I’m excited…

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I’m excited.

As each day passes and I’m aware of the subtle changes, maybe not changes that would be noticeable by an onlooker but slight improvements that are making the everyday challenge of living for me just a tiny bit easier. As you know I spend about 95% of the day alone so I fill my day with reading, some writing, tv and research on the internet. I’m never lonely or bored, there’s too much to do for that, I often meditate during the day, at least twice or possibly three times for an hour each. This last week or more I’ve found myself remembering how things were and the very real possibility of doing some of those things again. I doubt I’ll ever skydive again but driving a fast car or hiking in the mountains or swimming in the ocean. I really do believe I’ll be doing them again so I’m sure you can imagine how excited I am.  I know none of those things are likely to happen in the next year but I believe there’s a strong possibility it will only be two or three years. A medical professional, any of the many I’ve seen since February 04 would say that I’m living in a dream world and that healing is an impossibility. But “they” are the ones that have been brainwashed, they are the ones that have been well and truly conned by the pharmaceutical giants making gazillions in profits. Finding cures is not what they do, it’s simply about making extortionate profit at the expense of mankind.

My MS life

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My MS life..

It’s been a hell of a journey so far, from a very physically active man to a miserable existence for 17 years and now to what I believe to be the start of my new life .

  1. Very active but experiencing some physical difficulties.
  2. Problems running distance but still able to work out.
  3. Unexplainable weakness happening quite frequently.
  4. Had fall smashing teeth onto concrete steps, 4 root canals.
  5. Lots of unexplainable symptoms, blood test, no answers.
  6. Moved to Colorado, stress.
  7. Riding but no running.
  8. Admitted to hospital, diagnosed with MS.
  9. Found XanGo, slight improvements.
  10. Still working full time, good workouts at home gym.
  11. Met and started working for Dr Huggins.
  12. Divorce, moved to Colorado springs.
  13. Riding and walking.
  14. Worse symptoms.
  15. Lost job, very minimal walking. CCSVI in Bulgaria.
  16. Lots of stress, no job, no benefits, returned to UK in Nov.
  17. Moved into new flat, limited walking with cane or walking frame.
  18. Minimal movement, wall and furniture walking.
  19. Several falls, XanGo ends.
  20. Still positive, Youngevity supplements, major positive.
  21. Ann Boroch cured herself of MS in 4 years, following protocol.

The above is a very brief synopsis of my life so far, I haven’t mentioned the many things I’ve researched and tried, probably fifty things that sounded good but unfortunately did very little in the way of helping. The Youngevity supplements are by far the best natural organic supplements created by Dr Eli Wallach. Those added to the methods recommended by Ann Boroch will cure me, of that I have no doubt. The strict food regimen isn’t difficult to adhere to, it’s not going to happen overnight but it is going to happen.

To clarify…..

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During each and everyday I tend to keep to a very regular and precise routine…… Boring!!!  Yes it is and for the majority of people it would more than likely be very unlikely to happen. My life as it stands is extremely boring I know but I don’t look at my life in the same way that just about everyone else does. There’s no planning for weekends or holidays or trips away or Friday and Saturday nights on romantic dates, my schedule for everyday is the same, there might be slight variations because of Suzie or an Amazon delivery but other than that it’s 99% the same. This regularity is not an issue for me, it’s a necessity because the focus in my life is purely down to one thing,  that’s in my attempt to get better, to return to life, not so that I can do the things I mentioned earlier that most other people do, but so that I’m not in pain, so that I’m able actually function. So I want to clarify my post yesterday about the new regime and diet I’m doing, because everything I do, from sitting up in bed to moving from room to room and the very basic function of eating, I gauge things mentally, in my head I recall whether I was able to move my left leg forward without dragging it across those metal carpet stops and scraping the skin off my toes which bloody hurts. Yesterday was a good day in the main, yes I did get tired and yes I did struggle to get into my bedroom and bed, but it was not quite as difficult and I was able to delay it for nearly an hour. It might seem like no big deal to you but rest assured the tiny subtle differences to me were huge and reassured me that the transition from pathetic, useless and ridiculous that is my current life has started to change. My two thousand mile journey just took its first step forward.

It’s starting…

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It’s starting.

Over the past couple of weeks since I started with the change in my diet, please understand that when I say “diet” I’m referring to the types of food that’s forming my everyday nutrition, this is not me on a diet as in trying to lose weight.  So my diet and new supplements are having an effect, the new supplements are basically Candida Cleanse and Digestive enzymes. Since reading the book “Healing Multiple sclerosis” by Ann Boroch who cured herself of MS in four years and wrote about it, I’ve followed her protocol as closely as possible. I’m sure most people have heard about Candida especially women but I doubt any normal person and that included me, truly understands exactly what it is and how it can exacerbate existing and develop new health problems. So now I have a better understanding than before and can realistically fight this problem that has created a much bigger problem, the Candida, the yeast, the fungus has created Candidiasis which in most people would be bad enough. However because of other reasons, I’m a man, I’m from Liverpool, I ate crap as a kid, I drank lots of Diet Coke and lots n lots of other issues, collectively they have made an ideal environment for MS.

The above list simply indicates that I have no idea of the specifics other than its happened and what I’m doing will get rid of it in time. There’s no doubt in my mind that it will work, I can feel it internally, I know that probably sounds strange but it’s true, it’s not going to be easy by any stretch of the imagination, I told myself it would get worse before it gets better but I honestly believe it’s starting.


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With a disease such as MS there will always be ever-increasing problems, according to the world of western medicine it’s incurable and will gradually progress to a stage that makes it impossible to continue to live. Okay that’s the prognosis that was explained to me by the initial neurologist that diagnosed me in February 04, he obviously recommended I take specific drugs that in his opinion would extend the six months of normal life I’d have without them. How would you feel if you personally were told that…. I know at the time I was  quite frankly petrified. As you know I refused, not because I knew better than the neurologist, I just couldn’t believe I would become a vegetable, I suppose I was in denial. Over the following months I became weaker and less coordinated, I told my boss at the company I worked for selling asset management and tool tracking software, Dan Long was a 6′.3″ Canadian that was a tough Ice Hockey player at the weekends and fortunately for me didn’t use the same physicality in his role as Sales Manager. Anyway I came across a functional beverage called XanGo that not only tasted great but more importantly did the amazing job of keeping my symptoms at bay for many years. After eleven years I wasn’t a vegetable although I’d been forced to stop work and return to England. During this time which is thirteen years since the initial diagnosis and seventeen since the first symptoms I’ve experimented with at least 50 different things to try and stop what the neurologist said was unstoppable. Knowing what I know now has literally filled me with inspiration, I honestly believe 100% that what I’m doing, the specific foods I’m eating and others I’m avoiding plus the new supplements will in time completely eliminate the symptoms of multiple sclerosis from my body. It will probably take another two years to do it, but then I will  very proudly give the bird to the doctors, neurologists and all who doubted me. There’s no doubt that most people will be shocked, some will just think it was pure luck, it wasn’t, it will be down to mental strength and determination …. am I stubborn… possibly a little, but I know I have 100% faith and incredible patience.


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As I’m sure you all know I look at life very differently to most people, I think that’s because of my years with Dr Huggins, looking at it differently is primarily to question what is considered “the norm” or what seems to have become acceptable. That “acceptable” standard has in my opinion been forced in by, obviously big pharma and the food manufacturers with the help of the advertising media giants. I’m sure if the latter actually understood the true dangers of foods riddled with herbicides and pesticides that have become nutritionally bereft then maybe they wouldn’t create such compelling advertisements, or maybe they already understand but they themselves don’t give a crap.

So I look at things differently….. I question, I look for healthy alternatives, I am willing to try something else, it’s not done in blind desperation, I research, I ask questions and use my common sense. To me it’s obvious that the synthetic additives, the chemicals, the preservatives and the mountains of totally unnatural “stuff” that just about all processed foods are laced with says to me it has no place in my body. All of these unnatural things can cause havoc to what is a natural body, it’s human and will not function correctly when that crap gets in.

The program I’m using as in natural foods, supplements and herbs to correct and eliminate the internal  imbalance that’s been created within me will take time, it will cause problems as the bad guys that have squatted in my house are being eliminated. They are moved from an organ hopefully to allow it to work properly again, it will take time especially as those “pathogens” have caused terrible damage. But as I said before I have faith and confidence that He and I will win.

I’m different….

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I’m different.

When you look at life and my particular situation then consider the average life expectancy in the UK which is 81.3 years you’d probably wonder why the heck do I bother. I mean in just over a month I’ll be sixty freaking two.. 62!!!! When I was a kid, someone 62 was a dinosaur. Then there’s the issue of me also having that disease, you know the one they consider incurable….. ha….. So knowing the average life expectancy is only 19 years away and the average for MS patients is between 5 to 10 years less that means that my life expectancy is only another 9 to 14 years, oh crap I should be seriously considering a sleeping pill cocktail.

As I said at the start of this post, I’m different….. at this time, as has been for many years I’m in pain 24/7, I sleep for about five hours each night, I have to go the loo probably 25 times each day and each visit exhausts me, there are times when I can see my left leg so I know it’s there but the bugger completely ignores my order to move, in fact my carer, a lovely woman called Sue had to physically move my leg today so I could get into the bathroom and then to get into my bed. So a normal person would be feeling quite despondent but anyone that knows me knows I’m completely opposite to normal. I don’t see a really short limited time left for me full of pain, anguish, frustration with nothing to live for,  no, I see my sixties as being the best decade of my life with at least two more great decades to follow.

I’m Stefan, I’m not better than anyone else but I know I’m different.

My A to Z…..

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A to Z..

Whether it’s  our whole life or a journey to the shop’s, there’s always a start and finish, simple, start at A and finish at Z, it doesn’t matter how long it is, how many miles or the length of time it will take, every journey starts with the first step. My life’s journey started almost 62 years ago in Liverpool, the first 25 years were fairly straight forward, school, college, work , marriage and kids. I think it was from my mid twenties that my A to Z started to differ from the norm. The next twenty years saw skydiving, hang gliding, scuba diving and flying small planes. There was several other sports and lots of fast bikes mixed in as well. I was 47 when there was another fairly big change as in I went to live in Colorado, being 5,000 miles away from family and friends was definitely a huge challenge as was working initially but one I relished. At 53 I was divorced from my 3rd wife, not something I’m proud of but in reality it was better for both parties. I think on my journey of life so far, my time working for Dr Huggins was the most rewarding, fulfilling and emotional of all I’ve done so far…. I say so far because there’s a huge, incredible thing that will happen on my A to Z and that’s happening right now. This journey is taking a detour, I’ve stepped off the straight and narrow path that was leading me to a painful shortening of my life. A new A to Z is starting, one that leads me to full health, I’m only on B or C so far and I know it’s going to be hard sticking to this new road alone but I am determined to do it, I will get to Z on my diversionary route which will enable me to resume the original life journey.

Die off….

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Die off.

As I’ve started this new phase of my life, I keep reminding myself that the changes I’m making will provoke the bad just as quickly or even quicker than the good… what I mean is as I’m changing my diet and a couple of supplemental additions and subtractions the organs in my body start to function differently, mainly because the functionality has been radically impaired over the years, and I do mean years, literally. So as one organ is limited another tries to help can’t do exactly the same because it’s totally different in its composition but the body as a whole makes or tries to make compensation in one way or another. Like when you have bursitis in your shoulder and can’t raise your arm, you automatically adjust by tilting your body and going up on your toes to reach what normally would’ve been easy before. So getting back to the changes, the good part is it’s trying to replace the damaged cells with healthy ones which in itself sounds good. The problem is the bad has to go somewhere before it’s eventually emitted from the body, during this transitional phase it passes through filter organs such as Liver, Kidney s, Heart and Brain. The fact is this temporary transitional phase creates problems, this can be referred to as Die Off….. that’s happening now, it’s temporary, I’ve got to feel worse before I feel better.

Me talking to myself… be strong Stefan, now it’s time to not just “Talk the talk” now I have to Walk the Walk.

Another phase….

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Another phase.

In the time I’ve been alive and I’m in my sixth decade now I feel I’ve in the main been very lucky, I mean who in their whole life gets to travel to more than twenty countries around the world, I have. The sports or pastimes or whatever you chose to call them have been amazing, some would refer to them as thrill seeking things such as Skydiving and Hang gliding, I did a fair bit of both. As a pilot, admittedly it was only small planes like the Cessna 208 but it was exciting although not as butt clenching as when I was learning to fly a helicopter, I ran out of money before I got my rotor license. I think the most scared I’ve been was as a SCUBA diver, that stands for Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus…. had one or two fairly desperate dives, but I survived. In my teens through to late thirties I was a rock climber and there was rarely a week went by that I couldn’t be seen wearing the multi coloured lycra gear while on my mountain bike. You can add several really fast, as in 150 mph and 0 to 60 in under 3 seconds motorbikes, so I’ve probably done more than most especially when you consider living in Colorado for 11 years.

I came back nearly five years ago because of this disease, multiple sclerosis is quite a hideous bugger to cope with, but unlike the millions around the world that suffer with it, I will beat it, I will be symptom free and get back to the life I once had. This has been a horrible 13 plus years but at the end of the day it’s just another phase of my life.