I’m a little confused….

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I’m a little confused.

Okay I totally understand that following this program is going to make significant changes in my body, that’s a given, over a period of time as more of the bad guys leave (yeast and fungus) and are replaced with good guys then I will experience bad and good days. The good are outnumbering the bad and for that I’m so grateful. I understand the plan, I understand that in order to kill the Candida that anti fungals need to be taken along with digestive enzymes and adrenal support, these along with my Youngevity supplements. This all makes perfect sense to me, however there is something I just don’t understand and I’m a little confused. At the same time everyday give or take 10 minutes I become ridiculously weak, I struggle to stand and have to use a walker..(Zimmer frame) to get to my bed, I rest for a few hours then I’m as right as rain, for a 62 yr old with MS obviously. My whole body goes weak as if all my strength has been sucked out of me, the back of my legs feel similar to cramping, not as bad but similar. Okay if this is just part of the process, then so be it, I’ll just see it through, I wonder if anyone else on the AB regimen has experienced anything similar?.

At the end of the day, it’s a problem that I can deal with, no biggie, the confusion and frustration is a small price to pay when looking at the endgame.

So very, very lucky..

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So very lucky.

I was diagnosed with MS in February 04, I think because of my knowledge of what pharmaceutical drugs really do,  I refused to take the medication that the  “oh so knowledgeable and experienced” neurologist prescribed for me. I’ve said this before I know but it’s so important when you look at the big picture. Drugs address symptoms, not treat them or remove the cause, they just suppress the body’s own receptors that are doing what they’re supposed to…. tell you there’s a problem so hopefully you will provide the correct nutrients to kill the cause. Have you ever heard the phrase “don’t shoot the messenger”, well that’s basically what 90% of prescription drugs do….Again I’ve said this before but I think it’s a great analogy… you come home and see the kitchen is flooded…. what “they” tell you to do is to use lots of blankets to mop up the water. Great way of solving the problem temporarily, my way is to turn the freaking tap off and pull the plug out of the sink, then mop up the water, once, not every day. “Their” way is like trying to dry yourself….. while you’re still in the shower.

Okay I’m ranting, but traditional doctors in the main are wearing horse blinkers, they have been brainwashed by the pharmaceutical reps, throwing sample drugs at them, they show the reports indicating they help. In almost all cases the reports have been manipulated to show what they want. Falsified statistics, the commercials on TV are so convincing especially the ridiculous “Medifacts” ads, then sheep, sorry patients are so impatient they just want a quick fix and not willing to look at the potential dangers. Pick a drug, any prescription medication and Google it, they’ll show what it’s designed for, it’s ingredients and a list of possible side effects, look at them it’s really, really scary… often the list covers tens of side effects that can be significantly worse than the problem the doctor prescribed them for.

So the title of “So very lucky” is referring to how I am and how I look, if I’d succumbed to the recommendations from the neurologists and doctors I know I’d be in a far worse place now, I know this method I’m doing would still “fix” me but it would be a lot more difficult.


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Well I have to say that yesterday was one of the most frightening days of my life, I’ve had worse days because of falling or vomiting of course but when considered in relation to what I’m doing with the Ann Boroch program and how good I’ve been feeling both physically and mentally the yesterday takes the biscuit. As I said earlier, the program works, it’s been proven by others following the AB method, but me, wanting to do it all straightaway instead of gradually phasing in the process and allowing the body to slowly adjust I’ve gone at it hell for leather. There’s nothing I can do now as far as easing back, what’s done is done. I feel yesterday was a milestone it’s just a milestone I jumped to and skipped the bits in between. Not something I recommend, it was horrible but I’m good today, I’m sure I will have other weak days but not like yesterday hopefully.

To anyone reading I’d just like to say I’m good now.

Full speed ahead…

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Full speed ahead.

Hmmm.. So you just passed your driving test, hey you can drive….  woohoo, your dad is successful and wealthy, you can drive so hey… you take his Ferrari out for a spin.

Or you’ve just taken you first drink of beer, hey beer is alcohol and it was good so it’s gotta be ok to drink a bottle of whisky, it could possibly be harder to cope with….

Okay the above two scenarios are stupid things to do but what have they got to do with me…. hmm let me think for a second…

The previous post is all about commitment and doing it right which is my intention, however my actions could be likened to either of the previous scenarios or a bull in a China shop. Go for it Stefan, go on do it all right now, it’ll work. Yes it’ll work alright and doing everything from day one will have consequences, the highs have been great and certainly fuelled my optimism but… and this is a big but, the lows are horrendous. The previous post was written Monday evening, this one Tuesday afternoon. I’ve been weaker than at any point in my MS life. I’ve struggled big time, even using my walker has put me in a state of absolute fatigue, really this has frightened me more than anything ever has.

I’m telling myself this will pass, it’s only temporary.

Anything, if you want it enough…

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Anything…. if you want it enough.

What does that mean? I’m not referring to wanting a million pounds or a diamond ring or someone to fall in love with you, no, what I’m referring to is being cured..  more specifically I’m referring to this disease I, and millions of others around the world have, multiple sclerosis. Now that’s a bold statement to make especially as I’ve had it for fourteen years since official diagnosis and several before with mild symptoms. So why do I still have it? have I not wanted it enough to be healed? yes I have, it’s been the most important thing in my life and I’ve tried and tried but I just didn’t know the answer…. until now.

So now I know, I didn’t just find out myself even though I’ve looked and looked and researched and tried so many times, so many things. No it had nothing to do with me at all, a good friend of mine, Mary,  in a totally unpronounceable small town in Wisconsin in the U.S. told me about the mysterious death of Ann Boroch who had cured herself of multiple sclerosis and been symptom free for over twenty years. Anyway I read one of her books, Healing Multiple sclerosis, and was blown away by it. I wrote a post on my blog about her and how I would attempt to follow her methods. A couple of days and two more posts later I received a friend request on Facebook by a lady called Janet Orchard, long story short… Janet explained she had been in my same condition, followed Ann Boroch, became friends with her and also cured herself, on hearing this I can’t explain how excited I became. Now I knew 100% that this was absolutely achievable and I would do it.

So it comes down to this… how much do you want it to happen… enough and it will, it just requires 100% commitment, no farting around, no excuses, no “I’ll just start tomorrow”… do it now.. if you indulge in the foods that taste good but are restricted then you’ll fail, if you don’t put the correct nutrition into your body, if you don’t take the right supplements, it’s  simple you just didn’t want to get healthy, you didn’t want it enough. The reason I will cure myself is that being healthy is The Most Important Thing to me period… I’ve been reasonably successful in business, I’ve done nearly a thousand skydives, I was a Hang glider, Scuba diver, Mountain biker, Rock climber and a Pilot… I’ve been there, done that, I’ve the T shirt and the video, having a big house and good money is great but it is nothing… nothing compared to being healthy and I now know what to do and how to do it and I will.. I’m not better than anyone else, I just know I’m 100%  committed.

And then there were three..

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And then there were three.

When I first started this new regimen, the Ann Boroch method, Janet, that’s Janet Orchard, making sure it was spelled correctly, she explained a lot of things I’d misinterpreted from the book and for that and lots of other snippets of information I’m extremely grateful for.  As my body gradually expell’s the bad stuff and slowly rebuilds itself I’ll experience good and bad days, in time the good will massively outnumber the bad but in the early stages which is where I am there’ll be a good followed by a bad. I think because it’s not as if I started from the beginning as most others do, I’d been gluten free, lactose free and sugar free for many years, so in my case it was primarily the anti fungals, adrenal support, digestive enzymes and eliminating one or two foods. Again in my case I’d been using the excellent Youngevity supplements for a year and the Don Croft Zapper(s) for a couple of weeks which there’s no doubt are helping. The good days and significantly better than the odd good day I had before, and more significantly the bad days aren’t really bad, I just feel weaker than the good days which in my humble opinion is brilliant. I had a “not good” day, better description, on Tuesday last week so expected a good day on Wednesday, well unlike previous rotations it wasn’t Wednesday, it was also Thursday and Friday…. and then there were three !!!!

I’m adjusting to this far better than I thought, as Janet…. Orchard… (My bad) said to listen to your body, it’s Sunday afternoon as I’m writing, not a good day so instead of forcing myself to do stuff, I’m resting. Let my far more intelligent body than stubborn ego dictate and assist the healing process, Monday will be good.

To start with..

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To start with.

Firstly I have to start this post with my respect and admiration for the late Ann Boroch, she was an incredibly talented and determined woman, secondly to Janet Oxford for all her help and lastly to Don Croft and the Zapper. Without all three of the above my life now and what it will be would be very, very different. Now please understand that what the following statement doesn’t mean I have delusions of grandeur, it didn’t mean I think I’m better or more qualified or more determined, it simply means that I am so lucky.

Ann Boroch cured herself in four years from a supposedly incurable disease, (please remember the above) I will do it in less than half that time!!!!!!.

Okay to explain my grand statement: Ann was only in her mid twenties and using her incredible mind and determination, she researched, investigated and used herself as a guinea pig found what she thought was the reason the MS she’d contracted was being exacerbated by Candida. There must have been times of despair and frustration on that journey, unlike us (MS sufferers) she didn’t have anyone to confirm, clarify or point her in the right direction.

She didn’t have the best supplements from Youngevity like I have, she hadn’t been dairy and gluten free for ten years before like I have. She didn’t know at that time the dangers of that white poison…. sugar or the many variants of synthetic sweeteners there are today. I’m so fortunate to have worked directly with Dr Hal Huggins and come into contact with so many leaders in the field of natural health. She didn’t have a Zapper as they hadn’t been invented then, so yes I am so lucky to know what I know, been where I’ve been and able to use her knowledge, the Youngevity supplements, the Don Croft Zapper and have access to Janet and her wonderful guidance and motivation.

Thank you Ann Boroch, Janet Oxford, ,Youngevity and Don Croft.

Slight improvements…

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Slight improvements.

I was looking back at my posts to see when I first wrote about Ann Boroch and what she’d done as in cure herself of MS, well I’d finished her book and wrote about it on the 20th of August. I think it was about a week later that I truly started the diet as in the foods I could and shouldn’t eat also the Candida Cleanse.  So it’s only been a month not 5 weeks as I thought, that actually really pleases me, I’ve experienced very positive, noticeable improvements in only a month…. yay!!!!. The changes are probably not visible to anyone seeing me but the tiny changes are so significant to me. As I’ve said before, manoeuvring around the flat and being very conscious of not dragging my left foot, my toes over the carpet strips and scraping the skin off is huge to me. Being able to swing my left leg up onto the bed and not have to rest 30 minutes till I’ve got the strength to man handle it with great difficulty is so nice. My condition is still dire, I still suffer, I still struggle very much as the day wears on. But not as much as I did a month ago, and definitely nowhere near as much as I would if I hadn’t been trying as hard as I have over the past 13 years. I haven’t cured myself….. yet… but I will and all the pain, frustration, humiliation and massive fatigue while trying to motivate and inspire myself will have been worth it. I honestly believe that everything happens for a reason, maybe me getting sick was so that I’d look and look and try everything under the sun till I found the way or meet the person, (which I did) that could add the last piece of the jigsaw puzzle. Having a disease that the doctors and neurologists say is incurable and everyday I would get closer and closer to not wanting to live is a hard thing to take. Luckily, me being me, meant I looked at the original neurologist that diagnosed in Colorado in February 04, and just told him I’d deal with it, I am 13 years later and guess what Dr I know more than you because I’m a neurologist, I don’t look like other MS sufferers and I’m noticing slight improvements… “so there!!!!.

What you believe…

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What you believe.

Just because you personally don’t actually know or really understand how or why something works doesn’t mean it’s not real or valid. Think about it for a moment…. the wind in your face as you walk down the street!!!! What is it? You know it’s wind because you were told that when you were at school, you can’t see it, you can’t touch it but it’s there, where exactly does it come from. What is air, again you can’t see or touch it, how would to explain it to someone? it just is… you know for an indisputable fact that this invisible thing is absolutely 100% necessary for you and all humans, animals and insects to exist. Electricity… not good or bad, it will light up a who’re house or church, no bias or opinion  it just is…. what is it, go on explain what it is. You know the television, the computer, the lights in the house and millions of other thing will not work without electricity, but how does it do it, you can’t categorically describe the exact process, it just does.

Truth… Truth is truth isn’t it… no not exactly, there are two truths, there’s factual truth and your truth.. factual.. the monarch of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is Queen Elizabeth 2nd, it’s an indisputable fact. My truth…. it hasn’t happened yet but I know I will be healed before the close of 2020…

How… powerful anti fungals, great supplements, good nutrition and the Don Croft Zapper, how? by clearing the Candida, by replacing damaged cells, enzymes and rebuilding organs, by killing and removing parasites and pathogens from my body. The specifics of exactly how the four I mentioned will do it, I don’t know, but just as you know taking a lung full of air keeps you alive, I know they will cure me, I’ve said this before “what you believe, you make true”.

Two months

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Two months.

Being weak is a bummer, really it’s so demoralising to struggle to do the most basic things and I mean basic, the weakness in my legs trying to stand or move around desperately clinging to furniture and door frames. The weakness in my hands and lack of coordination can be so embarrassing and frustrating. But for all the time in pain, being embarrassed and humiliated it has taught me to be more understanding, more considerate and patient, but I think more than any other emotion it’s taught me to be grateful. As I’ve said before I’m so lucky, there are so many more people that are sicker than me, have less help, fewer resources and the most significant thing is they have no real hope for a future worth living. Me however…. I live in a nice flat, I have enough money each month to buy food and my supplements, watch TV, surf the web and the last thing is that I have 100% confidence that I’m on the road to recovery. I know the supplements are right, at last, I know my diet is right and using the Zapper is making a real difference. The changes are happening slowly but surely, I’m experiencing more positives than negatives and there’s a good chance that my strength will start to improve, I don’t know exactly when but there’s a strong likelihood that it will be around the two month point. It’s been just over a month since I started this new regime, oh I’m so excited.