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I think it’s obvious that my number one goal is to get healthy again, it would be nice to either earn enough through the advertising on my blog to be able to go to Italy and have the CCSVI operation then have a chance of living my life.

That was my thoughts and dreams before watching the first of three videos by Mike Dooley. But now I see things in a very different way. Now I understand that I should, I will voice my dreams, my visions for what will be an incredible future.

I see myself as fabulously wealthy and perfectly healthy in a loving relationship. How will this happen? I don’t know exactly but what I do know is I am putting myself in gear to move forward. I’ve given my GPS  the end destination so now I’m letting divine universal intelligence create the specifics of my journey.

We get into the car, turn on the ignition, key in the destination on the GPS then off we go. We don’t second guess the directions, the system knows of problems on route or roadworks and it guides us around.

My manifestation doesn’t want or need to know how I’ll get wealthy, it isn’t going to change the lottery numbers for me but then deny someone else. It’s going to make my goal, my endgame right for me.

So lucky…

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In April of 2008 I attended my first Huggins clinic, not as a patient but as Doc’s assistant, scary…..

I’d joined 6 months previously when I was told I’d be actively participating with the teaching of his protocols so I went through a very intense study program. In Doc’s words it would be “a baptism by fire”. I read several of the books he’d written and studied the actual program which was extremely in depth as you can imagine. His philosophy on healing was based on body chemistry re-balancing which required analysing the specifics of each individuals blood. Doc  over a 30 year period had specialised in correcting or re-balancing the irregularities that hopefully would restore their health. This wasn’t a simple process although the description may have sounded that way. Over the years I gained a detailed understanding of what was wrong within the intricate components that made up the life sustaining fluid. That being said I think my understanding, as detailed as it was, was about as much information that could have been stored in doc’s little finger….

In the first 6 months I not only learned a great deal through the reading and sitting in on his many consultations but the understanding and “knowing” was invaluable when it came down to truly helping others in need.

The first day I was to be “teaching” involved me sitting alongside doc at the front of the class. The “Baptism by fire” involved doc and I in a double act sharing how and why all the patients had become sick, there is a very narrow band when looking at 34 components of the blood, there are many more but there was 34 that were considered the most important. Sadly over the years as people indulge in toxins residing in adulterated food and drinks that have lost so much of their genuine nutrition and it’s become accepted by western doctors that the narrow band in their opinion has become much wider resulting in many illnesses that could have been easily avoided.

When it came down to each individual patient obviously doc would spend a lot of “one on one” time as this required his unique knowledge and expertise, and in reality it would have been unfair and insulting to the individual patient if I’d considered myself knowledgeable  or experienced enough to be there.

A patient I’d dealt with prior to him attending “Jeffrey” was a lovely man. Very successful, very wealthy and very happily married. He had noticed a sudden and rapid decline in his health. He’d called me after he’d had extensive tests with several doctors in some of the country’s top hospitals only to be told that he had a disease that was incurable and nothing could be done for him. ALS is Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis which in my humble opinion is the worst of the worst, it is a 3 to 5 year death sentence, I think everyone will know of Stephen Hawking who is unique as the disease has inflicted it’s hideous symptoms but for some unbeknownst reason he has survived for many years.

Initially Jeffrey made quite remarkable improvements that enabled and he and his lovely wife “Darlene”  to have a much better end of time before he very sadly passed.

The heading of this post is So Lucky, and that’s how I think of myself, yes it’s true that having MS  is horrible but I am so lucky that it’s not the death sentence called ALS


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My life in five chapters.

Chapter one, I was walking down a street and saw a big hole in the pavement, I saw it but fell into the hole.

Chapter two, I was walking down the same street and saw the big hole in the pavement quite clearly but still fell into the hole.

Chapter three, I walked down the same street, saw the hole and yet still fell into it.

Chapter four, l walked down the street, saw the hole in the pavement and walked carefully around it.

Chapter five, I walked down a different street.!!!


We all live our life and make silly mistakes, sometimes we find ourselves doing the same stupid things, I’ve made mistakes especially during the first half of my life but I think the biggest learning curve came inspirationally, mentally and spiritually in 2007.


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Can you imagine living your life in a pit of quicksand…being in a situation where the harder you try, the deeper and more ingrained in the pit. You hate it, being in a pit that slowly but surely is making it more and more difficult. One day a branch from an overhanging tree is swaying in the wind and getting closer all the time, almost to the point where you can nearly reach it. You know in your heart that by getting a firm grip will enable you to pull yourself out of the life sucking sand.

Then with a stroke of luck and partially down to the effort you are exerting your fingers brush the branch, rats, it sways away but you keep stretching with every ounce of strength and it luckily swing back over and you grasp the branch. Now you have to focus and grip with all your might at the same time ensuring your body remains relaxed so as not to wriggle deeper into the quicksand. You’ve been trying for so long that you are completely exhausted but nothing, nothing is going to make you lose your grip.

After what seems like an eternity you’ve managed to ease your body completely out of the sand but laying flat on the slimy quicksand isn’t a nice place to be. It’s impossible to stand or crawl on your hands and knees so what do you do?

You know shouting for help won’t make any difference as there is no one near or capable of helping. But hold on, there’s an old man sitting on a tree stump that’s partially hidden, you call out for help but he just smiles and looks away. Eventually he responds to your cries for help by telling you there is nothing that he or anyone can do. The best you can hope for is to continue laying flat on the quicksand, that’s going to be your life from now on, you’ll never be able to get out so shut up and keep still.

That analogy is me and my situation, the wiseman on the tree stump is the doctor of western medicine.

But I refuse to believe I’m stuck for life, I will not lay quietly on the quicksand. Some way although I don’t know exactly how but I will find my way home.

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So easy…

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So easy.

Knowing what I’ve been doing with the additional drinks, powders and supplements and how I’ve been feeling then today coping with the heat, or not coping it seems, it would be so easy to feel despondent. From about midday as the sun came out from behind the cloud the temperature in my flat became quite oppressive even though I had the window wide open and my super duper fan on high. Anyway I felt quite weak, my legs and arms seemed to have lost all strength. It was awkward trying to negotiate about but as I’ve said before, this problem is a symptom of this disease and is only temporary. So providing I’m aware and make appropriate allowances then it’s ok. It would be so easy to let the this get to me but that’s not happening, it’s going to be much cooler from tomorrow so it’s not a problem and I’m happy.

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Perfectly acceptable lies…

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Perfectly acceptable lies….

Well if you are being paid millions of pounds then yes it is.

During a near four year period I was lucky to have been a member of a very special group, a team dedicated to helping others that most doctors had given up on. So I have a unique set of memories that in my mind will always be very special.

These memories are of things that happened, not wishes or imagined fantasies. Think back yourself, things that you personally did, now if you share a specific memory with another person, how would you feel if they listened but then said it was a lie and you couldn’t have done the said thing. You’d be upset with them but it wouldn’t change the fact that you had the memory or that it actually happened.

During my time at “Huggins Applied Healing” I experienced some amazing things, saw real people survive and thrive after being told there was no hope. The blatant lies being splashed on newspapers and on TV regarding cholesterol and the use of statin drugs absolutely sickens me.

Read the article below.


The Lancet Statin Study

Posted: 12 Sep 2016 03:35 AM PDT

On Friday 9th September 2016, an article was published in The Lancet with a quite extraordinary editorial. The full article can be seen here and the editorial is here. The editorial has been brilliantly dissected by Dr Malcolm Kendrick here, so I won’t cover that in this note.


The newspaper headlines were glowing “Statins prevent 80,000 heart attacks and strokes a year in UK, study finds“ and “A third of adults should take statins, new research suggests”. Taking out a full page advert, in every UK newspaper, could not have been more favourable.


The group behind the study is the Cholesterol Treatment Trialists (CTT), which is co-ordinated by the Clinical Trial Service Unit (CTSU). The first thing that you need to know about the CTSU is that the spat that the CTSU leader, Rory Collins, kicked off with the BMJ in 2014 led to him having to declare the previously well-hidden pharmaceutical funding enjoyed by the CTSU. This added up to £268m – give or take a few hundred thousand – and the sum is no doubt higher two years on.


A more discerning headline, therefore, could have been “Team paid c. £300m by statin makers finds statins are miracle drugs with miraculously negligible side-effects.”


So basically if you make billions in profit you can realistically pay millions in advertising and millions more to companies pretending to be independent and unbiased to con the public into believing shameful lies.

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Over the many years I’ve been directly involved in the very important aspect of health I learned so much about the misunderstood topic of cancer.

Now I’m not professing to be an expert on the topic but working and studying with an amazing man that was directly responsible for saving the lives of many and in the case of several more being able to have a much better quality of life in their final years. So I consider myself to have a far better understanding than most.

A very basic fact so often ignored by health professionals is that disease in general cannot exist in an alkaline environment. This is especially true when it comes to cancer, between 07 and 2011 I became very conscious of this fact and have very personal experience of helping others suffering with this disease.

Knowing what I know is very different to having an opinion, most reading this will have such an opinion so please have an open mind.

Fact 1: Cancer is a very lucrative business.

Fact 2: A cure will never be found by the people professing to be looking, Why??? Look at fact 1.



First realize that even without being diagnosed with cancer, we all have at least a few cancerous cells floating around in our “inner terrain”. A decent immune system residing in a slightly alkaline or neutral pH inner terrain is able to fend them off and keep them from colonizing into tumorous masses.

On the other hand, those who indulge primarily in the SAD (Standard American Diet), which includes lots of factory farmed meat and junk foods saturated with refined sugars or high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), which processed foods use even with their non-sweet products to keep you addicted, along with all those refined carbs in refined grain baked products, are adding fuel (literally) to the fire of cancer.

Mainstream oncology ignores this 1930s Nobel Prize discovery by Otto Warburg, aka the “Warburg Effect”: When normal cells begin to lack oxygen respiration to utilize glucose and nutrients metabolically for cellular energy, they depend on fermenting sugar to thrive without oxygen and become cancerous.

Instead oncologists administer chemo IV therapies while giving their patients ice cream and cookies as the poison is injected into them. Big profits from the treatment and selling those toxic drugs at a profit also. “Cancer cells consume sugar about 19x faster than healthy cells.” – Dr. Murray Susser, MD

Mainstream medicine refuses to look into diet as a function of potential metabolic dysfunction that helps promote and maintain cancer while asserting genetic disposition as a primary cause of cancer.

Their hubris and incredible profits thrive from toxic interventions such as chemotherapy and radiation. The first concern with preventing or eliminating cancer should be what you put into your body. That gives you control over cancer.

It’s a no-brainer when it comes to avoiding sodas, juices with added sugars, pastries, candies, and processed foods that use processed grains and even add sugar or HFCS to foods that are not even sweet. That’s to keep you addicted even if you can’t taste it. Refined sugar is actually addictive, some claim it’s even as addictive as cocaine.


A Recent Study That Makes Sugar Carcinogenic

But now it’s even worse. Green Med Info has uncovered a study that seems to be hidden from the public eye and is certainly not welcome within our orthodox oncology system. It would cramp the  food and soda business’s profits if refined sugar is seen as carcinogenic.

The study, “Increased sugar uptake promotes oncogenesis via EPAC/RAP1 and O-GlcNAc pathways” was published in the 2013-2014 Journal of Clinical Investigation (JCI). Because it is a free access journal, you can access the full text, not just the abstract, here.

I wonder how come this study hasn’t made much of a stir in our sick-care system since it is so accessible. Instead it was dug up by a research scout for Green Med Info.

It is of course full of biochemical details, which is what medical people are supposed to be familiar with. So for now, let’s be content with a layman’s summary report of their study, which was an in vitro (cultures, petri dishes, and test tubes) study as opposed to an in vivo (animal or human) study. This way they could really play around with and analyze the results with total control.

Here’s the bottom line of this study: Increased glucose uptake leads to early phases of cancer cell creation while curbing glucose intake reversed cancerous cells into normal cells. In other words, sugar is carcinogenic as well as fodder for already existing cancer cells.

It’s important to not confuse the enormous amount of refined sugar, table sugar or HFCS, one takes in with sodas and processed foods with naturally occurring sugars and fructose in plant foods, regardless of how high the glycemic index may be. Fruit juices don’t need added sugars, but many fruit juices have sugar added. That’s the type of beverage or food that needs to be avoided.

But table sugar is refined, and most off the shelf breads and pastries are composed of refined grains that are refined carbohydrates, which become sugar instantly without any compensating nutrition. They are processed out of whole foods to be independent of other compounds that balance natural whole foods to make them beneficial.

An interesting informative excerpt from the Cancer Tutor:

Dr. Tony [Antonio] Jimenez hypothesizes that sugar from Organic Produce may not contribute to cancer cell growth like its adulterated counterpart [refined sugar/HFCS]. He explains that human mammalian cells absorb levorotatory (left spinning) molecules, while cancer cells can only assimilate dextrorotatory (right spinning) molecules.

Essentially, fruits in their natural state contain left spinning sugars, whereas GMO-influenced fruits consist only of right spinning sugars. Dr. Jimenez concludes that the glycemic index is not nearly as important as the source and lineage of the fruits and vegetables we eat. As an example, Dr. Max Gerson used Carrot Juice as a successful alternative therapy, despite its high glycemic index.


An Easy Tip That’s Not So Easy for Many

So here is the simplicity of it all. Avoid putting adding sugar to your foods and drinks, avoid all sweets and processed foods, even the ones not obviously sweet contain added refined sugars to keep you coming back for more because of its addictive quality.

This is harder for most than you may think. I met an American woman in Mexico who was advised to return to Texas and have a top cancer hospital determine the status of a mass detected in her gastrointestinal tract. I advised her to lay off sugar because if did turn out to be cancer it would exacerbate her condition.

She slumped and groaned slightly, indicating the impossibility of such an abstinence for her. I have read enough reports from spouses, friends, and relatives that show many are unwilling to make dietary changes to cure cancer, and whatever therapy they had used did fail probably because of that.

Many would rather just do what their doctors’ say and eat and drink what they want. And some want the same freedom even while avoiding chemo or radiation. This is especially true among those who use cannabis as a “silver bullet” to treat their cancer.

Despite all the carcinogenic chemicals that blanket our biosphere, we do have one area that’s in our control – avoiding refined sugars and carbohydrates.


Paul Fassa is a contributing staff writer for REALfarmacy.com. His pet peeves are the Medical Mafia’s control over health and the food industry and government regulatory agencies’ corruption. Paul’s valiant contributions to the health movement and global paradigm shift are world renowned. Visit his blog by following this link and follow him onTwitter here.

Article originally published on RealFarmacy.com

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Over the past few days I’ve been almost raving about the improvement I’ve experienced since making additions to my daily regimen. Am I feeling fantastic at the end of the day after the exercise and stresses physically of the day?….no. Is this a bad thing ? Again a resounding no.

Normally at the end of the day as I make my way to bed, I really struggle negotiating through the three rooms then into bed. But what has been very obvious to me is that thIs has been so much easier and far less painful especially Saturday night.

This morning I again felt really good, actually quite confident getting up and starting my day, it’s a really great experience, I know that might seem weird but it really is to actually be conscious of the muscles in my legs rather that the weak wimpy things I’ve been balanced on.

The additional drinks, Rooibos tea and the Supergreen powder isn’t some fantastic combination that’s made miraculous changes in my body. No they aren’t and I certainly don’t think that either one is individually the singular reason. But as I said yesterday I do think that they have been the missing link, the catalyst for change. I honestly believe that the human body is perfectly capable of healing itself from most illness. Providing its given the correct tools…. tools referring to nutrients. Today’s world has been influenced by organizations totally dedicated to making profits even at the expense of human life, so what’s happened is the stuff put into our body can rarely be honestly categorised as food. Most of it and that includes the majority of vegetables or at least the vegetables grown to be bigger and more colourful and of uniform size through the addition of herbicides, pesticides and in influx of genetically modified organisms.

So the addition of my Green powder cannot be replicated by just eating more veggies or the the many substances being grouped into the category of “superfoods”. The powdered green drink I’m taking is unique, it’s a very special combination, a unique blend that’s been organically sourced.

If you look at the nutrition I’ve been taking you’ll see it’s rather special, and by adding this unique blend of “green” powder it’s enabled my body to take a step in the right direction.

In in past, yes I have experienced changes, those improvements or at least some of them have stayed with me, if they hadn’t I’d be in a far worse condition than I am now. There have been several things over the last 3 1/2 years that at the time improved my situation not my overall condition. I have multiple sclerosis, the whole medical fraternity consider this as incurable due to the fact there have been literally millions of people totally incapacitated and died because of this. So look at me, do I look like other MS sufferers….no….why? because I don’t take useless drugs that do nothing more than address the symptoms and mask the real cause from the brain while the body and its natural functions are being disabled.

The nutrition, the natural organically sourced nutrients are making a world of difference to how I am, have I cured myself? no….not yet but I have given myself a better chance of doing this by adding the “Green Powder”.

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The straw..

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The Straw.

I think my earlier post basically covered my feelings regarding the additions I’ve made to my daily intake of what I feel are absolute essentials. This morning I had another bath which involves a 40 minute soak, the water includes magnesium chloride and Himalayan Crystal salts. It probably seems a little strange to some of you, as does my nutritional regimen.

Getting out of the bath has always been difficult to the M.S. me, but that wasn’t the case this morning, in fact this morning was the easiest ever. It was as if there was nothing wrong with me at all, I positively sprung up and sat on the end of the bath and the biggest smile appeared on my face, I actually started laughing, I couldn’t believe it.

The following improvements and ease over the next 30 minutes getting dried and transitioning to the bedroom was quite amazing.

I can only put this down to the changes over the past week, the supergreen drink is the obvious choice in isolating the individual. In everything we do in life there are actions involved, there are specific steps to take.

You could ask ten people to make a cake, everyone would look and taste different because of the ingredients, how they were sourced, the quantity, how they were combined, the temperature and for how long in the oven etc. And this is only to make a cake!!!!, why am I going on about this, well I just wanted to emphasise that the super green drink is not the same as every other so called super green drink. No, this is special in the points I made for the cake, the sourcing of the ingredients and how they’ve been combined etc separates them from the others.

The “Green powder” is produced by a company called “Hion Ltd”, and I can honestly say that for me at least this is what I think is making the difference, there are lots of things I do and take when it comes to my goal of restoring my health. Supplements, procedures, meditation and prayer but the addition of this very special and particular drink seems to be the catalyst, for me this is the straw that broke the camel’s back..

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After experiencing the benefits of this Supergreen drink and further research I honestly feel that although I’ve been very conscious of using high quality supplements specifically with the “Mighty90″, the organically sourced combination of minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids and amino acids. There is no doubt the improvement I’ve experienced over the past few months has been influenced by these, however I did feel that I’d hit a stumbling block, I felt almost as if I’d plateaued and felt a little frustrated. So as I’ve previously mentioned I’d looked at a way of adding to this already proven method. So along came the Rooibos tea, the protein shake and the Supergreen drink.

I talked directly with the manufacturer today (Friday) and was very pleasantly surprised to learn more about the quality and variety of the contents.

What seriously impressed me was the dedication to genuinely providing an honest to goodness super green product.

There is no doubt in my mind that this was the missing link to the real nutrition my body desperately needed and will continue to be a daily addition.

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