Me and MS part 2

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I must start this by saying however I describe how my life is now, the frustration, the pain and discomfort, the embarrassment, it’s all minor in comparison to the joy, inspiration, hope, and gratitude I have now especially for the people who have put themselves out to save me. Mum, Suzie and Deb’s.

Now to continue from yesterday, although I feel best first thing it’s not good by any stretch of the imagination. Getting out of bed in the morning isn’t easy. Although my legs and arms move better than they did the night before they are still weak and clumsy. It takes a good hour to get up and go the bathroom, sometimes I wish I wasn’t bothered about cleanliness because standing in the bathroom washing and brushing my teeth etc takes it out of me physically. But I refuse to live a grungy life.

Next I have to make sure my consumption of water gets off to a good start as my day will be crap if I don’t, my first pint is good alkaline water (ph 7.365) with Sole…(Solay) made from Himalayan crystal salt and I usually have two in the first hour.

Sounds easy doesn’t it, well no, reflect back on what I said yesterday about walking. just getting from one side of the flat to the other is  a challenge physically,  so getting pints across the room without spilling is a pain.

After water I make my breakfast which is typically a protein shake made with coconut milk and fruit and chocolate Whey Isolate. This can take a good 30 mins, then my supplements ( of paramount importance) so the time standing can be up to an hour. For someone suffering with MS this is so demanding and I need to have an hour recuperation after this.

Again I want to write more but at this time I feel like I have chipolata sausages (breakfast sausage for my American friends) on my hands not fingers.

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