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So my thoughts were that if the Alliance would use me on a consultative basis I could possibly earn enough to support myself then I wouldn’t need to worry anymore. It seemed  my luck was changing for the better,

Over the next couple of weeks I made some changes at home so I’d be able to deal with the calls I was going to have to make when the Alliance employed my service as a consultant.

In my job as CSD for doc I would speak to between 10 and 25 clients daily, some would be new calls both one’s coming in and those I’d make in response to telephone or email enquiries.

There was a large number of calls made to clients who’d actually bought a Huggins recovery program or attended a clinic which doc and the chosen dentist that could have been in PA or TX..

So in my consultative role I’d be doing the same thing but in these cases the client would need to understand why they needed to have dental work with the Huggins trained dentist and not necessarily go through body chemistry rebalancing with Dr. H.

I arranged for a landline to be installed and made arrangements with AT+T to have more minutes available on my cell/mobile. At the end of the second week I started to worry that I’d not heard from any of the Alliance dentists or Dr.G.

I called her in the evening wanting to know if she knew anything, but my calls all went to voicemail. A week passed before I was able to speak with her and find out what was going on. She said that she’d not been able to speak with any of them, this shocked and confused me as she was the president of the biological dentists in the US. If a dentist was a member of this organisation you didn’t not take or return calls.

Eventually I got the news that felt like a kick in the gut, the Alliance had been warned off by Dr.H they;d basically been told that they couldn’t use me, in fact it got worse than that, they’d been warned not to have any communication with me.

What I didn’t understand was why would he do this? why would he make it so I would be unable to earn a living. How could he be so evil, so cruel to someone that had only sung his praises from the rooftops. Doc knew I’d take a bullet for him and yet now didn’t give a damn if I lived or died.

No, I don’t think I’m exaggerating, I couldn’t do a manual job, physically it just wasn’t possible and the fact I was 55 didn’t really put me in an employable category. Oh crap now what could I do.

My unemployment benefits were limited, I could pay my rent, my truck and utilities but it didn’t leave much left over for food and gas.

This horrible disease is bad, it’s a degenerative disease that slowly but surely restricts my movements and ties up my immune system which leaves me open to attack from the invaders normal healthy people can repel People don’t die from MS per se, but as their immune system becomes weaker and weaker a bad cold could finish me off, oh pooh

I still take numerous supplements, no drugs eeuck… only the nutients and vitamins especially loading up with vitamin C,  I’d learned through doc that my body needed if possible  in the form of Lipospheric Getting these was becoming more and more difficult as the money I received monthly was rapidly coming to an end.

At this time I really didn’t know what to do or for that matter what i could do, things were looking bleak and for the first time in my life I was depressed….

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