Raw food week two

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Well this is not as difficult as I first thought, having a salad for a main meal certainly breaks the boredom of green smoothies. From a health standpoint at this time there’s nothing spectacular that I can report although a more positive mental alertness is definitely noticeable.

On waking I’m sticking with the litre of warm lemon water followed by water with Sole made from Himalayan Crystals and that gives me a good start to the day.

In some ways having so much fairly bland water and then having a protein shake with an egg seems very tasty  and sets me up for the day. As normal I’m sticking with 4 or 5 meals each day, I’m a strong believer in the regimen of “little and often”.

This is my 10th day so still early to be expecting anything positive.

Having MS, which is perceived by western medicine to be incurable is a very debilitating disease and over the past 13 years I’ve accepted that I’m limited physically but…. but mentally I don’t accept that I will never get any better. When I go to have my hyperbaric therapy twice each week and see others suffering with this hideous illness it just challenges me but also makes me feel so grateful  to my sister Suzie and niece Deb who take me.

I am determined to beat this and I know in my heart that I will one day be able to live my life as I should as a normal healthy person.

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