Hmm, lets create an illness..

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Well today was another mag chloride soak day and after an hour I felt very specific improvements, I have to point out that my improvements are always subtle changes that may or may not be noticeable to other people. However living in my body the changes albeit minor are little victories to me.

The magnesium chloride soak is the safest and fastest way for a human body to absorb this extremely important mineral. So many organs and what may be perceived as basic functions of a healthy body are restricted dramatically in the absence of magnesium.

There are numerous forms of magnesium in tablet form available to buy and in reality they all will help, some more than others and the good thing is that just about everyone will benefit by making this a daily habit.

Over the past 25 years give or take, big pharma and this includes  companies like Smithkline Beecham  have taken a stranglehold on people in the western world.

They are mistakenly associated with and thought of as companies that have the health of mankind as their best interests. When this is as far from the truth as you can imagine.

All these companies are interested in is their own and shareholders profit. I can understand every business simply wants to be profitable, that’s why they are in business so they can’t be blamed, or can they.

Governments are surely just as guilty for allowing these pariah’s to continue day after day, month after month and year after year.

Surely these people have a conscience, apparently not because they are allowed to make billions of pounds and dollars profit every year.


In 2006 a Brit called Jackie Law wrote a book called; Big pharma: How the worlds biggest drug companies control illness.

In its 256 pages he clearly outline the control that these people have and identifies the failure of government to control the manipulation of the uninformed public.

The millions spent in research is not looking for a cure to an established illness or disease, no, the majority is spent on creating an illness….yes illness and a drug to address one of it’s many symptoms. This way a commercial or advertisement in the US can be made, in the ad you’ll hear what looks like an average person stating that they’ve had enough of a particular annoying health issue such as an allergy to pollen. So they are now taking a specific drug and hey presto….now they feel ok. Feel OK is the correct description because if they stop taking the drug that is only addressing the symptom they feel crappy again, so the person commits themselves to life with that drug which is probably added to many more OTC drugs.

Sick people = cash cow for big pharma…

The drug companies have invested multi millions in creating the problem and cure for symptom. They make billions from the sale and set aside maybe a hundred million to pay out in compensation, but this is a very lucrative business.

Now please, before you scream and shout that I am such an A-hole for writing this, please do some research and not simply looking at those companies that make the drugs. Look at the research from the many independent’s out there.


Look at Harry Hoxsey, Max and Charlotte Gerson, Hulda Clark, Weston A Price and the Price Pottenger Foundation to name a few.

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