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Toxicity of dentistry…

Quite often the source of a health challenge would be right in front of you, or as Dr Huggins would say…Right under your nose. Yes in your mouth, or more specifically, your teeth.

After working with Dr Huggins for more than three years and reading some very notable and knowledgeable authors like Dr Hal Huggins, Dr Thomas E Levy, Dr George Meinig and of course the original master, Dr Weston A Price. I feel confident in my understanding and experience; however I will never recommend, or prescribe a product or procedure based on you telling me of your illness or disease, because I’m not qualified to do that. However I will share my experience and knowledge and if you have results similar to the thousands of others I’ve talked with then I’m sure you’ll be happy.

As mentioned earlier, your blood can tell you so much about what is happening in your body, At Huggins Applied Healing we would look at a blood test, this test was quite comprehensive and would indicate several things to us. The test would be a Blood profile and CBC with a manual differential.

Now I have to make that statement very clear, myself or Carolyn being the most experienced in the company at the time were not the ones making assessments, judgments or recommendations on what was happening in a client’s blood. No, this was only done by a computer program which had been created based on Dr Huggins work. This was the Huggins Recovery Program or as it was later known, The Assist Program.

However, Carolyn and I would look at the program results and over the years became very knowledgeable and experienced in understanding what was happening in the blood.

The Blood profile and CBC with manual differential consisted of 35 components, ranging from Calcium and Phosphorus right down to the red and white cells plus the five components of each.

As I mentioned earlier the blood is very complex, not just some red stuff that flows through your veins.

Components of the blood such as Bilirubin, AST, ALT and LDH will provide an indication as to what is happening in your liver, every component in the blood is affected by the others, so correcting one area will affect another area. So when you see your doctor who tells you are a little run down and suggests taking an iron tonic please understand that although it will increase the red blood cells it won’t necessarily improve the effectiveness to carry oxygen (oxyhemeglobin) to the areas of your body crying out for help.

This is why the Recovery program is so effective; it will look at all areas of your blood and address each of the deficiencies or surpluses as they relate to each other.

The Assist program is available from Dr Huggins office, the cost as of April 2011 was $765.00. As with any program based on your specific blood you will have to pay for the blood draw which can vary from lab to lab. My recommendation would be to join Life Extension; the cost of joining is around $75.00 per annum. You can then have the blood test at a very reasonable price,

The number to contact Life Extension on is 1-800 208 3444

The next paragraph is directly from the work of Dr Huggins, I felt that this would be a valuable addition to this book.

When a healthy body is challenged with a toxin or antigen, what happens to the white blood cells? They increase in order to defend the body and reestablish its homeostasis. If the toxins do not go away, what does the healthy body do? It increases the defense team. That means that it brings on additional white blood cells.. In the case of mercury escaping from a filling, the questions becomes how many white blood cells does it take to remove all the mercury coming out of it? The answer should be billions and billions, if it were indeed possible. The real answer is that white blood cells cannot remove all the mercury coming from the filling, but they fight anyway. Is it possible that the really super healthy body constantly increases the number of white cells thinking that it can eventually win the battle by overcoming the enemy by sheer number? Outsiders, that is doctors not living within the body or really understanding its dilemma, come up with a name to describe the event. The label is leukemia, which describes the conditions of massive battle. The treatment is to kill off

those white cells in order to reestablish homeostasis. What is missing is understandings that the white blood cells are just behaving in response to their job description in trying to defend your life. This is not a slam toward our system, just a suggestion of one more way to look at a problem that has found very little help over the past three decades. Maybe it is an accommodation for survival.

Taken from “The Mechanics of Toxicity”, by Dr Hal Huggins.

I have added this to show and justify dealing with the cause of the problem not just the symptom which is traditionally what is done by the average GP, and doctors treating patients in hospitals.

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