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An exclusive Natural News investigation reveals that Michigan State  University (MSU) is eliminating toxic waste / deadly environmental toxins by  selling them to the public as “surplus” materials. At least one of these  materials can be weaponized by terrorists and used to poison municipal water  supplies and cause widespread neurological damage to the  population.
Using nothing more than a credit card on the MSU surplus  website (, I was able to accidentally purchase an  enormous quantity of liquid mercury inside a “surplus” polarographic analyzer  that MSU sold me for a mere $100.
The unit was packaged in bubble wrap  and styrofoam peanuts, then placed in a cardboard box. It contained absolutely  no warnings about hazardous materials as is required by carriers such as UPS and  the USPS. There was no MSDS in the box and no indication whatsoever that the  equipment should be kept in an upward orientation to prevent mercury from  spilling out. No doubt the people who also packaged this laboratory equipment at  MSU were also exposed to mercury during the packaging process (is that what  undergrads are for?).
When I received the unit, it was upside down and  the bubble wrap was inundated with mercury. No doubt mercury also escaped the  cardboard box during shipment, possibly causing neurological damage to the UPS  workers who handled the box.
Furthermore, MSU failed to warn me that  the shipment contained a highly toxic hazardous substance. There was no  indication whatsoever that the device contained a very large quantity of  mercury.

Elemental mercury can be weaponized into an aerosol, a vapor, or a deadly  nerve agent

What’s especially shocking in all this is that a terrorist using  just a little bit of chemistry knowledge could “weaponize” this elemental  mercury and turn it into far more deadly mercury  compounds which could then be deployed against a population through the water  supply, a building HVAC intake system or other methods that I need not  describe.
For example, terrorists could turn elemental mercury into dimethylmercury, a deadly neurotoxin that just happens to be a colorless  liquid with a slightly sweet (deadly) smell. Dimethylmercury is toxic  to humans at just 0.1mL (one-tenth of one milliliter). It also passes right  through PVC, latex, neoprene and other protective gear, going right into the  skin and causing widespread neurological damage.
Yes, it’s true that  people can acquire very small amounts of mercury in old thermometers and HVAC  controllers, but those are tiny fractions of the amount of mercury that MSU  shipped to me in just one laboratory instrument. Anyone who wanted to accumulate  vast quantities of mercury would be enabled by MSU’s surplus store practices  which apparently have no safety controls or hazardous materials guidelines  whatsoever.
Here’s a screen shot of the instrument as offered to the  public on the Michigan  State University website:
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Michigan State University getting rid of deadly hazardous waste by selling  it to the public and calling it “recycling”

What’s really going on is that  MSU has found a clever way to dispose of its toxic waste materials. It simply  sells them off to the public on its surplus website while calling it a  “recycling” program. The cardboard boxes actually come with a sticker showing a  green recycling symbol. Apparently no one at MSU seems to understand that shipping people vast quantities of liquid mercury is not a “green”  practice.”
Click here to see more laboratory equipment being sold by  MSU, much of which no doubt contains high levels of toxic elements that  could be exploited by terrorists to poison municipal water supplies or kill  hundreds or thousands of people at a time in office buildings.
Here’s an  image of the mercury droplets found in the bubble wrap:

And  here’s an image of the massive amount of mercury I received in a scientific  instrument:

In  this shipment from MSU, I received enough toxic mercury from MSU to easily  kill hundreds of people and possibly thousands. This is enough mercury to  cause alarming levels of exposure to possibly as many as one million people and  contaminate tens of millions of gallons of lakes, ponds or municipal water  supplies.
“It takes only a tiny amount to do serious damage:  One-seventieth of a teaspoon can pollute a 20-acre lake to the point where its  fish are unsafe to eat,” reports the Sierra  Club. Yet Michigan State University shipped me thousands of times that  amount, no questions asked!
If I were an evil environmental  terrorist, I could simply drop this right into the water canal providing the  entire water supply to the city of Tucson, Arizona. It wouldn’t even be  difficult to get it into the water supply feeding Los Angeles. It would take  nothing more than some heavy-duty water balloons filled with mercury and a  catapult water balloon launcher.
Thankfully, I am far more interested in  blowing the whistle on this dangerous university practice rather than using  these substances to kill people, so I will be isolating this equipment and  holding it as evidence with the hope that EPA officials may take an interest in  this practice and seek to prosecute MSU for selling and shipping toxic waste  materials packed in cardboard boxes and bubble rap.
Here’s more mercury I  found just rolling around the top of the equipment as it was shipped via  UPS:

Here’s  a shot of the control panel of the instrument:

And  here’s more mercury found in the bubble wrap shipped with the  instrument:

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