Only human….

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Only human.

What a shock, I woke up this morning and actually felt good, ok not necessarily good but certainly not bad so that’s gotta be good isn’t it? I wrote yesterday’s post the previous night and as you probably guessed I didn’t feel good mentally. It’s a struggle no doubt in every moment, every breath but at the end of the day I’m not made of steel and I certainly can’t leap tall buildings. But what I can do is be me, Stefan the scouser that is a stubborn git and won’t accept the prognosis of “it’s an incurable disease so just give up”. I make statements in my head, telling myself that this will not beat me, the heat and humidity is not an issue to most people but sadly for me it’s a killer, ok not an actual killer but a serious debilitating factor. I accept it and do my best to compensate. I was annoyed at myself for  ignoring the warning signs, but hey…. I do my best and although I don’t like to use it as an excuse, I don’t wear my undies on the outside of my pants so guess what Stefan, you are only Human.

I’m hurting…

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I’m hurting.

I constantly tell myself I’m ok, my life is better now than it was in my last year in Colorado which was 2012, the last year there my illness was making my life so, so difficult. I’d lost my job and the unemployment benefits had ended, I’d used up what little savings I’d had so there was nothing left. Having multiple sclerosis but not able to get any medical help after being rejected by Memorial Medical Center put me at the lowest point in my life. I knew that it was only a matter of weeks that I’d lose my apartment and my truck and have no money to buy food or my essential supplements. I was extremely lucky that my wonderful mum and sister brought me back to England. I stayed with Suzie for five months and she helped get me sorted with a place to live and disability benefits, there is no doubt that I’m so lucky to have them both.

But I try every moment of every day to motivate and inspire myself, yes I have books to read, tv to watch, my computer, kindle and mobile phone to keep me busy, along with writing for my blog or my book. I don’t get bored, there’s too much to do. I have to occupy my mind, I have to keep busy because if I stop and just listen to music I think about what I had, where I lived, the beautiful friends I had. My house, my truck, I loved my Dodge Ram with a 5.7 litre hemi engine. I think of my life back then, my beautiful life and I miss being in Colorado so much, I miss being in the “Garden of the Gods”, sitting in one of the most beautiful, tranquil places I’ve ever been to, when I’m alone in the dark I’m not depressed but I feel so alone, distant and so isolated,  I don’t like to admit it but I’m hurting so much.

Vital energy…

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Vital energy.

I don’t know if the statements people make, me included are ever really thought about, you know when people say things like “eating those things always makes me weak” or ” ” if I have red wine I always get a headache” or “have some chocolate, it gives you energy”.  In the body there are literally thousands of systems, comprising of thousands of functions dependent upon interactions caused by nutrients that ideally are provided by foods we’ve eaten. Sadly so much food is either manufactured or grown with little or no nutrition these days leading to allergies and illness. Anyway I’m digressing, Vital energy…. what the body needs to sustain itself.How does this happen? Something called Porphyrins, porphyrins are the principal cell for collecting and storing energy they are constantly recycling through the body, basically there are five different porphyrins, and millions of them, providing you nourish yourself correctly of course. The Porphyrins encourage production and stimulation of Mitochondria which in turn feeds ATP  or Adenosine triphosphate then to ADP or Adenosine Diphosphate. This process is providing cells of which there are trillions in the body with energy. So just by not providing the nutrients desperately needed creates problems. Your doctor should know these things but probably doesn’t, so when issues occur and your doctor prescribes a drug that simply masks the actual problem all you are doing is mopping up the water when the kitchen floor is flooded. Ideally you should be turning the tap off and pulling the plug out of the sink, then mopping up.

Sorry about going into specifics about the detailed microscopic functioning of the body, I just want you to appreciate that your body is an incredibly complex thing and does a billion things every minute in order to keep you alive. It doesn’t ask that you understand the complexities, it does that for you, it does however ask two things……  One…that you give it decent nutrition and Two… that you don’t put synthetic, chemical crap into it.

When you just know..

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When you just know..

Since I was officially diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in February of 04 and in fact for the four or five previous years I’ve struggled mentally and more dramatically in a physical way. Knowing my physically active life to be humbled by this has been quite a challenge to say the least. But the stubborn male ego thing along with my background in natural health has helped keep me focussed on what I want. I think every person has done silly and selfish things in their life and I’m no different. I’m certainly not worse or particularly better than anyone else so to go through the pain, frustration and heartache has been annoyingly hard and I’ve told myself again and again that I don’t deserve this. There have been times, I’ll not say days but definitely hours that I’ve slipped into a very dark place, but as I’ve said on several occasions, I always find the strength to climb out of what could easily have become a dark cavernous hole of despondency. I often just sit in the dark and meditate and reflect on how lucky I really am, yes it’s been almost two decades of this crap but it could have been worse, I could be totally incapacitated, I could have lost my sight and be 100% dependent on someone else to help me, but I’m not. And although I’m a long way into this and there’s no logical explanation for why exactly but I just know it’s about to change for the better, I just know.

My opinion…

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My opinion.

I write most days and in the main it’s about dentistry or health in general and when I do, it’s not just something I’ve read about in a newspaper or magazine, no it’s not an opinion I’ve formed listening to biased opinions from people or companies with a hidden agenda, it’s fact based on solid scientific and independent research or something I’ve seen myself.

Ok that’s out of the way because what I’m writing about now is  my opinion, it’s not based on substantiated facts or proven research, it’s just my opinion, take it as no more than that.

I believe in God, …. I’ve read the bible twice from start to finish, all 66 books in order, not just a book or chapter or verse in a bible study class. So does that make what I’m about to write more relevant or important or valid….. no it doesn’t, my opinion is just that, my opinion!!. Ok I’ve read the bible twice, I believe in God but I don’t believe in it… I don’t believe it’s fact, it’s faith. Actually I believe in the higher power that controls everything. Earth is the equivalent of a speck of dust floating in a massive indoor arena when looked at as part of our solar system, our galaxy, the infinite universe, when that’s considered does that make God that important, probably not which is why I believe that God is the supreme being, God and The Universe are the same thing. There is no concrete proof that we started with Adam and Eve, 3 or 4 or 5,000 years ago, there is however proof that the Chinese people have documented history going back 6,000 years. Our, human understanding was very, very limited 2 or 3,000 years ago, people in comparison to today we’re not exactly what you’d call intelligent so an explanation of something more, something to inspire was created from the current level of intelligence, come on now!!! It wasn’t that long ago that people thought the world was flat. Australia wasn’t known of to Europeans, America wasn’t known of to Mongols and Genghis Khan had an empire.

Do I pray? absolutely.. is it to God? I don’t know, what I do know is that I have faith, unbreakable faith in the higher power, I’d like to say that I believe in God, I just don’t think he’s the image portrayed in the bible but I do believe….

Got to gain ?….

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Got to gain ?…

For ten years I’ve been actively trying to help people, either by sharing the incredible benefits of the Huggins Protocol when I worked for him in Colorado or by writing my blog since I came back to England. It’s obviously something I feel very passionate about, in fact I feel obligated to do it, it’s my responsibility to do my bit, it seems that everyday the world is sliding down a very slippery slope. It’s weird really it’s not as if I am making a significant difference by shouting the odds, but my conscience won’t let me ignore what’s happening. My blog is read by thousands every day, over two million since I started, so the chances are that I’ve helped some people, I hope so.

It’s almost like everyone else is living in a black and white world and I keep telling them that it’s full of colour out there but they just look at me in a condescending way and say “never mind Stefan, you’ll wake up one day and see that we are right and you’re wrong”. Because the world is daily being battered with crap, with blatant lies about fat free foods and drinks, with cholesterol free, with low salt and hundreds of other things that have continuously brainwashed people into accepting poor health. Now it’s perfectly legal to advertise lies about how you should be taking a drug, now people seem perfectly comfortable about putting a chemical that seriously alters the efficiency of your organs and prevents them from working properly.

The pharmaceutical industry is now the second largest group in the world behind oil and gas, it’s achieved this position by literally brainwashing the masses and that includes the medical establishment we’re supposed to trust. Doctors now are little more than drug pushers, all they do, all they know are the names of pharmaceutical drugs that have been created to ease a symptom of a health problem, the fact is that during the nine years of training required to become a doctor that nutrition is limited to a day or two of education.  Why….. why is is that the most important thing is pushed aside, your body doesn’t need synthetic foods, it doesn’t need chemicals, it doesn’t need pharmaceutical drugs… it needs nutrition, foods that haven’t become nutritionally bereft through herbicides and pesticides or grown as genetically engineered rubbish.

Why do I write? I have nothing to gain, but I might help someone and that’s important to me.

Two things..

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Two things.

In life contrary to what is often referred to in a cynical way, there really are only two things that are guaranteed and they are life and death, the cynical often say death and taxes but that’s not true depending on who you are..  Everyone starts at point A and everyone finishes at another point, some are lucky enough to reach Z and the rest somewhere in between.

The weird thing is that everyone has that exact same starting point, we are all born at point A, precisely one second old, the finishing letter sometimes comes around far too quickly and is often beyond our personal control, others do their very best to ensure there is a decent gap between start and finish.

I started at point A as we all do and did lots along the way, actually if the end came today, which it’s not by the way then I’d have no regrets, I think during a 25 year period I probably did more than most people get to do in their whole lifetime. So I consider myself to be a very lucky person, admittedly something happened to me at what I think was about letter M in my alphabet of life, probably just past halfway in the great scheme of things. The way I see it is that the problem, the restriction, the limiter in my life will be lifted by S which means that I’ll have from T all the way to Z living a great life. The price I’ve had to pay to have a brilliant last 25 years is that I’ve had a horrendous time for about 20 years. 20 years of not being able to live, to just struggle through an existence of pain and frustration 24/7, a small price to pay as far as I’m concerned because there are so many fantastic times ahead.

Perfect analogy…

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Perfect analogy.

I know I’m not a PhD or a doctor, not a scientist or a dedicated medical researcher so how is that I can honestly expect to find the magical and miraculous solution to cure this disease, a so called incurable disease that apparently the medical experts of the world can’t cure. Hmmmm sounds like a bit of a problem doesn’t it, on most days I do an hour or two of research, obviously I don’t have the access or resources the big guys have so it’s a case of using my Samsung chromebook or my kindle and search what anyone else could, the internet. My research leads me to possible answers, as I said, possible answers, solutions that may have solved a puzzle to a myriad of questions and possibilities. So because I can’t try the potential combinations in vitro as in a test tube, I have to use the in vivo method, as in using myself. Obviously this method is time consuming and expensive and  possibly painful. But as I mentioned yesterday, I have to keep trying. In my mind resorting to simply taking a medication, a pharmaceutical drug that only….. Only treats a symptom and quite frankly contaminates and corrupts the intricate and delicate systems within the body is definitely not an option for me. It’s sad that people are slowly but surely being brainwashed into thinking the only solution is to surrender, and that’s what is happening. Whereas I chose to take responsibility for my life, I will keep trying, there’s no white flag being waved here, as frustrating, as annoying and demoralising as it is, I will continue to try and find a solution to my Rubik’s cube.

The human brain..

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Human brain.

The human brain is a complex organ structured to perform higher functions of consciousness and skills. Our potential to perform in life depends upon a single factor, brain activity. The more our brain is active and balanced the better we perform in each task we want to accomplish. Our success and achievements highly depend  upon the amount of brain being active and balanced with all the neurotransmitters and neurons functioning at their best potential. There are specific sounds that are remarkably powerful to stimulate, activate and energise those areas of the brain which can change the way we think, the way we perform and the way we achieve our goals in life. Meditation is a very important part of my life now, regardless of anyone’s thoughts about me or my actions now or in the past, the disease I have breaks down the myelin sheath surrounding nerves in the brain, meditation is beneficial to me and is helping unlike drugs that ease symptoms but cause long term neurological damage which has been clearly shown by others.  Love and best wishes to everyone, this is not me saying goodbye, it’s me showing common sense, determination, commitment and understanding.

Try, try and try again..

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Try, try and try again.

I firmly believe that what we, mankind know now is significantly more than 25 years ago and massively more than just 50 years ago, the difference between what is generally understood in the world of technology and life in general is like night and day compared  to what was known a hundred years ago. The changes didn’t just happen, it wasn’t a case of a man or woman just woke up one morning and decided they were a genius. Everything has come about by effort, by trial and error, it may have been a physical or a mental/academic  effort to achieve whatever it was, when Matt Whitlock won the gold medal at the Olympics it was because he’d trained and trained. Steven Hawking didn’t just know about the big bang theory, it was years and years of study. My point is that just because something isn’t known now doesn’t mean it’s not a real and genuine possibility, it just means that we don’t know yet. I have often said that I will heal myself, I will find a cure for my MS, I think in the last 15 years I must have tried a hundred different things, some have done nothing in the way of helping me but some have so I continue to use them. Various supplements have helped by slowing the progression of the disease and maybe the oxygen therapy I’m soon to start or the Stem Cell treatment that I’m hoping to do will do it. The answer is there, it’s just not known yet, I’m not a defeatist, I cannot say enough is enough, I can only say that it may be a subconscious mind thing and mankind just hasn’t perfected the correct attitude or sequence, my thoughts are I don’t care how long it takes, how many times I fall, how many times I fail, all I can do is try, try and try again.