Am I mad at these people…

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I suppose there could be a split in opinions between those reading this account of what happened, someone reading my blog who didn’t actually know me would understand how I was feeling at the time, at the end of the day I was really screwed by people I believed thought of me as a loyal friend, colleague and employee. I imagine there may be differences in opinions, those siding with me and others wanting to live in Switzerland, I don’t have a problem with that.

I decided to express my feelings simply because I don’t think it’s healthy to bottle things up especially when it’s a very important experience to me.

I look on Dr. Huggins as an amazing man, someone that should and I believe will be remembered in the same light as Linus Pauling, Weston A Price, Max and Charlotte Gerson and Hulda Clark. His work will be revered in the future when people eventually accept that the ADA, the AMA the Pharmaceutical industry are intent on making profits at the expense of keeping mankind sick.

I have no intention of harming anyone mentioned here, this is simply my opinion of those people. What happened is a fact, it’s not how I saw it, this is what took place. You can make your own mind up and have your own opinion. If you think it’s perfectly ok to “let someone go” after 3 ½ years of dedicated service with no severance pay, in fact to short pay them then that’s up to you.

I committed my life to him, as I mentioned before, I worked more than 400 extra unpaid hours in my first full year, in fact I didn’t take a holiday/vacation at all until my third year. Even when I did take some time off to spend with my mum and sister who’d flown over from England I still went into the office for an hour or two on four of the five days that week.

Yes I have the utmost respect for that man professionally, but personally it’s a different story, he has the morals of an alleycat. I’d hear him on the phone to numerous women he’d flirt with, people that were clients. He had a live in partner who at the time he’d been with for more than 8 years. The flirting lead to more than that, in fact at one clinic there were two liaisons taking place which the OM painstakingly kept them apart. It was noted by the client’s attending the clinic, one or two voiced their unhappy opinions to me after the two week stay. That’s not the actions of someone professing to be a christian especially not someone professing to have the Lord speak through him.

I could be a lot more detailed if I was truly looking to hurt him, but I’m not, I could name several women he flirted with and had relationships of a kind, I could specifically name the lady on the east coast who he talked to every day and probably still does but I won’t. LB is a lovely woman, I talked to her myself a lot of times and I actually do think she loves him.

Does he love her? in his unique way I’m sure he does but when it comes to women especially attractive ones then doc is doc……

Letting me go in the way “they” did is what happened, big deal, Colorado is an “AT WILL” state and for my non american readers that means an employer can fire you, sack you, dismiss you for no reason at all.  However what happened after was not just a case of releasing me it was downright evil…

Writing my e-book didn’t damage doc, it didn’t dispute his work or technique’s, in fact on the contrary it praised him for his fortitude, his unequalled knowledge and experience. I stated very clearly that I revered the man and if the reader liked what I said then I encouraged them to contact his office because no one else could do what he does.

My blog did the same, I gave my point of view based on the knowledge I’d gained from reading his books and studying his work. I didn’t explain how to go through body chemistry re-balancing, no, I recommended they talk with him.

I talked about the dangers of regular dental work and how a dentist, untrained in the Huggins technique’s could create problems that may lead to serious health conditions as clearly discovered by Dr. Huggins and Melvin Page and Weston Price before him.

My book and blog were and are very ”pro” Huggins, so how they treated me after letting me go was not just a parting of the ways, it was downright diabolical… They…yes They not just him were evil, they didn’t need to threaten me with legal action and prevent me from earning a living. They didn’t have to put me through the stress that inevitably worsened my health and lead to me returning to England.

Am I mad at these people…no, but I am very disappointed.

He has become a sad, bitter, cantankerous and selfish old man.

The OM, well yes she’s fun, bubbly and very loud at times and she’s your best friend if…if she can see something she can gain from knowing you. But the other side of her is frightening, she can turn at the drop of a hat into a rottweiler with lipstick…


Again this is my opinion and as we all know, an opinion is allowed and this is my blog.


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