.

I’ll try to put this into a concise overview, starting about 30 years ago…


30 yrs ago I was still in my first  marriage, had a child, was an OK skydiver, an OK salesman, ran 25 miles each week, rode my mountain bike 50 miles per week, went to the gym twice per week, drank a few pints each week and ate whatever I wanted.


25 yrs ago.. still in my first marriage, had two kids, still reasonable at my job in sales and as a skydiver although I was in the 60 way (number 2), still ran and rode a lot and worked out in the gym. Some decent Real ale and good malt was a weekly indulgence.


20 yrs ago..Divorced, work and skydiving the same as were running, riding and workouts.

Work required me to drive almost 200 miles going to and from my job each day, although I earned more and was able to indulge in worldwide travel it was rather stressful.

A few beers and a snifter still a weekly thing.


15yrs ago..Still divorced still two kids, Started my own company “ which was a pain in the butt and not a success. Still ran and rode but not as much and the gym visits were few and far between.


13 yrs ago.. Moved to Colorado, married a local and the least said the better. Worked at s/w company, did well, running and riding still part of my life but at an altitude of 5280 (Denver the mile high city) it was hard. It was very difficult and expensive to get a good malt or decent beer so that stopped.


10 yrs ago.. Divorced from 3rd wife (cheating B**ch),  I was the client service director for the world leading authority in biological dentistry,  his work in Alternative healing was quite incredible and my involvement and help with more than 17,000 patients made a difference in their lives.

I’d studied with “Doc” and others in that arena of “true healing”.

No alcohol, I studied nutrition and body chemistry re-balancing so crappy although tasty foods never passed my lips.

I’d been diagnosed with MS so all physical activity was limited to riding my excercise bike and clearing snow.


3 yrs ago.. Returned to England, disabled, and live alone. Am now gluten and dairy intolerant so no pizza or chocolate. No alcohol ever, my two kids don’t talk to me (don’t know why).

My exercise is limited to getting to the loo 25 times each day.

Am I sad or pissed off? No….. I’m happy knowing what I’ve done and how many lives I was able to help improve, I’m honored to have worked with Dr Hal Huggins and what he taught me, my website gets over 350,000 hits each year and deep down I know that I will beat this disease contrary to all the doubters and doctors.

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Life with MS has been difficult to say the least,  it’s not anyone else’s fault it just happened, there is a specific causative action but as I said it was nothing that was done on purpose by anyone  to hurt me so I’ve accepted I have it. But because of who I am, the things I’ve done in life, where and how I was raised and the job I had working for Dr Huggins these things have made me  a better man. A man that wants answers to probably the most important event in my life.

So my friends, I haven’t and will never give in to this hideous disease, yes I know that physically I’m only able to use about a tenth of the strength I had but my determination is as strong or even stronger to use myself as a guinea pig as far as supplements, vitamins and nutrition and ridding myself of what doctors consider to in incurable disease.

An old friend or should I say ex girlfriend and now friend who is the most incredible researcher has for no other reason other than her being a wonderful person has spent a great deal of time looking into the nitty gritty of how specifics within the body react to various supplements.

I’ll not go into the “whats and why’s” but I will say that the most recent additions I’m noticing very positive improvements.

Watch this space, and thank you Echoe…

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What we do not understand…

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What we do not understand we tend to reject.

Herbal medicines, acupressure, acupuncture, natural medication, and

healing are some of those. And the attitude towards healing is if things cannot

be explained by scientific methods, it cannot be true.

In my personal opinion:

Definition of health varies from person to person. To some it means that

nothing is really serious, for some it means not getting any worse, for

others its the visit to the doctor every year to get a nod of “all clear”.

Seldom did it mean zero health problems. And so we get by with taking

aspirins and painkillers and live with aches and pains that we associate

with certain infective bugs, overwork, or just old age.

The problem with chemically formulated drugs and medicines is that:

One; it remedies a part of the body but destroys another, often the liver.

Two: it has questionable benefits that simple observation will tell you that

if the medication prescribed by the doctor is not getting the desired result,

an alternative prescription will be given.

Third: When a part of the body fails to function normally when taking the drug,

it will be termed as side effects.

Fourth: When the body acclimatizes to the drug prescribed, we are in effect

sentencing our body to a lifetime of medication.

Fifth: Behind the advances claimed, it does not really increase the average

lifespan. Like the rest of the world, we still are satisfied if we hit the magic

mark of seventy years.

For most of us, it has not been recognized that there is an alternative to

a life sentence of traditional medication.

That there are medications not only to cure whatever ails but to build the

reserves and boost the immune system so that ailments are reversed naturally.

When the body is made healthier and the immune system and reserves are built, we could in part avoid the doctor whose typical remedy is give us drugs.

Test the process of relieving suffering and health anxiety naturally, that

you can enjoy more of life without chemical drugs – that give you only

temporary eight-hour solutions until the pain strikes again.


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Upsetting the body chemistry….

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Hidden Contaminants…

I know this is going to upset a lot of people but it has to be said, the three

worst foods you can put into your body are as follows:

Sugar, alcohol and caffeine, in that order.

All carbohydrates consumed will at some point be converted into sugar in the body;

the average consumption of sugar worldwide is more than 43 lbs per person per


That isn’t the case for Americans where sugar is consumed at a much higher level; in

fact it’s closer to 140 lbs per person per year.

The problem is that sugars will imbalance the chemistries of carbohydrate

metabolism and it does this more dramatically than anything else.

Sugar affects the balance of calcium and phosphorus these two should have a ratio of

2 ½ to 1, an ideal balanced ration is 10 mg% to 4mg% of calcium to phosphorus.

When this balance is upset you may experience calculus on the teeth, cataracts in

the eyes, kidney stones, gallstones, arthritis or arterial sclerosis. However, correcting

this imbalance has shown a reversal in these problems.

A good alternative to sugar is not the sugar substitutes like Aspartame or high

fructose corn syrup, but honey or agave nectar.

I’ll mention this now before I forget; aspartame is probably in close to 9,000 food

and drink products sold in America. Aspartame has been shown to mimic the

detrimental effects of multiple sclerosis. It affects the pancreas negatively,

believing it has to deal with sugar and addressing the insulin issue when in

reality that isn’t a problem so the pancreas is overworked. It’s the “cry wolf”

syndrome so when the pancreas is actually called into play it simply can’t do

its job properly.

Aspartame is converted into methanol, then into formic acid (fire ants inject formic acid

when they bite) then into formaldehyde which as you know, is embalming fluid,

not nice for the living body.

Alcohol, most populations around the world have alcohol built into their social life, in

fact when a person doesn’t drink alcohol he or she is often seen as a strange


I’ll not go into depth on this subject because I believe most people already know of

the detrimental effects alcohol can have on your liver and kidneys.

I think you all know that hard liquor is harder on your body than beer or wine,

wine is probably the easiest for the body to assimilate and has less harmful

effects on your chemistries. White wine is closer to the body’s natural ph so

is easier to deal with. I suppose if you are going to drink when you socialize

then white wine would be considered more acceptable.

Caffeine, looking back on my time with Dr. Huggins I distinctly remember him talking more

negatively about caffeine than anything else. In fact I remember him telling me

that if caffeine disappeared off the face of the earth then probably 40% of

physicians would be out of work.

One cup of coffee requires roughly 3 units of insulin to metabolize; a doctor had a

relative with diabetes who was taking 18 units of insulin per day. He asked how

much coffee he drank and was told about 6 cups per day. He put two and two

together as in 6 cups of coffee each requiring 3 units of insulin equaling 18

units. He explained his understanding and suggested not drinking coffee as a

way of eliminating the diabetes. He stopped drinking coffee but continued with

the insulin which resulted in insulin shock. I’m not suggesting you take this

action believing it will rid you of diabetes however it should be considered

and discussed with your medical professional.

There are about 30 mgs of caffeine in the average candy bar or chocolate, you’ll find

about 125 mgs in a cup of coffee, however a regular Starbucks contains around

250 mgs and their Grande has approximately 550 mgs.

Starbucks also put other ingredients in their coffee (excitotoxins) which make you crave

a “Starbucks” not just a coffee.

You’ll also find caffeine in most tea’s plus soft drinks; this can vary from as little

as 34 mgs to more than 70 mgs.

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No it doesn’t come from rocks…

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This is a subject that I hear about everyday and it frustrates the heck out me as the advertisers on TV and in magazines are giving the wrong information. Everyone knows something about calcium, but that impression is based on very misleading information.

The body needs calcium, not calcium that you are

constantly encouraged to take in an inorganic form but calcium in an organic

form that is helpful, actually very necessary for a healthy body to function.

Firstly let’s look at the tissue in your body; there are two

types of tissue, healthy and unhealthy. I know which type is more desirable if

given the choice, however, we as 21st century humans are constantly

bombarded by the media to consume a form of calcium that doesn’t have a

positive effect in the body, in fact it has the opposite effect.

The correct form of calcium is a direct supplier of

electrons to the energy factories in our body which are mitochondria, mitochondria

then manufacture the ATP which is then converted into ADP, the necessary

energy, or fuel for the body.

The incorrect calcium, the inorganic or non-biological calcium,

comes in the form of dolomite (rock), bone meal, oyster shell or coral calcium.

This form does not transport electrons so, if anything will work against your

own body and undermine its ability to heal itself

If you watch TV or read magazines, which I suppose 95% of

the population do, you will have seen commercials or advertisements for calcium

in one form or another. In the main, these commercials and ads promote calcium

in a contaminated form. This cannot carry electrons as they have been altered

by the food industry, I’m not saying they have done this to harm you, but it’s

been done to enable their product to have a longer shelf life or has been

diluted of its active nutritional benefits.

When working for Dr Huggins, I regularly talked with clients

boasting of how many supplements they consumed every day. Most would tell me

about the calcium they took but also complained because they were still very

unhealthy. This only emphasized that just taking supplements, without knowing

specifically what your body needs is not the right thing to do. There is only

one way of knowing this, in my humble opinion, and that is to have your blood

tested and the results interpreted by someone that understands body chemistry.  

Many people ask the question about calcium and a good form to put into your body, the calcium you buy from your local health store is more than likely calcium that is inorganic, meaning it has no place in your body.

Calcium from dolomite, is rock and inorganic, calcium from bone, someone or something else’s is dead and unable to provide you with any benefit at all. Calcium from coral is also inorganic so will do nothing other than prevent your body from absorbing the organic, necessary form of this vital nutrient.

The only form of calcium that will help you comes from the earth, vegetable’s provide your body with the an abundance of calcium, broccoli and lettuce to name a couple.

Most people will think that the function of calcium in the body is related to hair, teeth and bones. Yes it is one of the requirements your body has for calcium but certainly not the main one.

When you move a limb or body part, even blinking and eye or pointing a finger requires a conscious or subconscious action, you don’t think about blinking or scratching an itch, you just do it. Your brain says move an arm or start walking and the part of your body carries out the action.

The command travels from your brain along a very complex network of nerves, the nerves are not just seamless strands, they have breaks in them. In order for the signal to travel along the network it has to jump across the break, this is where calcium comes into play. An explosion happens, a synapse that enables the signal to jump across the break and continue it’s journey to the specific limb or body part. This signal takes second’s, microseconds, nanoseconds to happen so it appears seamless to you, this synapse, the explosion requires a combination of different elements in the correct ratio to each other. Magnesium, Manganese, Sodium and Calcium are four major components.

So eating foods, good organic foods and masticating (chewing) them properly to activate the necessary enzymes for the body to absorb and assimilate is so important.


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