Toxicity of dentistry

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Toxicity of dentistry
Quite often the source of a health challenge would be right in front of you,or as Dr. Huggins would say…Right under your
nose. Yes in your mouth, or more specifically, your teeth.
After working with Dr Huggins for more than three years and reading some very
notable and knowledgeable authors like Dr. Hal Huggins, Dr. Thomas E Levy, Dr. George Meinig and of course the original master, Dr. Weston A Price. I feel confident in my understanding and experience; however I will never recommend, or prescribe a
product or procedure based on you telling me of your illness or disease, because I’m not qualified to do that. however will share my experience and knowledge and if you have results similar to the thousands of others I’ve talked with then I’m sure you’ll be happy.
As mentioned earlier, your blood can tell you so much about what is happening in your body, At Huggins Applied Healing we would look at a blood test, this test was quite comprehensive and would indicate several things to us.
The test would be a Blood profile and CBC with a manual differential.
Now judgments or recommendations on what was happening in a client’s blood would be made.
This was only done by a computer program which had been created based on Dr.Huggins work. This was the Huggins Recovery Program or as it was later known, The Assist Program.
Dr.Huggins work and research is considered to be controversial at the least however, the fact that his findings flew in the face of traditional medicine doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Your average GP would shake his or her head and make the sharp intake of breath  indicating total disagreement. But then again the majority of doctors will 99% of the time simply prescribe a drug to treat the symptom not the cause.
Do  your due diligence and research yourself, look up Huggins Applied Healing and ask them questions in relation to your problems, I think you’ll find it very refreshing to know there is still positive ways of addressing what is considered life threatening and incurable illnesses.

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