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A real flu fighter isn’t a cocktail shot in the arm;  rather, a true flu fighter is a naturally antiviral, antibacterial, immune  building powerhouse. One wonderful food medicine flourishing right among us is  the elderberry. This flu fighting Spartan has been used throughout history to  deter influenza virus. In fact, in 1995, an entire influenza epidemic was  thwarted in Panama utilizing elderberry treatment.

Why do we need flu shots then?

With commercial ads promoting flu shots  at every turn, it’s easy to let other “more knowledgeable” accredited people  think for us. For some, it seems much easier to pull up to the drive thru, roll  the sleeve back, and take the cocktail injection right in the arm, driving off  self-assured.
It all sounds nice and beneficial, but when it comes down  to it, there are serious unintended consequences that stem from consuming heavy  metal laced vaccinations and absorbing a “quick fix” health  philosophy:
The number one consequence is the growing rate of autism.
Study upon study is finding increased levels of thimerosal  in autistic children. Thimerosal, a preservative used in vaccines, is known to  inhibit methionine sythetase by 50 percent in vitro. Normal functioning of  methionine sythetase is absolutely necessary for the biochemical development of  the brain, attention, and the production of an important detoxifying agent  called glutathione.
With thimerosal levels increasing in human tissues,  brain function is deteriorating in general. Autism rates in 2000 were 1 in 150.  Today autism affects an astounding 1 in 50! This is a serious epidemic that  needs further examination. Autism awareness isn’t enough. It’s time to confess  the root causes and be honest about autism origins. GMOs, pesticides, plastics,  BPA all destroy natural human brain function, and thimerosal from vaccinations  is leading this dark parade.

Elderberry makes flu shots look ridiculous

Elderberry simply makes  contemporary flu shots look hideous, ridiculous, and insane. Who needs to be  injected with formaldehyde, mercury, factory flu  strains all in hopes of not getting sick?
It’s much wiser and safer to  incorporate elderberries and other antiviral herbs into one’s lifestyle,  promoting prevention rather than an insane injection of heavy metal,  autism-inducing vaccinations.

Why aren’t we growing fields of this wonderful herb?

Elderberry is found  growing wildly in North America, Europe, North Africa, and Western Asia. In  2005, researchers in London studied Black Elderberry and found that it’s 99  percent effective in fighting the Avian Flu (H5N1) virus. In Germany, scientists  conducted studies that linked elderberry  anthocyanins to enhanced immune function. Elderberry essentially works by  boosting the production of cytokines, which are unique proteins that act as  messengers that help regulate immune response. Their studies revealed that  elderberry’s antioxidant powers were greater than equal doses of vitamin E and  vitamin C. Furthermore, this activity has been shown to also decrease swelling  in mucous membranes and sinuses.

Elderberry doesn’t wait on the flu, it stays on the offensive

Since flu  viruses cannot replicate themselves, they use DNA from living cells to survive.  To achieve their destruction, flu viruses puncture living cell walls with spiky  features called hemagglutinin. This flu virus invasion can be completely  prevented with elderberry because elderberry effectively disarms the spikes and  halts the action of their enzymes.
Essentially, elderberry’s cytokine  production prevents flu virus invasion before it ever takes hold – a much more  effective strategy than heavy-metal-laced flu shot injections.
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