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For the newbies in the group’s I’m in I thought I’d explain a little about myself, my apologies if this is boring to the others, anyway, here goes, I was born in Liverpool when The Beatles were just a local band made good and Bill Shankly was shaping a football team feared throughout the first division as it was then. Tough life growing up, very occasional sweets but lots of love and regular smacks to keep me and my 6 siblings in place.

School then the Army Apprentice College in Chepstow, the the regular Army, marriage, 2 kids, divorce, 9 years then marriage, no more kids, divorce… 6 years, move to Colorado, marriage, then 2 years later was diagnosed with MS and 4 years later was divorced.

During the last marriage I started as the client service director for Dr Hal Huggins the world leading authority in biological dentistry and body chemistry rebalancing.

Before all that I did 834 skydives, I was in the Guinness book of records between 1989 and 1997 as part of the british record  60 way formation, I was also a hang glider, Scuba diver, rock climber, mountain biker and I got pilots license a Flagler Flying school in Florida.

Getting MS is horrible for anyone, but being such an adrenaline junkie and being so active meant a complete lifestyle change for me and probably more difficult to accept. It didn’t make the disease worse just harder to cope with.

My knowledge of nutrition and supplementation since working for Dr Huggins is good so staying true to what I knew was right has been easy. The information I’ve been able to learn through Healing Multiple Sclerosis and The Candida Cure by Ann Boroch have been massively instrumental in the improvements I’m experiencing now. I’m still struggling with MS and to any onlooker it probably doesn’t seem any better. But the many little improvements are so good to me and I’m 100% sure that following the ABP is the right thing for me to do. I believe that anyone can make positive changes if they want it enough.

Am I different….

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Am I different.

Probably yes….. I think some people are destined to live the “woe is me” life, the “my situation is worse than everyone else” or the “no matter what I do, things will never get better” attitude. I’m sure in their mind it’s easy to justify, easier to just call it a day. Obviously I’m not them, I’m not in exactly their situation.. or am I….

I was born in 1955, one of 7 kids living in a 2 up, 2 down terraced house with an outside loo, this was in Liverpool, my dad worked 6 nights each week while my incredible mum looked after us and several other kids to make a little extra, actually it wasn’t extra, it was necessary to be able to feed the nine of us.

As an adult I was able to indulge a little because of my work in the I.T. industry, good money but long hours and 50,000 miles driven each year. I’ve done 834 skydives, I was a Hang glider, Scuba diver, mountain biker, rock climber and a pilot. All of that ended including being divorced because I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, a little hard to take at first but at the end of the day I had two choices… give up or fight it….

Hmmmm giving up was just not an option so I did everything I could from reading everything I could to having a full dental revision that required 10 hours of dentistry in two separate days, to CCSVI in Bulgaria, none of these had made a significant, lasting difference, there’d also been at least 50 other things I tried over a 14 year period.

I learned about Ann Boroch in August last year, started on the protocol in September and now I honestly believe that I’ll be healed in two years, the ABP isn’t easy, at the start it’s definitely a challenge but after a couple of months the “just feeling better” part massively outweighs the bad bits.

Half way through my sixth month and I feel so good in comparison to before I started, for an outside viewer it probably doesn’t look significantly different but to someone with MS the subtle changes are Ginormous… not a real word but you know what I mean, Oh and by the way I also lost a $500,000 house, went into a $100,000 debt, lost all my friends as a result of being taken to the cleaners when divorced by my American wife…. I could be pissed off and bitter and frustrated and depressed but guess what…. I’m not so yes I probably am different.

I just knew..

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I just knew.

There are times when watching The Voice or B.G.T. or The X Factor that when they show a detailed look into one of the contestants and there’s video footage of them performing as a 6 yr old and later as a teen in front of their family because it was always what they wanted. You see them interviewed and then saying that it’s what they’ve always wanted to do, when that happens you as the viewer are expecting them to sing or perform well because it’s in their blood to be a performer. Then they walk on the stage and you can feel their personal confidence when they start to sing, it’s controlled perfectly even though inside it’s nerve wracking initially to them but it’s what they want and they want it enough that the fear, the anxiety, the nerves are controlled as they do what they know is right, what’s meant to be.. for them.

Well….. I’m not a singer, apart from in my head, I’m not a performer, but I do have something in common with all the good ones on those shows…. I believe in myself, I have absolute confidence in me…. before a friend of mine, Mary who was a patient of Dr Huggins 8 years ago and lives in Wisconsin in the U.S. decided to tell me about Ann Boroch and her research, work and untimely death, even before I knew that I believed in myself. It’s weird because I’m sure my family and close friends all believed that I believed in myself and somehow my healing would happen but no one including me knew how. For the last 5 1/2 months I’ve been following the method, the proven successful method known as the Ann Boroch Protocol…the ABP… that requires a 100% commitment. Obviously unless you’re a superhuman there will inevitably be times or possibly days that the commitment slips but providing you’re able to get back on track, be strong mentally against all odds then the protocol will work. I’ve had to be strong and with guidance from my good friend Janet Orchard, actually we’ve never met but she’s been my mentor and inspiration so in my book she’s my good friend…..  with her help I am honestly feeling so good, the little, the small, the subtle changes that came and went in a heartbeat are starting to become longer everyday experiences. I find myself able to move easier, to actually be aware of the toes on my left foot, not all the time but sometimes I’m able to spread them out, to actually feel them moving, it’s so, so good, I know that probably seems weird to normal people but when that hasn’t happened for years it’s great.

So it’s truly happening, contrary to what all the naysayers, the medical professionals, the doctors and neurologists said would happen, slowly but surely I’m healing, so even though 14 years ago there was no tangible proof, I just knew.


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Since I came back to England over five years ago I’ve persevered with what I thought was the best way to assist my body through what everyone with multiple sclerosis knows is a very difficult 24/7 experience. I wasn’t just playing at it or fooling myself because of overly promoted advertising of “sure things” on sale, no, my nutritional and supplemental regimen was based on the years I spent working for Dr Hal Huggins in Colorado. So based on his incredible work I’m sure I’ve been able to lessen the horrible debilitating symptoms.

I was originally diagnosed in February 2004 and was able to work full-time until November 2012 and part from the first five months when I was looked after by my beautiful sister Suzie, I’ve lived alone and seen a carer for an hour at lunchtime. I’ve learned that certain supplements and more than 4.4 litres ( 1 gallon) of water are absolutely necessary for me to exist, there are a variety of things added to the water including bicarbonate of soda.

Since September last year I’ve undoubtedly seen huge improvements, to me of course, because of the ABP and there isn’t a shadow of doubt in my mind that this old body of mine will once again function normally as the inevitable healing takes place.

However….. the last 14 years have been tough and if it wasn’t for a H.O.A.L. and my absolute belief that I will heal, even though there was no tangible proof at the time. On one particular occasion back in Colorado, I had food poisoning, I’d fallen while vomiting, not nice…. and became so weak with my face was planted in a pool of vomit, I was peering and soiling myself, it took 7 hours to crawl from my bathroom to the kitchen to get the water I desperately needed.

During the five years here there’s been some really horrible things, one time  I’d fallen out of bed, I was naked, it was November and after 5 hours at 3am it was bloody cold, several other things including a fall the resulted in a very nasty cut on my head. I could write a book on the bad things that have happened, but it’s what was…. not is.

So although I have absolute confidence in what I’m doing now with the ABP it hasn’t been easy and I know there’s still a very long way to go, but what will keep me going no matter what this hideous, heartless and so frustrating disease throws at me is three things, the ABP, I’m my mother’s son and H.O.A.L.  which is that I have the Heart of a lion.

Overdoing it…

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Overdoing it.

Making the commitment to follow the ABP was an easy thing to do, I’ll clarify that, as a man who has led a physical and very active life to then to become the complete opposite because of a disease…. multiple sclerosis wasn’t an easy thing to cope with or mentally accept and adjust to. So… reading about Ann Boroch and the way she addressed it was extremely inspiring and motivational so much so that I didn’t hesitate for a moment when deciding to do this. Making an emotional commitment and actually doing it are two very different things. As I said, emotionally being who I am and having done what I’ve done, it was the obvious thing to do, I really don’t want to be the shadow of who I was, so committing myself to this was natural.

The first few months were filled with lovely highs but as many frustrating lows, the fluctuations became less disappointing as I slowly started to understand what was happening. The intricate internal workings of a body are hard enough to understand, but when it’s one with a serious disease it becomes even more complex. The numb lump in my shoulders, my head is gradually accepting that when smiling because I seem to be getting better, it’s all relative…. Good for a 14 year multiple sclerosis sufferer is completely different to good for an able bodied healthy person. Lesson…… when feeling good, enjoy, appreciate but don’t, don’t forget what’s going on inside my body, my brain and don’t overdo it physically.


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I’ve written many times of the progress I’m making, admittedly the improvements wouldn’t necessarily be that obvious to anyone not living in my skin, I can’t say living in my shoes because I don’t wear them, in fact I don’t wear anything on my feet, no socks, slippers or shoes, that in itself is good in my opinion. Grounding or Earthing as it’s sometimes known, again in my opinion is good and psychologically it makes a difference to me. As the weather gets better, not hot but just not freezing, I will sit outside with my bare feet on the step or on the grass for thirty minutes on the days it’s bearable, I say that because it’s the heat, not that we have extremes that affect me the most.

It’s probably been a month now that the improvements have slowly been combining so that feeling good is becoming “the norm” for me, I’m not internally stressing about little things that require physical action, so all in all I’m feeling great about myself.

As an aside note I had a lovely compliment on Monday, an unintentional one but a compliment all the same, I had a new carer who after her hour mentioned that I was young to have this disease, I sort of giggled and asked how old she thought I was, now her response hasn’t given me any delusions of grandeur when she said I was probably in my late 40’s….okay I did feel good even if she was only 26 and not a medical professional, I told her we had the same numbers for our age accept my two are hers in reverse.

Anyway back to my point, lots of people that I know have had CCSVI, myself included and some others more than once, I have the greatest respect for Paolo Zamboni the creator but the number of long term successes are small in comparison to the massive number of successes of those following the Ann Boroch Protocol.. ABP.. if you are intrigued, interested and would like to know more then please contact Janet Orchard or me and we can point you in the right direction.

In August 2017 I read Healing Multiple Sclerosis and felt tentatively good about the possibilities, nearly 6 months later I can’t adequately express my gratitude and confidence.


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I usually sleep for between four to five and a half hours each night, I know it’s generally recommended to have eight hours but that’s never happened for me, I no longer take sleeping pills which I did for 25 years and even then I didn’t sleep for longer. But my body seems to cope perfectly well on it, so no complaints. I tend to rest and meditate a lot usually after lunch, I don’t sleep, just rest.

So when I first wake at 5 am or thereabouts I usually drink about a quarter of a litre of water with bicarb, I’ll finish the litre before I get out of bed by 8 am, that’s my normal start and has been since returning to England just over 5 years ago.

Mentally I’m preparing myself for my day. I see it as my days challenge and I tell myself I’m going to have a great day, obviously there have been days when my mental conditioning hasn’t worked and understandably that frustrates me, but when that happens I don’t moan, complain or get upset because there’s no point,, it won’t make anything better or easier so emotions simply don’t come into it.

The posts I write, such as this one are normally written the day before posting, so it’s now Sunday evening, this will be posted Monday morning after my red clover tea, salt caps, Serrapeptase and probiotics, another 1/2 litre of water, the loo then breakfast.

The last four or five days have been great for me in that my coordination, balance and strength have been good, so much so that I’m even more optimistic about the healing that’s taking place, I feel confident that I’ll be managing to walk a few steps unaided within the next six months. I’m not fooling myself, I’m basing that assumption on the many small improvements I’m experiencing daily.

What Ann Boroch did was nothing short of amazing, her work and phenomenal efforts have made it possible for thousands to have a far better quality of life, I don’t know if it’s been accurately documented as to the number that have completely healed but I believe it’s a lot. It’s been said before and I’m sure it will be another thousand times, Janet Orchard you are my inspiration and every morning as my feet touch the floor, following in Ann’s and your footsteps is my mission.


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Five months, one week two days…. a long time if you count the minutes, which is 223,876 give or take a few hundred, that’s the number of minutes since I started the ABP, the protocol that’s changing my life. During that time there have been some quite frankly terrifying moments, I have to point out that it was moments, not minutes or hours, just seconds that I thought “what the hell am I doing”. Those moments, sat naked on the floor where I’d fallen, or on the edge of my bed in the dark, freezing but covered I sweat, that does happen, I honestly did doubt my sanity. Looking back, and I’ll state quite clearly, I’ve a long way still to go, but looking back I have to say it’s hard and quite honestly you have to be quite a special person to stick to it. I know there have been the occasional doubts,  especially during the first month but they are long gone. As I’ve said it takes character, determination and an unshakable belief, I’ve learned so much about myself, I’m so proud of what I’ve done, what I’m doing…. I’m not unique, there are others that have experienced a lot worse and have been doing this for years longer than I have, and knowing that inspires and motivates me. During the first days the subtle, minor improvements seemed massive to me at the time, in comparison to the improvements I’m noticing now they were tiny. What was, is only a small part of what is… just a few degrees on the 360 degree circle of my total healing to come.

No brainer…

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No brainer.

Imagine being told you have a disease that apparently the best medical minds in the world have not been able to cure, with the millions, no… billions supposedly set aside for research by the health organisations and research facilities around the world. The symptoms of this disease slowly but surely take away one’s ability to function alone. Walking becomes a memory, coordinated fine motor skills become non existent as do basic requirements of your daily life, hmmm bit of a bummer. The options according to doctors and nurses etc is to take pharmaceutical drugs that may or may not help on a temporary basis and unless you personally do some research you’ll have no understanding of the long lasting damage the drugs will have on your seriously weakened body.

However…. asking questions and doing in depth research shows that there is actually an alternative to the slow painful death predicted by the brainwashed medical professionals.

Downside..oh yes there is one, although not a particularly difficult thing to deal with is that several foods you’d previously enjoyed have to be removed permanently from your daily diet. Other foods, not  ones you have to be eaten before, although they aren’t necessarily hard to eat, just different. Oh yes there’s also supplements that might initially seem to be only for other people, y’know the health conscious and sporty types have to be taken… daily and even multiple times daily.

The upside is … There’s an extremely positive chance that you’ll be able to live again and not just exist with nothing to look forward to.

Hmmmm let me think about this for a nanosecond… eh !!!! yes!!! I’ll do it because ….

  1. A) I want to live and
  2. B) because being sick, in pain, dependent and a burden to others is horrible…

Following the ABP is a no brainer..

Game changer….

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Game changer..

I know this isn’t a game, it’s a life changing puzzle that must be understood,…. get that….understood not just read,  it’s not just a set of guidelines that are written and then encouraged to follow, it’s an account of what happened to another human being, the difference between her and the rest of us is simple, we are just regular people whereas she was freaking amazing. We all know what it’s like to be told we have multiple sclerosis, obviously I’m referring to a special group now, but to be told that when you’re only 24 must have been devastating.  Unlike the rest of us, she set out on a quest to find the answer to a question the world of medicine categorically stated that there was no solution. The quest was filled with highs and lows and the world at that time was very different technologically, no Google in fact the internet was still a decade away so her research options were severely limited in comparison to today.

Anyway, I called this post Game Changer… today my brand new, just released revised copy of The Candida Cure was automatically delivered to my Kindle and as you can imagine that’s been my main activity today, I’m writing this Tuesday evening. I think when I read Healing Multiple sclerosis back in August last year, I was a little overwhelmed I think, to go from desperately wanting to be healed but not knowing how, to reading an account of how it genuinely happened just sort of sent my brain into a spin. Obviously I’ve not finished the Candida Cure yet but so far it’s really reaffirming that this will happen and taste buds, desires, wants and misguided needs are being pushed aside as its now “no excuses” and do it right this time. I strongly recommend reading and/or re-reading it to put yourself firmly back on track because trust me, this really is a game changer.