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Its been a while since I updated my condition to everyone so I felt now was a good time, I was diagnosed with MS in Feb 04, I think most people know MS is an incurable life threatening disease. There are millions around the world with this hideous problem and thousands of the sufferers die every year. However it isn’t MS per se that does it, because our immune system is working overtime attempting to cope with the condition it rapidly becomes over worked and the white blood cells which is essentially the immune system cannot cope with the minor problems such as cold and flu etc  which  can result in devastating negative effects.

Fatigue is a major problem, so muscles are not used and as we all know, if you don’t use it, you lose it. So the MS patient slowly becomes frail leaving us in a very delicate position.

I could go into a more detailed explanation of why these problems are exacerbated and I know an explanation which will differ from what MS sufferers are told will cause problems and potential differences in opinions between sufferers looking for answers and others who believe what they are told by the medical profession.

Anyway to get back to my situation, firstly every day is a challenge for me and I’m in constant pain although after so many years it’s become normal and bearable.

Now I try to do some form or exercise everyday albeit minimal in comparison to the healthy among you, squats are favourite as it’s my legs that seem to be effected most by MS so it’s important to try to keep the muscle in my thighs looking like thighs not thick arms.

I get around my flat by furniture or wall walking so this means I can’t get from one side to the other carrying a cup or plate, this is where having a small flat is so much easier as I transfer plates from worktop to chair etc.

When I wake in the morning I tend to feel the best I’m going to be for the day, I’m a strong believer in the body being able to naturally heal itself so positive thinking and rest play a big part in my life.

I don’t take any medication for MS and am attempting to beat this on my own naturally, and I think I’m doing a reasonable job. I wouldn’t have been able to continue if it wasn’t for my family, well I say that but I mean my mum, sister Suzie and niece Debbie  who have been nothing short or amazing.

lots of fruit and veg in salads and smoothies make up three-quarters of my meals each week and gluten-free food for the remainder.

I’d like to write more but my fingers are rapidly becoming numb and sausage like with a mind of their own so I’ll continue tomorrow.


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