Detox…..not as easy as “they” tell you it is..

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During my time working for Dr. Huggins I constantly
came across clients wanting to go through some form of detoxification or chelation,
my first question was to ask why?. The standard response was “to
remove the heavy metals from my body” it has been proven that these come
primarily from the amalgam fillings placed in the teeth over the years.

I can understand why this would be a strong desire especially as the person had been
experiencing one form of health problem or another and often this had been the
case for several years.

I would then ask if they still had amalgam fillings in their teeth, if the answer was
yes then I’d explain that there was no point in using one of the many forms of
detox or chelation at this time.

To do this was a little like trying to dry yourself while still in the shower…yes
that does sound a little silly but that is what they would be doing.

The amalgam was, and is the greatest source of mercury released into the body,
every time you chew, brush your teeth or drink hot drinks you stimulate the
release of methyl mercury which is 100 times more toxic than mercury, mercury
is the most toxic non radioactive substance on earth.

So, detoxification is simply not a viable option until the amalgams have been

Now back to the subject of detoxification, I will cover this assuming that there
are no amalgams in your teeth.

We’ve all seen and heard the many claims that a particular product will remove all
heavy metals from your body in two days, or one week or a month. All you have
to do is drink this unction or potion twice a day or take this pill with all
meals or whatever…

Some, I’m sure will have some positive effect’s however, most don’t…mercury is not an
element that actually wants to leave the body once it has found somewhere to
live. The problem is that blood tests in the main will not show mercury in the
blood, it’s devious, it hides, and I liken it to the Taliban or some other
terrorist organization. They wouldn’t wander the streets of NY holding a banner
claiming to kill all the American infidels. No, they would take a job and
pretend to be an active member of the community.

Ok so what do I mean by this, your blood cells all carry an identifier like a
number plate on a car, this is called a Major Histocompatibily Complex (MHC).
This is unique to every person; your immune system constantly looks for “non
self” cells, when found the alarm bells are sounded

The first line of defense is Globulin, part of the total protein in your body. Globulin
will rush in to attack the invader, but sadly, mercury is indestructible to
anything the body can throw at it so all that happens is the globulin is
rendered totally ineffective and the mercury now has a hiding place.

So, when you have your blood tested by those wonderful people telling you that
their product is “the best thing since sliced bread”, mercury doesn’t show up,
and “wow, this amazing product has
done its job…no it hasn’t, it’s just
that the mercury is hiding.

To my knowledge there is only one way of actually finding the level of mercury in one’s

body, this test is done by a wonderful company called “Quicksliver Scientific”
in Lafayette, Colorado run by Chris Shade, PhD.

This is a methyl and inorganic mercury test, and as far as I know, Dr Shade is the
only one in the country doing this. At the beginning of 2011 the cost was $250.00.

There are several tests that can be done in addition to the methyl mercury test that
will help, please spend some time at their web site.

Dr. Shade is a wonderful man and can be contacted:

303 531 0861

The test is done by Quicksilver Scientific but you still need pay to have the blood
draw, this is done through a lab such as LabCorp or Quest Diagnostics, you’ll
need to do your own research here because the blood draw can vary from $35 to
$100. At the end of the day it’s just a blood draw and should be on the lower
end of the scale.

Probably the easiest and least traumatic way of detoxifying is to use the C-flush method
which is basically using Vitamin C or Sodium Ascorbate powder, when doing this
you should always ensure you have the following ingredients:

Sodium Ascorbate powder

Probiotic capsules/tablets/drink

Activated charcoal capsules


Or you can call Huggins Applied Healing and buy the C-Flush package which includes
all the above. 1 800 948 4638

This process is best started on a Saturday if you work during the week; this is to
allow a day of rest following the C-flush.

The program is done over a 7 week period, week one you start by taking one gram of
sodium ascorbate powder (roughly a level teaspoon) in 2 oz’s of water, mix
thoroughly and swallow.

This is done every 20 minutes until the onset of diarrhea, it typically takes 8 or 9
grams to induce diarrhea, and once the diarrhea starts it will normally
continue for a couple of hours. Do not take any more sodium ascorbate powder
that day. If however diarrhea hasn’t started by the fifteenth gram you should
stop and try again the next day.

You should drink the electrolyte drink to replace those lost during the elimination;
I found that taking two activated charcoal caps a few hours after the diarrhea
has stopped will also help in preventing an unexpected reoccurrence.

Now I said this is done over a 7 week period so here are the specific instructions:

Week 1.

One gram of sodium ascorbate powder in 2 oz’s of water every 20 minutes until diarrhea
starts, continue to eat normally during the day. Take two charcoal capsules
several hours after the diarrhea has stopped, also take the electrolyte drink
and the Probiotic.

The following day should be a day of rest and recuperation because you will feel

rather drained and a little tired.

Week 2.

Repeat the process as per week one.

Week 3.

Repeat the process as per week one.

Week 4, 5 and 6.

Eat normally; take no sodium ascorbate powder.

Week 7.

Repeat process for week one.

This is the least traumatic way of detoxifying and one that is recommended by Dr.

When I first joined Dr. Huggins, I wanted to try the C Flush so I would have
firsthand experience and be able to honestly relate my findings to the clients
I talked to each day. So during the first seven weeks I used this method of
detoxifying and found it quite helpful and very easy to do.

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