Me and MS part three

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I think most people who know me would all agree that I could be considered to be stubborn, that maybe so although I’d like to think of it as determined.

When I worked for Dr.Huggins in Colorado Springs I had access to the results of my blood tests which would be done six or more times each year, this would enable me to make adjustments to my diet and any supplements I took. Sadly that isn’t the case now, so I have to make adjustments based on how I feel which isn’t accurate as this can fluctuate daily. But this is where my determination comes into play, it’s easy to feel grotty after a run of several good days but instead of making radical changes I encourage myself to stick to it.

Over the past couple of month’s I’ve incorporated a ph water filter and Lipospheric vitamin C into my daily regimen and I’ve certainly been feeling better specifically in the mornings, this has resulted in more physical activity, I say that as if I’ve been running half marathons but it really only means I’ve been able to stand and do chores in the kitchen and some squats and leg exercises. But in reality that’s a big improvement so big smiles on my face.

Another influence is Baking soda………yes Baking soda, I read some research on baking soda a couple of years back that complimented the results found by two men I have the greatest respect for, my last employer Dr. Hal Huggins and Dr. Thomas E Levy. I’m drinking around three litre’s of water per day, occasionally I’ll forget to drink and suffer the consequences which are quite dramatic in that I will become very weak.

Anyway my determination to restore my health and help others will not fail me.

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