Me and MS part 3

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Well I’m persevering with my raw food diet, I would like to be more than 90% but it’s still a little difficult for me. A protein shake in the morning and salad at lunch are a staple for me but it’s the evening meal on most days that are causing the problem for me. Maybe I would have been better if I’d started in the spring and summer time rather than waiting for the winter to start. The colder days and darkness at 4.30 seems to be the killer for me. However I think and feel that the change in food is having a positive effect on me along with the Lipospheric Vit C which I’m having two each day of.

Ok an update on my condition, I have been feeling very good in the morning, the rest and sleep is critically important to everyone and more so with anyone suffering from a life threatening disease. Notice I didn’t say incurable disease, because in my mind I have to believe its beatable, there’s no point telling myself it’s incurable if I intend to win so although western medicine say its’ a done deal when you have this I don’t accept it.

There are many Alternative and Complimentary health professionals around the world that have proven categorically it’s not incurable so I’m siding with them and not letting the hope fade away.

I’m noticing that having Alkaline water first thing (1 1/2 litre’s) seems to set me up well  for the day, I’m probably drinking 3 1/2 litre’s during the day which is a little more than I did 6 months ago.

I’m feeling stronger and more stable for the first few hours in the day so this may have something to do with limiting my processed food intake.

This is hard but at the end of the day I believe you can do anything you want if….if you want to do it enough..

So I’ve just got to be stronger..

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