The air we breathe…

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The air we breathe.

I talked about oxygen yesterday and how the fact of its extremely essential role in keeping us alive and kicking is taken for granted, between 12 and 16 times every minute all humans take a breath. The air we breath isn’t just oxygen, it’s 79% nitrogen and 21% oxygen. Staying alive is a very complicated process. A very complex series of events take place when we draw air into our lungs, separating the oxygen from nitrogen, getting it into the blood to be delivered to all of the organs. The so called medical experts can’t tell you why exactly the myelin sheath surrounding the nerves in the brain are broken down, they describe it as your immune system attacking itself, hence their description of an autoimmune disease. It’s been proven that this scenario is wrong although they refuse to acknowledge the great men and women that have done this because it goes against their policy of keeping people sick and milking the cash cow of disease. Mercury is the most toxic non radioactive substance on earth, it was placed into hundreds of millions of teeth in the form of amalgam fillings, what you were led to believe was silver. The mercury is released through chewing and enters the bloodstream. I’m getting to my point….. red blood cells have 4 chambers that are meant to transport oxygen (oxyhaemoglobin) sadly mercury takes its place, then is transported throughout the body until it takes up residence in the brain in some people…… me.

Being able to remove mercury and replace it with healthy oxygen isn’t impossible but it is extremely difficult, I mentioned a product called Nutrio2  that after extensive testing has now been released, as soon as mine arrives I’ll be trying it, hmmm interesting.


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I think the most obvious of thing in this world is the most and least considered, people in general will pay a lot of attention to what they consider the most important to them. Your kids in the main come top of the list, mothers tend to value their children more than anything and will often go without personally in order to provide and take care of their children. Obviously that level will depreciate a little over the years to some degree, but still, a child comes first. Again I’m only guessing and presuming, it’s not a fact. Men on the other hand probably think about and cherish their car or motorbike, their kids and spouse are obviously important but not necessarily at the top.

I talk about this because in reality the most important thing has to be where you live, no not your house but the physical thing you live in, you being the voice in your head, yes your body. People tend to ignore what is of paramount importance, if your body isn’t working properly then how can you look after the things you have been loving, your kids, your home, your car or bike. How can you go to work and earn a living if the most important thing is incapable. Even on a flight they tell you to put your own oxygen mask on first, how could you help others if you’re dead.

Ok so your body is a load of skin wrapped around a skeleton and lots of very essential organs, it’s fuelled by food, water and oxygen. An average person could live for 3 weeks without food, possibly three days without water, but did you know you could only survive 3 minutes without oxygen. The blood  in your body which on average is about 4.7 to 5.5 litres is made up of red and white blood cells, I’ll not go into a more detailed description just now but essentially the white cells are your immune system and red cell are the main transport system for nutrients, vitamins and oxygen in the form of oxyhemoglobin.

So a proven scientific fact, not just my opinion is that without oxygen we could survive 3 minutes give or take, so if you and every other person on earth knows that fact, why oh why is that fact ignored. Yes 99.999 % of people breathe naturally but a very large percentage put absolute crap into their bodies and limit its ability to function. Smoking clogs and restricts the lungs, sugary foods form triglycerides that become visceral fats that surround and decrease the organs efficiency that leads to disease and early death. The things we eat, no, not we because I don’t, but lots of people do eat foods and sweets and have drinks that have been laced with additives designed to give longer shelf life or fool the brain and taste buds into consuming more of the nutritionally bereft substance.

At the end of the day all that crap is of absolutely no use to your body, having good nutrition is massively more important. The manufacturers make foods that appeal to the masses regardless of the limitations it creates through bad health. People get fat and sick so big Pharma makes drugs that treat side effects, you don’t get slimmer or healthier you just get addicted and unhealthier.

As I said, oxygen is THE most important of all, stop taking it for granted and give your body, your organs, your blood and you a real chance of living.

Wish, hope and pray..

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Wish, hope and pray.

To wish , hope and pray says one thing to me, it says you want and need something to happen but you don’t really believe it will, it’s almost a fantasy, it’s something in your dreams… I was very lucky yesterday to have had a visit from my mum, yes I’m so lucky, I’m almost 62 and I got to sit and talk with my 86 yr old mum, whatever has happened to me, my health, it matters not one iota when compared to how blessed I am to still have her in my life. The title of this post wish, hope and pray was what she thinks and wants, I explained how I feel and the difference between her thoughts and my thoughts. I have no doubts, not a sliver of uncertainty lives in me. I don’t need, wish, hope or pray I will be healthy and wealthy, I don’t wish, hope or pray, because I know it will happen. As I’ve said before putting a time limit on when these changes will happen simply puts pressure and stress on me which is the last thing I need. All I need is to know it will happen when it’s right, it might be tomorrow, it might be next week or month or year, I just have to believe and have patience, some people will totally understand when I say “ I have faith”.

Disease cannot live..

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Disease cannot live.

Disease cannot live in an oxygenated environment, that is a fact and has been very clearly shown on numerous occasions by the top independent researchers in the world, look at blood cells under a microscope that has been infected with any  disease. The cells should all be uniform in shape and totally separate from one another but when a disease is present the cells are all deformed and bunch together. When oxygen is part of the individual cell the shape is restored enabling the healthy blood to do the many jobs it has to do to keep you alive and functioning correctly. The obvious question is firstly why is this not the first course of action to those that are supposed to help us. Doctors… the teams of medical professionals that have been trained in the intricacies of health? The answer to that question is that they have been heavily influenced by pharmaceutical companies around the world, big Pharma collectively do not… I’ll say it with more emphasis, DO NOT make cures for any disease, they make customers, millions and millions of them which in turn makes them billions in profit, not turn over but profit.

Getting the blood to become healthier, more oxygenated to effectively cure all disease with zero side effects is simply not a profitable thing to do if you rely on mankind to buy your products. Only sick people which is rapidly becoming the norm, take pharmaceutical drugs, if you get them healthy, you lose your customers.

There is a fairly inexpensive product that has recently been made available after some extensive testing that I’m hopefully going to be trying shortly, I’ll keep you updated on my progress. There’s no doubt it works, it’s just a case of will it work with me.

They never do…..

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They never do.

There’s a program on the channel “Dave” called Steve Austin’s Broken skull challenge, it’s on at 4 every week day, there are eight elite athletes, either all men or all women. They go through three really tough physical challenges until only one person is left, then the following day he or she attempts the Broken skull assault course. If they finish the course which very few people do and they complete it faster than the course champion then they win $10,000. I love watching it, even at my fittest which was probably 30 plus years ago I doubt I could have done it. Every competitor has something that’s needed to win, and that’s “heart”… having heart and determination to complete a physical and mental challenge is without doubt two of the main assets anyone needs to be a true competitor. Nearly twenty years ago I was forced into a challenge, one I didn’t want but I had no choice. No one told me what I had to do although the doctors advised me to not accept the challenge, their advice was to give up without trying, in their opinion it was a done deal, a foregone conclusion that the challenge, the disease would win….

The title of this post is, They never do……  and that is that Quitters never win  and Winners never quit…. I have heart and determination and a winning mentality and something I will never do is Quit.


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If you get an illness or disease and go see the doctor there’s a 99% chance that after listening to you telling him or her about the symptoms of your complaint that within minutes they will prescribe a pharmaceutical drug. The reality is that doctors, the regular allopathic doctors are trained to attempt to combat the symptoms by treating it. Did you get that…. treating a symptom not the cause of the problem but a symptom. Ask a conventional doctor why you have the particular health problem and they have no idea, the lengthy process of training a doctor has absolutely nothing to do with someone staying healthy, if people stayed healthy the millions of doctors, pharmacists and the head pariah, the pharmaceutical companies would be out of business. Health isn’t profitable, whereas sickness is a trillion dollar cash cow. Take a moment and think about this, how many people do you know that do not, do not take an Over the counter or prescription drug. Very few I imagine, the pharmaceutical companies have no interest whatsoever in finding a cure for any illness, allergy or disease. They spend billions in advertising, so the TV, the radio and publishing companies are happy to take their money, then health insurance companies love it too.

Probably 90% of all disease is caused not by where you live or who your parents are, it’s caused by what you put into your body, disease is Dis-Ease as in your body,  Mother Nature is infinitely more intelligent that the world’s top scientists let alone us average people. Your body functions perfectly well until we put something in that it doesn’t like. It tells you that what you put in is not good, it tells you very clearly, your body can’t talk per se, it shows you in the form of a symptom, it’s saying that what you have done is causing dis-ease, so stop doing it please. How many times do people go to the doctor, get a prescription drug, the symptom eases but a week, a month or whenever the symptoms show up again. Why… because you’ve continued doing whatever it was that has caused the problem.

I know my style of writing, me telling it like it is, is probably not everyone’s cup of tea, I apologize if I’m upsetting or annoying you, it’s not meant that way it’s just who I am and the fact, yes fact that most people, not everyone but most have accepted the blatant lies and profiteering by big Pharma really annoys and saddens me.

He will…

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He will.

He woke in a confused state, “what is happening to me?, it’s pitch black out there, it’s cold but I’m sweating”. He tried to get up but it felt as if his limbs had been strapped down and as if he’d been injected with something that had taken his sense of feeling from his feet. No not feet but foot, his left foot had no feeling, it was as if it had been numbed. He couldn’t roll onto his side, ahhh, what was going on, why had he been taken from his life, a life of fitness and physicality, what could he have possibly done to deserve this. He’d been a good man, he’d spent a lot of time helping others, changing their lives for the better so why had this hell been forced on him. He lay there racking his brains trying desperately to make sense of this, he’d need riding his bike, his mountain bike in the Lake District, he’d been pushing himself physically as he rode up a steep hill, sweat was dripping off his brow and his lungs were gasping for breath as the lactic acid surged through his thighs forcing himself to the top of the hill. Wait…. Wait…he wasn’t just doing it, he was remembering it and dreaming, reliving it while he slept. Now he’d woken and shook the confusion from his mind, he wasn’t strapped down and the sweating and chill down his back wasn’t something new, this was life as it is now. Yes he had been a bit of an “action man” before but that was then not now. Now was was almost 62, now he had multiple sclerosis and lived alone. He did have a “life” but now it was an existence riddled with pain, limitation and frustration, but that’s not how it will be, no it will be better and the joy of actually living again will be his, how he’s going to do it he doesn’t know but what he does know is that he will.

What I want..

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What I want..

Since I started my blog four and a half years ago there have been more than two million hits, now I’ll be realistic and guess at least half were just other bloggers using my site to get more artificial hits to their own but whatever….. Anyway originally I started to share information about health in general and more specifically about dentistry and the potential health risks. Over the past two years or more I’ve used the site as a way to motivate and inspire myself. When something bad happens to me, a fall or serious limitations through something I’ve eaten it would be so easy to get depressed and despondent and give up trying. When I write it serves as a way to kick myself in the ass and pull my socks up and carry on. It’s never easy to do especially when I’ve fallen out of bed, I’m freezing cold and have bloodied my knees from trying to get up.

But what I don’t want is anyone to feel sorry for me or worry about me because I’m freaking amazing, I really am, what I’ve done when 99.9% of others would have given up is nothing short of incredible. I know 100% that not only will I get better but I will also become very wealthy, it’s not my job to know how it will happen, just to know it will. What I’ve said is what I don’t want, but more importantly what I do want is for all you reading this to be so jealous.

Common sense…

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Common sense.

Some days I wonder why it is that common sense doesn’t prevail. If you just look at a cup of caster sugar and next to it was a cup of salt, the fine grounds of caster sugar look very similar to the salt. If you poured the sugar into a glass of cold water and put the salt into another glass, gave them a quick stir and waited a minute, what would you see? The salt would have dissolved but the sugar wouldn’t. They look the same dry but act differently in water, ok now taste them, polar opposites in taste but they look the same.

Ok now let’s look at wood… apart from variation in colour wood basically looks the same , wood is wood isn’t it…. no it’s not, there are massive differences, in fact there are 29 different softwood and 116 different hard woods.

Bear with me here, there is a point, a very important one, the two I previously mentioned are very basic substances on the grand scale of things but even those two are made up of hundreds of individual components.

The human body, ok I’m getting to it, in comparison to the above are millions of times more complicated and detailed but are taken for granted and treated like crap. Even bags of sugar are stored in dry containers, in the main wood is looked after and dusted and polished but the most valuable thing, your body, the place you live is ignored.

The skin, organs, glands, enzymes and blood are comprised of billions of different organisms, cells and molecules that in order for them to work and function seamlessly, in harmony with each other requires very little effort from you. You just have to provide the fuel, no not petrol or diesel or gas or electricity, it needs the correct nutrition.

Every second the millions of actions that take place in your body need vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential fatty acids, it doesn’t need herbicides, pesticides, preservatives, genetically modified organisms, pharmaceuticals or any other crap that has no right, no need to be in a human body.

Stop and think for a minute, just because companies are adding things like monosodium glutamate and other excitotoxins that have the “Moorish’ factor doesn’t mean it’s good for your body. Your tongue and brain might be saying it tastes nice but Its not….. wake up, use your common sense.

There is one bloodstream…

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Many times I have talked about health done naturally, I honestly believe that eating healthy as in non processed foods with non of the toxic additives that are put in with one aim by the manufacturer and that is to give it more artificial flavour, preservatives to give a longer shelf life to increase their profitability. The millions spent on advertising is to confuse and brainwash the public into believing their blatant lies.

The following paragraphs are taken from the website of an incredible man, Dr.Stanley Bass.

Given that your father and mother contributed the sperm cell and ovum, or eggcell, and they united together and in 9 months produced the miracle which is you, all done by Nature without the conscious direction of your parents or yourself, you can trust absolutely that Nature has the amazing healing intelligence to make you well again. The Power that made you has the Power to heal you.

The best doctor is the one who understands this and assists Nature in this miraculous process by recommending the best foods your body needs, as well as the proper conditions of rest and non-interference, and to get out of the way – to step aside and allow Nature to proceed with her work, undisturbed by pills or potions.

There is one bloodstream which both nourishes the body and removes all diseases. There is one Nature, one life-force and all bodies have the same requirements – good food, proper rest and sleep, some sunlight, a moderate amount of exercise, and proper thought. If you provide these requirements, Nature (which is God manifesting on the material plane) will unfailingly heal you. “All the rest is jazz,” as the expression goes – all the rest is secondary in importance.

All living creatures know this intuitively, and it’s time that we, as intelligent humans, become aware of it consciously.

There are so many systems of diagnosis – medical, Oriental (ayurvedic), Chinese (meridians),zone therapy, iridiagnosis, sclerotic diagnosis, reflexes, Naturopathy, x-ray, applied kinesiology, pulse and tongue diagnosis, germ theory, virus theory, genetics, etc., etc.

The Mayo Clinic, one of the most prestigious in the world, admits that their diagnosis is 50% accurate at best, and 50% inaccurate in the rest. This is followed by their prognosis or prediction of the possible outcome, which is equally inaccurate. They are completely unable to state the healing possibilities of non-medical or natural approaches to disease since they have never studied or used them and find them completely unknown.

What is there to be said about lesser institutions than the Mayo Clinic, where the diagnosis is even less accurate, even with the most expensive machinery as the MRI etc., which have their percentage of inaccuracies also?



In all diagnostic systems there is never total accuracy, but a varying percentage at best. While there may be some value in each of the systems after the diagnosis is made, especially by the leading medical institutions, after the pronouncements and names of disease are given, what will they tell you to do to get well?

They haven’t the slightest idea, and, according to the most authoritative medical textbooks on Symptomatology and Pathology, the majority of diseases listed are stated to have causes which are “unknown.” So all they can do is what they have been trained to do – to treat symptoms, to use drugs, surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, etc. None of these are aimed at removing causes, but rather directed at removing bodily parts and consigning them to surgical garbage pails…..

The above information is absolutely true, the medical profession, the doctors know about what and how a drug, a pharmaceutical chemical will address a symptom, what they don’t know is how the natural phenomenon, your body will react to the alien synthetic being put into it, it’s purely guess work.