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I think there is more misinformation about cholesterol than anything else, the
average person has been duped and mislead into thinking that cholesterol is
bad, it’s actually a saint not a sinner.

To explain the subject line, if you were to do a survey of accidents in your local town you’d find that in every RTA or road traffic accident there was always an Ambulance present. Do these statistics mean that if you remove all the ambulances there would be fewer accidents….no of course not but that is what you are lead to believe by the pariahs called big pharma who are raking in billions with this simple lie.

There really isn’t bad cholesterol; yes there are types of cholesterol but not just
two as is often thought.

is high density lipoproteins

is low density lipoproteins

is very low density lipoproteins and they all have a place, they have a valid
reason to be in the body.

The body manufactures around 60% of the cholesterol it needs to function, so you
require the other 40% from foods. As vegetables do not contain cholesterol your
body needs to get it from an animal diet.

Cholesterol is the second biggest natural detoxifier in the body, Albumin being the
biggest. So when you are exposed to toxins either through your diet or some
other avenue the cholesterol sets about neutralizing them.

I suppose that it’s fair to say that cholesterol is guilty by association, if you
did a survey of the accidents in your local city you’d find that every time
there was a vehicle accident, there was also an ambulance present. It would it be fair to suggest that the
ambulance was the common denominator, but unfair to say that the ambulance was
the guilty party when it came to vehicle accidents. No, the ambulance was there
because of the accident and the same applies to cholesterol. As the second
biggest natural detoxifier it rushes in to protect you and eliminate the
toxins, but what happens is the medical profession see you have high
cholesterol in their opinion and give you a statin drug.

The statin artificially lowers your cholesterol and enables the toxins to run riot,
you suffer a heart attack or stroke and the doctor says,” I’m sorry it was just because of your high cholesterol, we prescribed
an anticholestrol medication but the cholesterol was too high and we couldn’t
get it down quick enough”.

This is a load of rubbish, cholesterol is there to help you, God didn’t put us on this planet
to commit suicide, he gave us all we need to survive and thrive, but sadly the
greedy amongst us have provided lots of tasty appealing treats. But those
treats cause problems in our body, so we are told about options that supposedly
help. They don’t help really; they just put a band-aid on the problem.

In the book “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration” written by Dr. Weston A Price, he
found that as the volume of fats in the diet went down , the race degenerated,
he said that the people with the best overall health around the world had about 40% fat in their
diet. He monitored the cholesterol and triglyceride levels for almost twenty
years and found that there is no relationship between the amount of fats in the
diet and the serum level of fats.

Cholesterol makes up approximately 25% of the dry weight of the brain, and at least 23% of
the cell membrane of the red blood cells, without this they wouldn’t be able to
flex and contort and get through the tiny capillaries resulting in local
necrosis , in the brain this is known as a stroke.

I mentioned butter before as an essential ingredient to the diet, Dr. Huggins has
recommended as much as a quarter pound of butter daily. The reason for this is
that the intestinal tract is essentially a giant fat soluble membrane.

Nutrients appear to be absorbed better across a fat soluble membrane when they are in conjunction
with fats. Butter supplies this form of fat. Dr. Huggins noted that when
overweight people change from margarine to butter they tend to lose weight very
easily. The reason for this may be that the body is actually hungry for
nutrients, so as the nutrients are absorbed via the mechanism of fat, the
hunger desire is satisfied more easily. Another point to make here is that fats
are fats and oils are oils, they are similar but not the same.

A very interesting and valid point to also make in regards to margarine, when you
break down margarine into its cellular form you’ll find it is very similar to plastic…

If you place an open tub of margarine in your garden and next to it place an open
tub of butter, then leave them for a week You’ll find all of the butter has
gone but the margarine is still intact. Even insects know its bad and won’t
touch it.

When margarine was originally created it was as a fattening agent for turkeys, the
turkeys wouldn’t’ touch it. The creators had spent millions and millions in
development. When the turkeys ignored this costly fact the manufacturers had to
do something, so they added a coloring agent to make it look more like butter
and sold it for human consumption..

The HDL has a very influential role to play in protection against heart disease
amongst other things; HDL is from the cholesterol fraction of the blood the LDL
from the cholesterol and triglyceride fraction while the VLDL only from the
triglyceride fraction. LDL and VLDL combine in the liver with Bilirubin to
produce bile which is essential in metabolizing foods. When this isn’t done correctly,
food is not synthesized or absorbed correctly, resulting in gallstones in the
liver and gallbladder.

Andreas Moritz PhD explains how gallstones are formed in the liver and gallbladder in
his book listed below. I found it to be a very interesting book and was totally
amazed to discover the prevalence of liver and gallbladder problems in America
today. I had heard about people having an operation to have gallstones removed.
I really had no idea that most people have gallstones but aren’t aware of the problems
yet. Moritz talks about not just having a gall stone or ten or twenty gallstones
but how some people can have as many as 20,000 gallstones. Yes you read that
correctly, 20,000 gallstones.

He details in his book how gallstones are formed and more importantly goes into
great detail on how to remove them, without an operation.

How this can be done from home relatively
painlessly over a six-day period, this is a great book to read, I bought my
copy as an e-book from Barnes and Noble for $9.95.

Back to cholesterol, statistically there are far more problems with having low
cholesterol than high cholesterol, more people suffer from stroke when their
cholesterol is below 160 mg% and more people die of cancer when their
cholesterol is below 150 mg%.

Studies have shown other significant problems such as depression and leading to
suicide. There are many cases of vandalism and hooliganism, fighting and bad
behavior due to low cholesterol.

Two very well-respected medical professionals on this subject are Thomas E Levy,
MD, JD and Hal Huggins, MS, DDS, their work differs slightly in the correct
level but both show proof that it should be higher than your traditional doctor
is recommending in keeping your cholesterol below 175 mg%.

Huggins’grand mentor was Melvin Page DDS who suggests a level of 221 mg% while Levy
talks about 240-250 mg%.

When I met Dr. Huggins in 2007 I had a blood test for the Huggins recovery program
and was shocked to find my cholesterol was at 274 mg%. Doc suggested that I eat
more eggs and butter to remedy that problem.

You can imagine the shocked look on my face at hearing this; however I followed his
advice and ate 2 eggs and large amounts of butter each day. Two weeks later I
had another blood test and was very pleasantly surprised to see my cholesterol
was down to 238 mg%. Yes that happened in only two weeks, you have probably
heard from your doctor that when your cholesterol is high you’ll have to go on
a statin drug and probably be on that medication for life.

One of my first questions to Dr. Huggins was “how do you raise your cholesterol if
it’s too low, he replied with “eat two eggs per day and a quarter pound of
butter” I then asked “how do you lower it if it’s too high” when he told me the
same thing “eat two eggs and a quarter pound of butter” I was a little shocked
to say the least.

Your body will find the natural, healthy level for cholesterol.

There is a wealth of information on this subject if you care to read the following

Optimal Nutrition for Optimal
Health, Thomas E Levy, MD, JD

The Liver and Gallbladder
miracle cleanse, Andreas Moritz, PhD

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