Don’t buy this…it’s poison.

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I’ve been constantly upset by the blatant lies published daily by this company regarding the nutrional value of their product. Millions of people every day are buying this product and feeding it to their family believing that they are feeding them a nutritious product. when in reality it’s the opposite in fact it’s downright toxic.
The product is Nutella the chocolate and hazelnut spread.
What the advertising says is that it’s easy and quick to provide a nutritious breakfast by spreading an ounce or two of Nutella onto a slice of toast.
The advertising claims their product is simply hazelnuts and cocoa powder, if you care to do a little research you’ll  find the first ingredient in Nutella is Sugar, in fact 53% of every 100 grams is sugar.
Sugar is by far the most toxic natural food on earth.

As for its nutritious qualities, let’s be honest: Nutella has the basic nutrition profile of chocolate frosting with slightly more protein. (Chocolate frosting has 1 gram of protein; Nutella has 3 grams, thanks to its hazelnuts and skim milk.)

So, is chocolate frosting healthy for breakfast? Of course not. Two tablespoons of Nutella contains the equivalent of five teaspoons of sugar. That’s very high.

But even the Nutella website says it should be “used in moderation with complementary foods.” A tablespoon spread on a slice of high-fiber whole grain bread accompanied by fresh fruit and a glass of milk or some yoghurt is not going to get you arrested by the nutrition police.

To put it clearly, Nutella is dangerous, it’s toxic and should be avoided at all cost’s.

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