Too good to indulge..

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Too good to indulge.

I woke quite early as is normal on Saturday morning, I hadn’t slept for more than 5 hours, again, normal, but the difference was, and an important difference was that it was my second night of not taking a sleeping pill which I’ve done for…. 30 years, so not feeling exhausted was a really good feeling. All morning I felt stronger and more stable in every way, my movement was still limited of course but I wasn’t totally exhausted after negotiating my way to the bathroom and back. The change happened minutes, literally minutes after eating my lunch, sweet potato fries which are so nice, but  I also had a gluten free lasagne which in the past has been fine, in previous months the changes have been minimal. I think because my body has been making such fantastic improvements of late, the effects of the tomato in the lasagne were so radical this time, I was feeling great, yes great one minute then while transitioning to the bathroom I changed, it was so frightening to experience. It was as if all my inner strength was sucked out of me in a two minute period. With great difficulty I made it to my bed and just rested for a few hours, I had more water with Bragg Apple cider vinegar and meditated for a few hours. When I made my way back to the living room at 3.30 I was back to my early morning condition and stayed that way for the rest of the day. My body, my inner workings know what’s good and responds accordingly, regardless of what the voice in my head tells me what’s okay in small doses or what I have to do because that’s what I’ve always done.  Saturday was a day of realisation, no more sleeping pills and no more tomato regardless of how little there is. I’m feeling too good to indulge in things that only have nice immediate and very short term pleasures..

September 1 st…

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Janet said something to me the other day that really hit home, Janet being a new friend and mentor on this challenging but ultimately rewarding journey, I started this very detailed journey to health on September first 2017 so from here on in that date will always be my New Years day. I think the majority of people on Earth celebrate the second each year passes to the next. A tradition without any real meaning, I’m not criticising others because it’s something I’d done for most of my life, or should I say for most of my healthy life. Since about 2007 a few years after I was diagnosed with MS  I’d stopped drinking because it’s hard enough moving normally so getting a little “merry” with alcohol was definitely not a good thing. The festive period doesn’t really mean anything to me now, it’s no big deal, I’m more focused on saving my life, that’s not an exaggeration, it’s true, having multiple sclerosis stops you doing most things and makes the things you can do totally exhausting. Standing up and desperately clinging to the furniture and door frames while your legs are struggling to keep you up just to get to the loo totally fatigues me big time. Living is not really living, it’s existing, so this journey is the most important journey I’ve ever been on, I don’t know exactly how long it will take to get to my destination, I don’t have a map or GPS to show me the way although I do have directions. In some ways it’s a bit like the movie “The Wizard of Oz”, follow the yellow brick road, the destination in my case is a town called Healing. So when 99% of people in the civilised world celebrate one second into Jan 1st 2018 I’ll probably be reading or watching a movie, my celebrations will always happen on September first.



But it will….

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But it will.

When I look at my life experiences to date, I realise that if my life ended today, which it certainly isn’t, I’d be happy to say that I have no regrets and so very much to be grateful for. I mean at the end of the day who can really say they’ve done as many exciting, rewarding and totally fulfilling things as I’ve done. This is not a boast and by doing them hasn’t made me a better person than anyone else, just different. I’ve done nearly a thousand skydives, I was a scuba diver, mountain biker, hang glider, rock climber and a pilot, I started training as a helicopter pilot. I’ve been to the lowest place in the western hemisphere, Death Valley, I’ve seen the Pyramids in Egypt, as well as visiting 23 countries around the world, I worked as a Director for the world leading authority in biological dentistry and body chemistry rebalancing. There are several other things that have taken up time and space during the 62 years I’ve been on this planet, some I’m not exactly proud of but hey.. it is what it is.

At the start of 2004 I was diagnosed with this hideous disease and I’m sure you can understand that the exciting adventures came to an end and after an incredibly fulfilling 11 years in Colorado  I returned to the not so sunny England.

So yes, I’ve been there, done that and have the Tee shirt and video, Regrets…. nah… proud.. damn right I am. But if you asked me what I was proudest of, it wouldn’t be anything I’ve listed above, no, it would be that I cured myself, I healed multiple sclerosis. Actually I couldn’t say that just now because it hasn’t happened yet, but it will.

Not important…

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Not important.

Christmas and New Year…… in my previous life both those days were very special as they are to most people, being with family and friends, giving and getting prezzies, seeing the smiles on those nearest and dearest is great, or should I say, it used to be great. Now it’s not, okay well now it doesn’t really apply because now is different, very, very different. To some people reading this I’m sure there will be feelings of sadness because I’m not celebrating with family or close friends, heck, I’m not celebrating with anyone, Christmas day I saw my carer Megan for 45 minutes while she prepared my lunch etc…. I talked with Mum on the phone and saw Suzie on Face time for a few minutes, both were great and much appreciated.  But hold on, please don’t misinterpret this post, this time of year for me is just “a time” they are no different from any other day of the week…. Why !!!!! because since I learned about Ann Boroch and her incredible achievement of healing herself of MS and since the 1st of September when I started on her protocol, nothing else matters. Okay I’ll clarify that, of course my mum, my sister Suzie and most of my family are of great importance to me, I love them dearly, even if most of them don’t give me a second thought. But celebrations, prezzies, indulging in food and drinks, they aren’t important, they don’t matter one iota, what does matter however, is my life….. I’ve had fourteen years of hell and several before diagnosis of confusing and painful and frustrating years. Christmas and New year are just distractions, or potential distractions, by focusing on the ABP I’m having prezzies that are way more important, way more rewarding and fulfilling everyday, not just over this period. Having the ability to stand, to get dressed, to walk, to actually go outside, which I haven’t done for a long time is Way !!!!!! more important to me. By not indulging, by not allowing things that have no real importance to distract me I will have the most important, the most significant gift…  the gift of my life….

Having MS…

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Having MS..

If you talked about having a disease, a supposedly incurable one such as multiple sclerosis to any of the people that are reasonably healthy, I say reasonably healthy because I reckon about 20% aren’t sick per se but probably have an allergy or seasonal virus several times each year. I digress…. so if you actually explain it in depth to the average person, it’s different if they live with someone  that’s suffering or if they’re a carer, they would be shocked at the pain, discomfort, frustration and humiliation that the sufferer experiences on a daily basis. However although the normal symptoms are bad to us, me being one of them, to us it’s normal, it’s bearable, we just accept what it is and get on with it, we just deal with it, there’s no point in moaning and complaining because it doesn’t make it less painful, it doesn’t make it better, so the way I see it, is to just cope with it and keep trying to save my life.

I’m doing my best, nothing anyone can say will make this challenge any easier, unless it’s guidance from someone that’s been there and done that… about two weeks ago I tripped and fell awkwardly, I whacked my head on the edge of the coffee table and there was quite a lot of pain and blood, the last time I did that, bash my head, I was about 6 or 7 years old and fell off a 6 ft wall in Liverpool. Well this time I didn’t cry and shout for my mum, this time I just lay on the floor while Megan my carer applied pressure to the cut.

On Tuesday I had a rough afternoon,  I was very weak and struggled big time although that was diddly squat in comparison to Wednesday afternoon, this is where the extreme weakness, pain , frustration and humiliation comes into play. About 5.00 in the afternoon, I went to the loo, I have to use catheters which is frustrating, as I finished, with my pants around my knees, I became frighteningly weak, the neural pathway between my brain and legs ceased to exist. Imagine this, pants around my knees, leaning on the sink and the toilet cistern, legs splayed and refusing to move, my arms stretched and getting weaker by the second, eventually I fell twisting my arm underneath me with my neck twisted and my head pressed against the side of the bath. I lay there for a good 15 minutes, my right arm stuck underneath me, unable to move, my pants around my knees with my peachy bum for all to see, although there wasn’t anyone there.

The point of this post…. having MS is a pain yes, but my normal MS life is not bad in comparison to the odd, infrequent bad times. While I’m on this very special journey to health the bad guys are desperately trying to keep hold of what they can, they’ll do whatever they can and make such a fuss, I know I’m winning and they can shout, scream and do their worst but I’m not giving up, this is Friday morning and I’m feeling great.


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There are 11 major organ systems, which include the circulatory, respiratory, digestive, excretory, nervous and endocrine systems. The immune, integumentary, skeletal, muscle and reproductive systems are also part of the human body.

That being said, they are made up 724 trillion cells and then there’s the skin which is another 35 billion cells….. now all of those cells function independently and in symbiosis with each other… whoa.. slightly mind blowing.

Okay so when these very intelligent little dudes are trying their hardest to do their own specific job and enable you to work efficiently, the last thing…. the very last thing they need is for you, yes you, or me in my case to add something to the equation that shouldn’t be there, something that just didn’t meld. In my case it’s primarily gluten, dairy and sugar, sadly my systems, organs and cells have been messed up, contaminated, knocked out of kilter by a variety of yeasts, fungus and pathogens which is why I’m so freaking delicate.

This being the case my body has been fairly well messed up, but fortunately I’ve been able to start on a program that will correct the imbalances that have been resident in my temple for about 18 years. As I’m sure you can imagine the extremely complex array of cells are going to take quite a while to put right, but I’m going to persevere, there will be hiccups and stumbling blocks along the way but guess what… I’m stubborn, determined and laser point focussed and there’s not a shadow of doubt that I will succeed.

P.s. after a couple of minor hiccups at the weekend, I’m feeling great.

They are happening….

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They are happening.

Obviously the most significant changes that have happened to me in recent years, from a positive aspect have taken place since I started the ABP on September 1st when my diet and the addition of certain supplements happened. During my first month I had lots of good days but between them were just as many bad days, to a certain extent it was a quite confusing period, feeling great and optimistic one day only to be knocked down the next. Towards the end of that period, and looking back there was a specific timescale which was two months give or take a couple of days where I absolutely knew a bad day would be followed by several good days, so when it happened I just accepted it was going to be tough so I went to bed and meditated. The third month was definitely a lot better, I still had bad days but not as many and nowhere near as bad, I just became weaker for a few hours, no big deal becauseI knew there’d be a good day that was better than the previous good days which boosted my spirits. I’ve written several times about Serrapeptase and how it seems to have taken my improvements a step further. In my mind it’s made a world of difference, however I know it wouldn’t have had such an impact if I hadn’t already been following the tried and tested ABP. During the past two weeks I’ve almost taken it for granted that the progress will continue, I say almost, but not completely, I know the protocol has made the bulk of improvements, it’s started me on what I believe is a successful regimen of diet and supplementation. Adding Serrapeptase when I did, and I believe the timing is so important has made a difference, the changes are small but they are constantly happening which as I’m sure you can imagine are making me very, very happy, the improvements, specifically, well I’d have to be really pedantic to detail the minor differences but trust me when I say ” they are happening”.


Not fairly but absolutely..

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Not fairly but absolutely sure.

Last week I dabbled with increasing the dosage of Serrapeptase and said I’d try making the increase a regular thing, having 2 x 80,000 i.u. first thing in the morning and another 80,000 i.u. in the afternoon, well it’s only Wednesday and I’m very happy about the differences I’m noticing. As we all know a negative effect can happen and show almost immediately whereas a positive effect can take a while to be truly recognised in its full capacity. Well Monday was the first day and I actually felt quite good both physically and mentally, Tuesday was the same, little things like being able to control small movements with my legs that normally result in either limited or very jerky adjustments. My physical handwriting that I do everyday as a visual sign to assess detailed control is so much better, now it looks like neat print as opposed to an insect leaving marks that vaguely resemble words. When I’m in my bed, normally I’d have to adjust my position with difficulty to twist slightly and reach across my body to grab a glass of water, yesterday I was a little cautious but I was able to do this with my left hand and bring it to my right hand without spilling water all over me. Small things that to an able bodied person seem to be perfectly normal but to me and others suffering with MS was really, really good. I know that this whole process of diet and anti-fungal’s and correct supplementation is all down to the late Ann Boroch, God rest her soul, but the addition of Serrapeptase is something I only added last week and I’m very optimistic about how it’s improving my progress. This journey is very long and arduous, no one can expect to make miraculous transitions from being extremely sick to perfectly healthy but the small subtle improvements I’m experiencing are massive to me and the addition of Serrapeptase is making a difference, of that I’m  not fairly but absolutely sure.

Come so far…

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Come so far.

For just over a week now I’ve been adding 2 x 80,000 iu of Serrapeptase daily, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I’ve been feeling better in a variety of ways, I’m putting it down to them, I’ve even considered adding to that but as we know it is possible to have too much of a good thing. I think I’ll add one tablet mid afternoon and see how my body copes with it over the next week. There’s literally a billion things happening every minute, yes I know that sounds like an exaggeration but it’s not. So accepting an addition, be it something you eat, drink or breathe, it has to be metabolized, absorbed and distributed to the relevant organ or system in the body. This process doesn’t happen immediately of course, the start to finish cycle can be as little as five minutes to as much as five days. That being said I’ll add a tablet today and decide by Friday if it a beneficial thing to do, I think by then I will have noticed any positive or negative effects.

When I think about how I felt in August, yes the ever optimistic and positive me almost blindly believed I would be able to live a  normal life again but at that time there was no basis for that confidence. Whereas now in early December I truly know it will happen and more importantly I know how.  I’m writing this on the evening of Sunday 10 th and I think about the difference in how I feel, it’s great knowing I’ve come so far, and that maybe the case but that statement needs something added to it, and that is…. but I’ve so much further to go.

I hope that others reading will be able to benefit from my actions and experience, if anyone, new or old to the ABP would like to know more of my experiences or the specifics of my diet and supplementation then please don’t hesitate to ask on here or email me directly on


Only a matter of time…

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Only a matter of time..

I’ve never been a jigsaw puzzle fan, I think I’ve probably done maybe three or four in my life, I’m not sure if having patience is the main requirement but it is definitely needed and to be honest I’ve just never had the desire or interest in doing them. To me not seeing something that is right in front of you and then finding it was always bloody frustrating rather than satisfying. However that’s not the case in my situation regarding my health, here is a problem that the best doctors and neurologists have pronounced as incurable, they are telling us it’s a condition ruining the lives of millions but it’s a problem that’s unsolvable, apparently millions and millions of pounds and dollars have been spent on research to solve this worldwide problem but all they can come up with are drugs that in the short term relieve some of the symptoms but long term exacerbate the condition. Anyone reading my posts will no doubt have noticed that I have an intense dislike for those pariahs masquerading as helpers known as big Pharma.

Anyway back to my point…..the jigsaw puzzle known as multiple sclerosis, “they” sell you the 10,000 piece puzzle but one or two of the key pieces are withheld so you start off quite well, you’re able to put at least half of the pieces in place but no matter how long you stare at the jumble of pieces and no matter how many times you try to fit a piece in, it just doesn’t go in so you remain in the same place. Then you hear from the puzzle maker that there’s an additional pack of pieces that could possibly include the ones you’re missing, so naturally you go along with this and buy the additional pieces, that particular scenario happens multiple times.

We all know that it’s just a scam, an intricate elaborate one aimed at keeping you as a customer, so frustrating and unfortunately it’s a lifelong problem. Or is it….. enter Ann Boroch with a genuine solution, she’s been able to look at the big picture, the completed puzzle and work backwards to provide the key pieces to everyone’s  puzzle. Now you can imagine how annoyed the other people are, this is going to affect their profits….. unfortunately Ann Boroch is no longer with us…. draw your own conclusions.

Back to my puzzle, fortunately for me I’ve got the genuine pieces and I’m able to continue putting together my 10,000 piece puzzle, I know it’s going to take a long time to complete but the important part of it is that I know all the pieces are there and finishing it is only a matter of time.