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HCA Fillings or High Copper Amalgam, Which essentially is three dangerous metals Mercury,Copper and Zinc.

During my three and a half years working for Dr. Huggins, I talked with more than 17,500 clients and I was frequently told that the client believee that they didn’t have the old silver filling, their reliable dentist informed them that they had the new “high copper amalgam” filling. He had told them that this was safer and more reliable than the antiquated filling they had before.
Yes it was true that this would last a lifetime, but what the dentist was probably unaware of was that this was likely to shorten your life, so yes the filling material would last.
The dentist was telling the truth, sort of, it was definitely more reliable, the question is “more reliable in what way?”
Well it was more reliably releasing a toxin that’s true but was it safer for the patient? The answer to that question is definitely a NO.
The High Copper Amalgam filling was developed by the American Dental Association (ADA) to furnish an amalgam that did not release mercury. Well this didn’t work exactly as they intended. The new filling released mercury vapor 50 times faster than the original.
So stating that in a different way, one amalgam placed since 1976 will provide the same mercury exposure that 50 of the old pre “76” fillings.
The toxicologist at the University of Arkansas, Dr. Louis Change once reported that one microgram of mercury will damage the human body. Professor Joseph Levisky at the University of Colorado stated that one atom kills one cell. I think each amalgam filling will release 34 micrograms daily, so do you think they are safe.
This process is speeded up dramatically by normal everyday human functions; chewing food is the primary culprit but the chemical reaction from acids speed up this process, and this can be even more damaging as it creates a corrosive effect. The next problem is the electrical effect, mercury combined with copper and silver stimulates an electrical current and releases mercury. Now if there is also a gold crown in the mouth this will increase the mercury release by 10 fold.
The last agitator is heat; drinking hot drinks will increase the amount of mercury vapor released from the amalgam.
The most sensitive parts of your body are the insides of your cheeks and under your tongue so you can imagine where the mercury vapor goes, yes straight into your blood stream to be deposited in various filter organs throughout your body, Heart, Liver, Kidneys and Brain.
Mercury can inflict damage in a variety of ways; it can rupture the cell membranes, nerve impulse transmission, hormonal malfunction and the creation of methyl mercury which sees no barrier such as the blood brain barrier and placental barrier.

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