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Untold thousands of people from nearly all 50 U.S. states have continued to  flood hospital emergency rooms in recent weeks due to widespread outbreaks of  flu-like symptoms. And because many of these people have already been vaccinated  for the flu this season, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and  Prevention (CDC) is basically having to admit that the flu shot is not  nearly as effective as we have all been told it is — but be sure to get it  anyway (they continually say).
As reported by CBS News, the most  recent statistics show that at least 24 states and New York City are  experiencing “high activity of influenza-like illness,” and another 16 states  are reporting moderate activity, despite the warmer-than-normal winter in many  places throughout the country. And since it is so early into the so-called “flu  season,” officials are scrambling to make sense of the situation, especially as  it is becoming painfully obvious that flu shots simply do not work.
Even  though about 65 percent of adults 65 years of age and older get a flu shot every  year, this age group continues to be the most hard hit by influenza. Even  children are falling victim to the flu, as more than 20 children from across the  U.S., according to FOX News, have died in recent weeks due to flu  complications. As reported by various news sources, many of these children and  others had been vaccinated for the flu, illustrating its  ineffectiveness.
“[T]hese early [vaccine effectiveness] estimates  underscore that some vaccinated persons will become infected with influenza,”  admitted CDC researchers in a new study published in the journal Morbidity  and Mortality Weekly Report. This same report admits that flu  vaccines are also only about 60 percent effective at preventing the flu, based  on infection rates in recent years.

Flu vaccine is actually less than two percent effective, based on the  figures

But as we reported back in 2011, the data the CDC is using to claim  even a 60 percent effectiveness rate for the flu shot is largely misinterpreted.  Only about 2.7 in 100 adults gets the flu every year on average, according to  the Lancet published meta-analyses that the CDC  is referring to with its 60 percent effectiveness claim. But when you introduce  vaccines into the picture, that number only drops by 1.5 percent.
In  other words, flu vaccines have an effectiveness rate of only about 1.5 percent,  according to the Lancet study that health authorities now routinely use  to claim that flu vaccines are effective. When you take into account possible  margins of error and other discrepancies, the true effectiveness of the flu shot  is negligible, based on all available data.
What this means, of course,  is that the CDC and various other major mouthpieces for public health are  struggling to maintain the flu vaccine lie, as no  matter how many people get the flu shot, flu outbreaks only continue to  intensify. If anything, this shows that widespread malnutrition, lack of vitamin  D, and toxic environments, and not a lack of flu shots, is to blame for the  current flu epidemic.
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