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In the following interview, Mike Adamsconducts a video interview with  neurosurgeon, researcher and writer Dr. Russell Blaylock – an expert on  excitotoxins like aspartame and MSG – about fraudulent vaccine science. Dr.  Blaylock reveals the disturbing truth about vaccine trials and ethics, as well  as very eye-opening breaking vaccine news.

Health Ranger: Hello  and welcome. This is Mike Adams, the Health Ranger for with a  special video interview with Dr. Russell Blaylock, a neurosurgeon and expert on  excitotoxins and extremely well informed on the toxicity on the brain that may  be caused by the chemical adjuvants and heavy metals and light metals even found  in vaccines. He joins us today by Skype video with a lot of breaking information  on this front. Dr. Blaylock, thank you for joining me today.

Dr.  Blaylock: Thank you, Mike.

Health Ranger: Well, the vaccine  world has gone crazy, Dr. Blaylock, they’re saying we should have mandatory  participation in vaccine trials now, no right to opt out. Why, tell us why is  that a crazy idea?

Dr. Blaylock: Well, it’s a violation of the  Nuremberg medical code, for one, you know this was to protect the public against  being experimental animals for governments or vaccine companies. So suddenly we  have this violation of Nuremberg protection, saying that you should be forced  into a vaccine trial. And if your health is destroyed during testing of this  experimental vaccine, then that’s just the price you pay for living in this  society. Well that’s not certainly consistent with the founding of this  republic, that people are forcibly put into experimental trials.

Health Ranger:  Well, right, but let me play devil’s advocate with you here for a second. The  vaccine promoters, pushers, propagandists, they say well for every, they say  sure a few people will die from the vaccines,  they admit that, but they say for every one person that is killed by a vaccine,  maybe a million people will be saved, thus it’s for the greater good of society.  What’s wrong with that logic, Dr. Blaylock?

Dr. Blaylock: Well,  it’s interesting, that’s the very same logic we heard in Nazi Germany, that  these actions are social, that we’re doing these things for the greater good.  That you have to look at the long view. Sure we’ll kill a couple million people,  or we’ll kill a couple thousand people while doing this experiment or that  experiment, but it’s for the greater good. So the greater good argument has  always led to these totalitarian abuses. And the fact is, most of the damage by  vaccines is hidden. We had the vaccine, a VAERS’s reporting  system, which is voluntary. But even there, we see that virtually millions of  reactions to vaccines reported. And when you hear vaccine proponents talk about  it you hear oh, it’s very rare that you have a reaction to a vaccine, which is a  complete lie. Even their data which is reporting only 2 to 10 percent of vaccine  complications shows that we’re seeing hundreds of thousands of serious  complications from a vaccine, and often as in the case of the Gardasil, the  serious complications to vaccine exceed the death rate from cervical cancer. So  this benefit to harm ratio says that we shouldn’t be doing this at all, that  vaccines should be outlawed. You’re harming more people than benefit from the  vaccine. And that’s the problem, they can hide this  information.

Health Ranger: Right, right they can always explain  it away or just bury it or even, they have the vaccine injury compensation  program which is this shadow court system that has more power than the U.S.  Supreme Court, that pays money out to parents, admitting that yeah your child  was damaged even made autistic by vaccines, but here we’re going to pay you this  money, it’s hush money, by accepting this settlement you agree not to talk about  it. That exists in American today, it’s a hush money pseudo-shadow government  court system.

Dr. Blaylock: Well and it’s vaccine injury court.  It’s extremely difficult to even appear before the court. I’ve known a number of  parents whose children were obviously destroyed by vaccines who never got a  hearing. So to actually get any money from the court is very difficult. Like you  say, even the results showing that a lot of children are neurologically damaged  by the vaccine is hidden. Public never hears about it.

Health  Ranger: Well, yeah that’s exactly right. Of course, the mainstream media  won’t cover it. People are only going to hear this here in the alternative  media. And along those lines, by the way, I want to encourage those watching to  check out your website Dr. Blaylock, which is of course  did I get that right?

Dr. Blaylock: That’s right.

Health  Ranger: Alright,, sign up for his email newsletter  there, you could also check out his books on and other booksellers.  He’s got books like EXCITOTOXINS: THE TASTE THAT KILLS and what’s your latest  book on cancer, what’s the title?


Health Ranger: NATURAL STRATEGIES FOR CANCER  PATIENTS. Do you have a book on vaccine toxicity yet?

Dr.  Blaylock: Not yet. But I did the introduction to Neil Z. Miller’s latest  book THE VACCINE SAFETY MANUAL, it’s a rather long introduction he allowed me to  write. So I have that, plus I have a book on autism, which links the vaccines  and the mechanism, the molecular mechanism by which it produces  autism.

Health Ranger: I would like to invite you by the way right  here on camera, we would like to publish your articles. I know that you publish  on Newsmax, if you can get permission maybe to allow us to publish on the same  day or the following day, I would really like to publish your articles in your  name on Natural News. I think it would be a great addition to the  website.

Dr. Blaylock: You’re welcome to, appreciate  it.

Health Ranger: Well, let’s set it up after this. Just send us  your articles and we’ll get them posted for you. People need to see your  information, but getting back to the vaccine issue. Let me play devil’s advocate  with you again, because you know there’s so many counter arguments to this by  the industry. The industry will say ok well, let’s say that some children are  killed or maimed or made autistic by the vaccines, but it’s still important to  have a vaccine industry because someday there’s going to be a big pandemic and  if the vaccine industry doesn’t have this machinery and this investment in its  infrastructure it won’t be able to churn out the cure that saves us all from  total death and destruction. What about that defense there?

Dr.  Blaylock: Well, that’s assuming that we’re not going to have any capability  to produce a vaccine unless they’re allowed to make hundreds of millions of  dollars of profit, which is certainly not true. If we look at the science of the  vaccination process itself, it’s becoming evident that the way they do the  immunizations, the vaccine of sticking it into the muscle of your arm and your  leg actually suppresses a lot of your immune system, particularly in young  children. We found out that in fact it causes the immune system to switch to  what we call TH2 type cytokine production, which inhibits immunity. And your  major protection against virus, particularly the really virulent, deadly viruses  and bacteria is your cellular immunity. Well vaccines don’t stimulate cellular  immunity at all; in fact, they suppress it. It’s known if you look on the CDC  site they’ll tell you that for instance if a child gets a HIB vaccine for two  weeks they’re much more likely to get HIB and to die from it than they would if  you didn’t give them the vaccine. We see the same thing with the MMR vaccine,  the measles or rubella virus is an immunosuppressant, just like the HIV  virus.

Health Ranger: Yeah it’s extraordinary. We see news reports  very frequently where they talk about things like a measles outbreak, or a  whooping cough outbreak or a chicken pox outbreak. I notice they never tell you  the truth, which is that most of those involved in the outbreak were previously  vaccinated against the very thing that’s breaking out. It’s like the kids with  the measles are the ones who got the measles vaccine. They don’t tell you  that.

Dr. Blaylock: Well there’s several important things they  don’t tell you. Number one, when they have these so-called outbreaks, death from  the outbreak is extremely rare. Most of the kids just get a case of measles and  recover, just like millions of us did when I grew up. Now when I grew up there  was no measles vaccine. Virtually everybody in my classes got measles, all of us  recovered. I don’t remember anybody having a serious complication, but you  listen to the proponents today you would think the street was littered with the  bodies of dead children. It’s just nonsense. All of us got it, and the  difference is when we got the measles, we had life long immunity. And you look  on the CDC site now it says, well if you had the measles before 1960, than you  don’t need any vaccination. But if you get a vaccination for measles, you’ve  gotta keep getting vaccinated every five years or every two years in order to  keep your immune system active. But then you don’t get protection, that’s why an  outbreak- all of these outbreak cases, the vast majority of the children were  fully vaccinated.

Health Ranger: You know, I’m glad you mentioned  that because I find that the CDC has learned the tactics of the Department of  Homeland Security in using fear to market its own authority. Where DHS says  there are terrorists everywhere, so we need more searching, we need more  budgets, we need surveillance, the CDC says oh there are deadly viruses  everywhere, and outbreaks everywhere, therefore we need more budgets, we need  more vaccines, we need more infectious disease surveillance. It’s the same exact  tactic as the war-mongering engine, which is Department of Homeland Security.  It’s incredible.

Dr. Blaylock: Well the sad thing about it is all  these fears are predicated on absolute lies. For instance, if you look at  vaccine policy for a six-month-old baby, they’re giving them a diphtheria  injection, they’re giving them an injection for tetanus, and then you ask a  physician what is the risk of a child in the United States of America developing  tetanus if they’re not vaccinated. He doesn’t have a clue. Well, if you look  back before there was a tetanus vaccine, the incidence of tetanus in newborn  babies was almost nothing. Zero. Most of the tetanus cases were people over the  age of 25, and the number of tetanus cases in the United States was  infinitesimally small even before there was a vaccine. It gives the impression  that before these vaccines existed, these infections were just rampant and  massive, but when we look at the data, the historical data on these infections,  and that includes all the childhood infections, all of them were falling  drastically before there was even a vaccine invented. The vaccine came out on  the very end of the fall in these vaccinations. The reason is when you get  natural infections, over time the population develops massive immunity to the  infection.

Health Ranger: You know, I’m really glad you mentioned  that because there is a lot of revisionist history in, for example, polio. You  know, the talk about the polio vaccine was this great and wonderful thing, but  if you look at the actual history, polio was on the way out before the vaccine  even came in. And then you look at Jonas Salk, the famed inventor of polio, and  he ran illegal medical experiments using government money on innocent victims  who didn’t know they were being experimented on. I mean, it’s madness, and yet  no one is really told this history through conventional channels today,  astonishing.

Dr. Blaylock: Well if you read the history of the  polio epidemic, of course I grew up in the heyday of polio when there was no  vaccine. Well, we only had one child in my classroom who developed polio and she  just had a minor foot atrophy, leg atrophy. But you didn’t see many children who  ended up in an iron lung. When you see these pictures of the days of polio and  they show you these rooms full of iron lung, those are referral centers. They  took cases from all over the United States because they had the iron lung. You  look into regions for instance, you would find that in Haddenburg, Mississippi,  oh they may have had five or six cases and you look at another city, they have  one or two cases but if you combine them all it looks really impressive. These  are referral centers. It’s deception to what they’re doing. They know that most  of the people they’re addressing with this information was not alive at that  time, that the poliovirus was a mild summer virus that had been present forever  before, and that this appearance of paralysis was something that shocked  everybody because this was such a mild virus. Interestingly, the period at which  this virus suddenly changed its character to produce paralysis came on the foot  of the vaccination for diphtheria and pertussis. And that’s when they think the  vaccine itself either altered the immunity of these children or it mutated the  virus itself to make it paralytic.

Health Ranger: Well what a  great marketing scam. The vaccine comes along and actually weakens the immune  system, makes people more vulnerable to infection, and there are live viruses  inadvertently or maybe intentionally put into the vaccines that get out into the  wild. So the vaccines become a vector for introducing infection in some cases,  we saw that with Baxter Pharmaceuticals. So then the vaccines become their own  self-fulfilling prophecy. There’s infectious disease because the vaccines are  weakening the immune system and putting in the infectious disease, and then they  use the presence of infectious disease to call for more vaccines. It’s the  ultimate circular logic, marketing scam fiasco.

Dr. Blaylock: Well  it is, they know that most physicians know almost nothing about vaccines. They  don’t know what’s in it, they don’t know anything about the immunology of the  vaccination process, the don’t read its literature, but if you get into the  science of vaccines, how they work, you’ll find out in fact that they stimulate  the immune-suppressant part of the immune system. For instance, Hepatitis B-  they had this idea that they were going to vaccinate all the newborn babies  against hepatitis B. Well what happens? It prevents the baby’s immune system  from converting to a fully functional, cellular mediated type of immunity. And  it prolongs it for longer than a year after birth. So that made those infants  infinitely more susceptible to hepatitis B, it made them more susceptible to  HIB, so that then more kids get HIB infection and so they say oh well now we  need more HIB vaccination. Like you say, it just builds on  itself.

Health Ranger: It’s incredible, now they’re pushing flu  vaccines for pregnant women. I mean that would’ve been considered medically  insane just ten years ago, right? I mean when you were in medical training they  never would’ve given vaccines like that to a pregnant woman would  they?

Dr. Blaylock: Well the thing is, and this is my area of  interest, is that when you vaccinate a pregnant woman, particularly during  certain periods of pregnancy, you increase the risk of her child later in life  having schizophrenia and autism about six fold. And that’s because the vaccine  produces immune cytokines, particularly the interleukin 6, which has been shown  to cause brain alteration in the baby that leads to later life schizophrenia and  autism. Well, this research is very sound and repeated by numerous laboratories,  yet here comes along the vaccine people saying we need to start vaccinating  pregnant women. I was shocked beyond belief with this very powerful research  showing you’re going to massively increase the number of people having  schizophrenia and autism.

Health Ranger: But again, this is  another case of scientists throwing out the science. I mean, now you go into the  pharmacies and they have all these ads, you know, you versus the flu and they  show pregnant women and how your baby’s going to be healthy. Hallmark cards puts  out these vaccine reminders for new moms to make sure your child has these 18  vaccines. And then you get these stories from parents who say my baby was  healthy, I took them in, they were given 18 vaccines all at once, or sometimes 9  or 10 all at once, within hours, it was like lights out. And now they’re  autistic. You hear this time and time again and yet the mainstream medical  system, the circle the wagons system, just denies it all. Complete denial of any  of this, it’s absurd.

Dr. Blaylock: The shocking thing is is that  they even had a secret conference, the Simpsonwood Conference, in Georgia, in  which they collected their scientists and studies to see if giving these  vaccines with mercury in it caused neurodevelopmental problems. It was a secret  meeting. And their conclusion was, yes, it is causing neurodevelopmental  problems in these children. The more vaccines, the worse the problem.  Immediately, they clamped secrecy on it, said we can’t let this report be  released because if the parents ever find out what we’ve discovered they’ll be  afraid to vaccinate their children. The chairman of the committee said well I’ll  be durned if I have my grandchild vaccinated based on this information. But he  wouldn’t let the rest of the United States know this, it was just for his own  protection.

Health Ranger: That’s the thing, they’re protecting  the industry, they’re protecting each other’s salaries, credentials and  reputations, you know, forget safety, forget serving the public. It has become a  system that exists only to expand its own power and protect its own financial  interests. And that is not science, Dr. Blaylock, that is an industry of for  profit mythology, quackery and hucksterism, not science.

Dr.  Blaylock: No, in fact, I wrote an article that I’ll send to you, which  details and quotes these people directly, some of the shocking things they said  in this conference. That if parents knew it, they would never have their  children vaccinated with these dangerous vaccines. If they knew what the science  was, and this is what I hear people like Paul Offit who come forward and pretend  that the science is on their side. Well, the science is heavily on our side. We  have some of the biggest researchers in these areas on our side. They ignore it.  They know that the public is not gonna even know how to grasp hold of the  information and read it and understand it- it’s very complex immunology. Paul  Offit is an absolute liar when he tells these things. For instance, he says oh,  you can take 100,000 vaccines, 10,000 vaccines, it’s perfectly safe. I will give  a public challenge to Paul Offit- take 36 vaccinations for hepatitis B and let’s  see how you turn out. He won’t do it. Let’s take the CEO of Merck  Pharmaceuticals and say let me give you all the vaccine that you recommend all  at once, that you say is safe, and let’s see how you turn out. They won’t do  it.

Health Ranger: That’s absolutely brilliant, Dr. Blaylock, a  public challenge. Let’s have the CEOs of these vaccine companies take their own  medicine publically, multiple injections all at once and let’s see what  happens.

Dr. Blaylock: I think there should be a law that if the  CDC signs it, and the pharmaceutical vaccine manufacturers and people like Paul  Offit are going to say these things, by law they should get every vaccine that  they recommend.

Health Ranger: I agree, and hey if they ever do  that, can you and I administer the vaccines to these people?

Dr.  Blaylock: I would love to, but I guarantee you that the CEO of Merck  Pharmaceutical, you think he’d take his vaccines?

Health Ranger: I  remember these, these groups of scientists who are skeptical about homeopathy,  and that’s a whole other topic regardless of what you believe about homeopathy,  these people were out in public drinking gallons of homeopathy and saying well,  it doesn’t work because we’re not dead. But let’s flip that back on them, let’s  say why don’t you publically drink your chemotherapy, why don’t you publically  inject yourself with your vaccines? Why don’t you take your own medicine  publically and let’s see how many of you are left standing in 30  days.

Dr. Blaylock: Well I think you may remember the case in  Maryland not too long ago in which the court ordered 1,000 teenagers to be  vaccinated in a courtroom. Got 19 vaccines, which was unbelievable that anybody  would order such a thing. It’s assault and battery, it’s a violation of  Nuremberg code, well, I wrote an article on it for a paper in Maryland. I said  challenge the governor of that state who pressed this to receive all the  vaccines, or see if he’s had all the vaccines in his family. A reporter asked  him that. You know what his answer was? That’s my private business. He would not  admit that he didn’t vaccinate his children and his grandchildren or himself.  These people are liars because they won’t take the vaccine themselves. I’ll  guarantee you these people aren’t taking the flu vaccine every year. And I  guarantee that they didn’t take the H1N1 vaccine that they were hawking, but I  worked with a researched in the Czech Republic and we wrote a number of articles  which she translated into Czech, and I said that the President of the country  after reading these articles refused to take the H1N1 vaccine. The head of their  CDC-like organization was promoting it, but she refused to take the vaccine and  they ended up destroying millions of dollars of vaccine because nobody would  take them.

Health Ranger:You know, we see this reflected  throughout the global system of so-called scientists. We see it in the Monsanto  cafeterias, they won’t eat genetically modified food. We see the Queen of  England not consuming pasteurized milk, having raw milk delivered to her family  so they can drink raw, fresh milk. We see also in the UK I think there was a  group of global elitists there who ordered up green vaccines, safe vaccines for  their children which were single dose vaccines with no preservatives, no  adjuvants in them. So we do, we have this denial, even a famous TV medical  personality said publically his family isn’t vaccinated but he recommends that  you get vaccinated. Time and time again, double standard.

Dr.  Blaylock: Exactly, and we need to insist that anyone who makes a public  demand that people take their vaccines or promotes it, then we want to know- see  their vaccine records. And if not vaccinated, they should be vaccinated  publically by vaccines that are off the shelf because they would get distilled  water or saline. We want the heads of these companies and the boards of the  companies all to be vaccinated with every vaccine they manufacture. And Paul  Offit to get at least 36 hepatitis B vaccine all at once and videotape him for  the next three weeks.

Health Ranger: I think that’s a great idea,  and it can’t be vaccines that Paul Offit arranges himself because there’d be too  much fraud going on. We’re talking about off the shelf, go down to CVS pharmacy,  go down to Walgreen’s, let’s get off the shelf vaccines. We independently draw  the vaccine into the syringe and we inject him 36 times and see what  happens.

Dr. Blaylock: Well you see when you look at the aluminum  dosage that infants are getting with the hepatitis B vaccine, it was 50 times  higher than the EPA safety dose. So that equals to an adult getting about 36  different vaccines with hepatitis B. If that’s equal to what you’re giving to a  six month old baby or a year old baby, than Paul Offit let’s give you 36  vaccines of Gardasil or tetanus or one of these other high aluminum vaccines and  let’s see how you fare.

Health Ranger: You know what, I want to  work with you on this public challenge, Dr. Blaylock. I think it’s brilliant, I  think it proves the point and I bet you these so-called vaccine scientists will  never allow themselves to be injected with all these vaccines because they know.  Of course they know.

Dr. Blaylock: Of course they know, and I  guarantee you the same challenge to the scientists in the CDC that are promoting  them, I’ll guarantee you the scientists aren’t taking these  vaccines.

Health Ranger: Well I took a vial of fluoride to an  anti-fluoride town meeting about a decade ago and challenged the dentist there  to drink the fluoride and none of them would drink it. They know it’s toxic. It  would kill them.

Dr. Blaylock: It’s like oncologists, they did a  survey of oncologists. They asked them would you take the same chemotherapeutic  treatments that your patients take if you had cancer. 80 percent of them said  no. Now that’s more telling than anything else.

Health Ranger: It  really is, yeah. We’re way over time on this segment so I gotta wrap it up, but  again I could talk to you for hours about this Dr. Blaylock, and I hope you’ll  come back and join us again on some future segments. I want to thank you for  your time, joining us today and encourage those watching to go to your website,, sign up for the email newsletter. Also go to to learn more information about the books and videos  and other information that Dr. Blaylock has made available. Thank you, Dr.  Blaylock, for joining us today.

Dr. Blaylock: Thank you,  Mike.

Health Ranger: Always great to talk with you. Stay on the  line please, I want to chat with you after this about some of the ideas you  mentioned. That’s the interview with Dr. Blaylock  folks, thanks for joining me today. This is Mike Adams the Health Ranger  reporting for Natural Be sure to share this video on Facebook and  Twitter and social networks. Get the word out there, you might save the life of  a child, an infant, an expectant mother. You might save lives just by sharing  this information and helping people stay informed and protect their own children  against the scourge of vaccines in society today. Thanks for watching and take  care.

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