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There are times when I think of myself in a different way to other people, I know I have this illness but that’s not why I think I’m so different. It’s almost like I’m talking to everyone else but they are all living in a darkened room and I’m telling everyone that there is a whole colourful world outside. Then I get shocked looks on their faces, shaking their heads and muttering that the colourful world doesn’t exist it’s only the grey dark room…

Ok that’s my analogy for how I see most people wearing blinkers. I’m referring to how 99% of people seem to believe whatever utter crap is advertised by companies that have absolutely no regard for human life or should I say other people’s lives.

Many things that are advertised in the media are very misleading, not just a slight exaggeration but complete and blatant lies. These lies create massive profits for them and for the chain of pariahs laughing all the way to the bank.

Think about it, really!!! think about why there is a far greater percentage of people that seem to always be overweight no matter how many diets they try and how little they eat.

Why more people seem to be in the doctors every month but for some unbeknownst reason are always suffering with coughs or colds or allergies.

Compare this to life 30 plus years ago, technology is so much more advanced but health is massively worse. Why? True and honest research should be better with the electronic computerised digital world we live, think back to the honest research done a 100 years ago and how life threatening disease was eliminated.

Ok I’m not from a different planet but studying as I did  with a world leader in his field of expertise I learned about about real cures for cancer that are successfully being done. American companies that had to leave the US and operate in Mexico. Max and Charlotte Gerson formed the Gerson clinic but moved because the shysters known as the FDA tried to close them. The same happened to Hulda Clark, Harry Hoxsey and several others.

Keeping the truth from the masses is a skill practised by organizations with only their own best interests at heart.

Now when you tell your child not to poke a fork into the electrical outlet because it’s dangerous, thats not just your opinion, thats the truth, it’s a fact!!!

The things I write about on foods, their potential dangers are the same, it’s not my opinion, it’s a fact!!!

Fact: fat free is not healthy.

Fact: Sugar is a killer.

Fact: artificial sweeteners are deadly.

Fact: cholesterol is Not Bad.

Fact: there isn’t  good and bad cholesterol, there is only good!!!!

Fact: all cholesterol has an important role to play in the body.

Fact: fluoride is bad!!!

Fact: sodium fluoride is a by-product of aluminium smelting.

I could go on but I can feel myself just getting more and more stressed thinking about it.

The truth is out there for anyone and everyone to see, you just have to look.

The advertising about foods that are “Fatfree” or that “lower your cholesterol” are promoted based on false research.

Fact: The body Needs fats.

Fact: Cholesterol is the second biggest natural detoxifier produced by the body.

Take your blinkers off and read about the work done by Thomas E Levy, Linus Pauling, Hulda Clarke, Hal A Huggins, Max and Charlotte Gerson, Harry Hoxsey.


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Flying by the seat of my pants..

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I’m not sure if my American friends will completely understand that phrase but I’m referring to when I first jointly held a class with Dr Hal Huggins. I’d joined his organisation in 2007 as the Client service director, my role was primarily to lead a small sales team and liaise with patients and Alliance dentists.

I’d only been with “Doc” for 3 months when I attended my first clinic in Texas with Dr Stuart Nunnally. The two week clinic was split into patients having their extensive dentistry in the first week followed by 4 days in class.

Dr Huggins had spent 20 years perfecting “Body Chemistry re-balancing”. During the week he spent a great deal of time with patients individually discussing how their specific body chemistry had been knocked out of balance thus enabling various disease could become resident. Being able to show how this could be corrected obviously of a period of time required the individual’s dedication and patience.

Apart from the “one on one” time he spent, there were also several days of classroom time covering aspects that related to everyone. It was here that I was also involved, now I’ll try to put this into perspective. When I joined 3 months earlier I was just me, not someone that had any real understanding of body chemistry. So when doc told me I’d be participating and teaching at the clinic I was quite frankly, crapping myself. For 3 months I read every book doc had written which was seven plus several “papers” published in dental and medical journals. So on the first day we sat on tall stools at the front of a class of sick patients and their caregivers and I was nevous.

I didn’t freeze up but I was definitely flying by the seat of my pants, fortunately doc and I as a twosome did ok. He explained the majority obviously but as I gained confidence started to enjoy sharing the information I’d been lucky enough to have learned.

That was the beginning of a very special, very rewarding time during which I interacted with more than 17,000 patients and I feel blessed to know that I helped a large percentage of them.

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