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The final years in Colorado had been a mixture of good and bad, whatever bad happened to me was difficult and often painful but it was just a part of my life, not something I want to be remembered for. I don’t want people to say “oh yes I remember Stefan, he was the guy with MS”, I think it will be good when people say ” oh yes Stef’s a great guy, he helped me in several ways”.

The years I spent with Huggins Applied Healing was a draining and traumatic time talking with so many people that were sick and really desperate, but it was ever so rewarding and fulfilling and I’ll forever be grateful for that incredible experience. and the wonderful and amazing people I met and worked with.

The 18 months after losing my job and before returning to England was a very difficult time, I’d lost it because of my health and found it really difficult to find a decently paid job so financially I was in a pickle. Yes I did have unemployment benefits for some of the time but the last six months I didn’t have any real income. I managed to generate some but not enough to support myself and as I’m sure you can understand the problems it created. But as I said earlier the overall experience of spending 11 years there was irreplaceable.

Since returning to England I’ve continued my research and tried numerous things, some with no real impact but in the main I’m happy with my efforts, especially those of late. I feel more optimistic than at anytime in the past. My life is filled with ups and downs because of this disease but I have to believe in what I’m doing and this constant challenge of living. There is no doubt in my mind that the answers are there, just out of reach, I’m stretching to grasp them, I know they are at the tips of my fingers but at this time they’re covered in oil.

But it’s not over till the fat lady sings and she’s still tucking into her dinner……

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I’ve been writing about how I first knew about the “not to be named illness” rather than saying what’s happening with me now so here is an update. Firstly I’l credit my fave niece Debs that told me about a book she’d seen. The book “Overcoming multiple sclerosis” by Professor George Jelinek has been very helpful. His mother died because of MS in 1981 the he himself contracted the disease in 1999. Because of this he spent many years researching everything he could find and began his quest to beat the hideous disease. By the early years of this century he had become symptom free and has since written two books and has a website.

What really pleased me is the fact that some of the 7 steps he documents as stages to recovery are things I currently do. He talks very positively about diet, specifically nutrition as opposed to individual foods. I’ve written about the absolute necessity of nutrition rather than actual foodstuffs and how I use the Mighty90 supplements from Youngevity.

Bearing in mind that his books were written 15 years ago, the understanding of the specifics of vitamin d3 rather than just vitamin d, he makes a big point about megadosing vit d, I’m confident that if the isolation of d3 and d2 had been known back then his protocol would have included d3. My posts have documented my use of megadoses of d3 cream.

Something I knew a little about is oils although the book certainly clarified and educated me on a very, very important point. The myelin sheath around the nerves in the brain are made up of fatty substances. Now their composition is totally dependent on the fats each individual has eaten over their life. So each person’s myelin will react differently to heat and cold. I’m not going to bore you with more detail but needless to say it’s changing my lifestyle and eating habits.

Another good friend of mine in California, Dottie, sent me a link to another quite remarkable man Dr John Bergman who explained several significant points needed to be understood and acted upon by anyone suffering with MS. The small but very significant points are helping me move forward in my search for health so thanks Dottie and Steve..

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Part 6…

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In 2007 I heard about a job that sounded really interesting, the position was at a company called Huggins Applied Healing. The owner Dr Hal Huggins was quite an extraordinary man, his work in biological dentistry had led him into the complexities of disease. He had spent decades researching the connection between all disease and blood to develop what he termed “ body chemistry re-balancing” and how when done correctly could cure most so called incurable diseases. In fact he himself had MS and had brought himself to a point of keeping all symptoms at bay.

I applied for the job and after 2 three hour interviews with the managing director and the Dr Huggins I was offered the job as Client Service Director. Before offering me the job Dr Huggins asked me if I was willing to lose my friends. I thought this strange and asked why, he told me that when I’d studied with him and knew the truth about so many things that I’d probably end up losing my friends. His knowledge and experience absolutely fascinated me so I obviously said yes.

Over the years since getting MS I think one of the most traumatic periods for me was in 2008, stress and trauma is always difficult regardless of your health but in the case of the MS sufferer it is deadly. Literally….. stress causes numerous chemical reactions in the brain and if the brain is severely compromised as a person with the disease is, then it sets the start of a domino like reaction that is just so debilitating. This happened when I was at work when I had a call to the reception area. A strange looking man asked if I was Stefan Cairns, I confirmed and then was handed a brown envelope. He then turned and walked out of the office. I studied the envelope and looking quite confused then opened it to find a paper stating the dissolution of my marriage. To say I was shocked is an understatement, I had absolutely no idea that there was a problem in my marriage, yes of course we had disagreements and choice words on occasions but divorce……

After sitting in silence for 20 minutes I went through to doc’s office to tell him my news. Doc was shocked and seemed genuinely concerned then suggested I go home immediately. I lived about 45 mile’s away so I had almost an hour to think about why this was happening. Apparently Dona had in her view justifiable reasons for divorcing me but when it came down to it all her reasons had a lot to do with my illness, so much for marriage vows.

After several marriage guidance counselling sessions we agreed that divorcing was the right option so I moved down to Colorado Springs where I worked. The divorce was very painful, stressful and extremely difficult financially for me, so as you can imagine caused major problems with my health.

Looking back on the period of my life, yes it was stressful and exacerbated my health problems but in hindsight it was the best thing for me. I was no longer married but I was much happier and it allowed me to focus on what was genuinely important, my work with Dr Huggins.

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2001, part 5….

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Ok the first few weeks after being told I had MS were definitely strange, initially Dona and my work colleagues treated me differently, with kid gloves, but I asked that I was treated as normal as possible. At this time I didn’t know or understand what I know now so even though I had a reasonable understanding of nutrition in general, I was still very naive in comparison. So it was a case of continually focussing on the ways of western medication. Just to clarify my comments about not taking the recommended medication. I didn’t know what I know now about the evil pharmaceutical giants, but I knew I didn’t want to take a drug for life and ignore the cause.

One Saturday morning at a really nice cafe in Castle Pines (nice part of town) the server who we’d become friends with talked about a nutritional beverage that claimed to do so much in relation to health, the drink XanGo changed my life.

There is no doubt in my mind about the beneficial effects of this juice, I took this 3 times per day for 10 years and I know that the changes it made allowed me to actually live my life. However I also realise that it enabled me to function by tamping down the symptoms of Ms. It wasn’t curing me although I think drinking a bottle per day over a three month period would have done that. Over the years I honestly met and talked to numerous people with supposedly incurable diseases that had been cured. Some in as little as 4 weeks of drinking a bottle per day and others that were financially able to do this for several months but at £20 a bottle it wasn’t available to me. So I stuck to an ounce three times per day which without doubt enabled me to function reasonably well. I would say that the majority of people I met had no idea I had MS and the most important thing was not once did I have a lapse, no bouts of dizziness or weakness if I just didn’t push myself physically.

However, in 2007 I wanted to try and see if the bottle per day would work for me so I paid around $700 to buy the necessary amount and drank a bottle each day in three doses. The improvements were noticeable to me and others close to me but after a month I had to stop. Obviously the financial demands wasn’t a viable option at that time. I didn’t get depressed about it, I just knew that it wasn’t possible just then and I’d just keep looking.

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2001, part 4…

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In 2002 I’d moved to the U.S.  and had married Dona, as far as the health scares I’d had I wanted to forget them and just get on with life.

Living near Denver, Colorado was great, an incredibly beautiful state. It took a while to get accustomed to living at altitude, Denver is known as the “mile high” city, the local monthly is called 5280 which refers to its height above sea level.  I’d been working for ADT in the newly formed Fire Systems Group which required me to take special training for the required NICET qualification in order to recommend , design and sell the appropriate systems, it was all very interesting and enabled me to travel throughout the state and see more of the beautiful Rocky mountains.

After a couple of years with ADT, I was offered a really good job at Toolwatch, an organization specialising in RFID technology and working for a Canadian sales director, Dan Long was a tough guy in all aspects of life. A great boss who was an even tougher hockey player, fortunately I never got on the wrong side of Dan and he taught me a lot. One of the accounts I inherited after Dan left was New York City, Parks and Recreation. My first visit to NY was for a trade show in Queens, N.Y. I had to set up my booth and demonstrate the software to all comers. During a hot day I started to get worried as I was feeling unusually weak and still had a few hours and a lot of talking to do. At the end of the business day I was invited out for drinks with Mike from NYC Parks and Rec. Now Mike Zeno was an Italian New Yorker and wouldn’t have looked out of place on The Sopranos, “capiche”, nuff said.

After a few drinks, I think it was a few anyway, I got a cab (black car) back to my hotel, at that time I wasn’t exactly sure what was causing my problems, I hadn’t drunk that much but I was feeling similar to how I had when I had my problems a couple of years back. The next day  was different, although I felt a little better, I was still  weak but had several appointments to make that day including a trip to Brooklyn to see NYC Transportation. I managed ok and told everyone that I must have eaten something that didn’t agree with me, so in my own way I “Winged it” and still won a new contract.

It was the weekend when I arrived home from my trip so luckily had a couple of days rest, I dismissed the problems and put it down to too much drink, travel and excitement. Nothing further happened as far as my health was concerned and I was doing really well in my job, working in America is very different than here in england, I didn’t get anything like the standard holiday time and I worked the east coast so  I was in the office at 6.0 am till 4.0pm. Everything was harder, more demanding but the pay was fantastic. We sold our house but the new one was going to be built and it would be six months before we could move in so we stayed with our good friends Dick and Susan.

About 3 months prior to moving in I’d got up at 4.30 as normal but collapsed in the bathroom. After resting for a few hours I saw my doctor who was concerned obviously but couldn’t say exactly what it was so arranged for me to into hospital.

During a three day stay I had a variety of tests that included an MRI, Cat scan, E.E.G. ultrasound and a lumbar puncture plus a couple of blood tests. On the third day the neurologist I’d seen came into my room and actually sat on the bed which I thought a little strange. He looked at me in a different way than previously, he tilted his head to one side then said he had bad news and there was no way of breaking this gently, then said you have MS. He went on to explain exactly what multiple sclerosis was, I looked at him like it was no big deal and told him I’d deal with it. This is when he said that there were drugs that could help, I told him categorically that I wouldn’t be taking the drugs. He looked at me like I was a petulant schoolboy and said if I didn’t take the medication then I would be in a wheelchair permanently in 6 months.

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2001, part 3…

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After the scary time at Suzies I went to Norwich where I was starting the business, I’d asked an old friend of mine Alan to work with me which he agreed to do and this was great as I decided to stay with him for a month until I found a place to rent. The company was web based which at the time was new technology especially in Norwich. basically was a site providing a sales outlet for cars, motorbikes, boats and caravans. My thoughts were that it was a cheaper alternative to local papers and had large colour pictures. Anyway over the next few months it did reasonably well and all seemed good from my health point of view. Although I didn’t have a recurrence of whatever it was, I wasn’t 100% and didn’t feel confident running any distance.

A few months after we’d been running and had had a good week  Alan came into the office and told me he had been talking on the phone with some friends he’d made when he’d been skiing in Aspen, Colorado. Apparently he’d been telling them all about me and they’d told him about a good friend of theirs. For some reason between them they decided that their friend Dona would be a good match for me, so after a long discussion I agreed to call her.

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2001, part 2….

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2001 part 2.

When I woke which I obviously did I was quite shocked, my initial thoughts were “am I alive or have I gone to the next place” I’d like to think it would be Heaven but that’s not up to me. At first to say I was surprised is an understatement really, I truly thought at the time that it was the end. I know we all have shocks in life and say I was so lucky that I didn’t die at the time of a car crash or fall down the stairs or whatever but in my heart of hearts I honestly felt it was time to say goodbye.

Feeling lucky was one thing but actually feeling great, strong and healthy was such a surprise, a very pleasant one but still a surprise. The next day Suzie came home from her business trip so we had a lot to talk about. It was within days of what is known around the world as 9/11 a far bigger deal than what I was personally experiencing.

Suzie made an appointment for me at her local GP, obviously my head was all over the place dreading what could be happening so having a doctors appointment and having a blood test would clarify the confusion going on in my brain. The doctor basically told me not to worry as there was nothing obvious to him but the blood test would in his words tell me if there was a problem and if so then there would be medication to fix it.

If only I knew then what I know now…

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A bad day..Part 1…

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November ,2001.

A time in my life I’ll always remember, I was staying with my sister Suzie as I was trying to find an investor in London for a new internet based company I was about to start. Suzie was away on business for a few days so I was on my own, I decided to go for a run on this lovely bright and sunny afternoon. I intended to run a 10k that I’d  driven earlier that day so I stepped outside and decided to stretch and warm up but something felt wrong, very wrong. Completely out of the blue I just felt incredibly weak, I sat down on the floor, actually I almost fell so sitting down seemed like a good option. Over the next fifteen minutes I was thinking about how frighteningly weak I was and what I could possibly have eaten that was causing this. I decided the best thing to do was to get back in the house as sitting on the kerb in the bright sun was making me feel weaker by the second. I managed to stand but had to cling desperately to the streetlamp, then in what must have looked like a demented drunk staggering the 20 ft to the front door of Suzies house I made my way over. I remember so clearly trying to get the key in the door and falling inside. I managed ,then collapsed onto the sofa where I sprawled for an hour hoping that this would pass. Over the next few hours the weakness, if anything got worse. I felt so isolated, so alone and so frightened, I managed to get upstairs to my bedroom and got into bed. Now anyone that knows me will know that I don’t like to lose and hate to give up so you’ll understand how bad I felt when I closed my eyes and prayed then said my goodbyes to my family, I honestly didn’t expect to wake up again.


I’ll continue this tomorrow.

They say impossible…

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Talking to the neurologist in Denver, Colorado, back in 2004 he told me in no uncertain terms that I couldn’t just deal with the disease as I wanted to  because it was incurable and if I didn’t take the medication which I refused then I would be in a wheelchair within six months.

Talking to my doctor in 2006 he confirmed what the neurologist had told me then basically laid into me because he was far more knowledgeable and experienced and he knew better than I.

Talking to a different neurologist at a very prestigious hospital also in Denver, he was shocked  that I was not on the prescribed drugs. While shaking his head from side to side and sucking air through his teeth he then told me that the so called natural ways of  curing the incurable were just pipe dreams.

2012, still no drugs.

2013 and back in the UK, at the  hospital in Nottingham, the neurologist, an Asian doctor simply said that the MS was at stage 4 and because of this that there was no medication she could prescribe that would help.

2016 and I am feeling more optimistic, stronger and more balanced than at any time in the past several years. Mel, my Sunday carer said that looking at me she couldn’t tell I was sick, bearing in mind she see’s numerous people every week with MS or similar diseases. I know that my determination to continue using the nutritional supplements, drinks and foods I take is making a world of difference.

So far five different neurologists and about six doctors have told me this is incurable and as such returning to good health is impossible. I say sorry but you are all wrong, the way I see this, the fact that I believe 100% that anything can happen to me personally if I have complete confidence and absolute faith which I do.

Note to MS: Sod off, you can’t live here anymore.

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Something very rarely discussed or talked about in relation to your health is an incredibly important component of the blood. And that is Porphyrins of which there are five variations and millions of these within the blood. They have a variety of important functions, the one often considered the first is in the help in generating haemoglobin, a function of which is the main transporter of nutrients and oxygen (oxyhaemoglobin). The porphyrins are constantly circulating throughout the body helping various organs along the way. When you consume or ingest certain substances that may taste good or fill you up or make you inebriated, you might also consider what else is happening. Mercury in fish, fluoride in fluoridated water and dental products, sugar and one or two others can and do interfere with the functionality of Porphyrins.

Another very important but overlooked and mistaken function is to assist with the creation of ADP which in turn creates ATP that then assists Mitochondria that is in essence your energy, so guess how this affects everything you do if you have no energy. Hmmmm…maybe you just rest or sleep, actually most people go to the already overworked GP, who prescribes a drug that helps temporarily but exacerbates the real problem, the cause.

This being the case, by consuming of of the afore mentioned you restrict haemoglobin production which in turn limits the distribution of nutrients and oxygen. The “high” of eating certain food, drink is very limited to the minutes or hours at that time but the damage to Porphryins can last a lifetime.

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