Yes I do have the courage of my convictions….

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I imagine that there are some of my readers that see posts I write or ones I repost, articles about the right foods to eat or the right things to do nutritionally and wonder if I’m just saying these things or if I believe and follow this natural regimen. Do I actually practise what I preach? well I do believe everything I post on my blog, there are things I post that I don’t or can’t do exactly as recommended. Sometimes it’s for financial reasons and sometimes its simply because it’s just not practical or possible but in the main what I write and post is because I know it’s the correct thing to do.

 Now am I qualified to give advice? well I think I am, although its not advice I’m giving to a particular person. I know there are lots of people who have strong opinions and voice them to all and sundry, anyone within hearing distance sometimes, irrespective of if they ask for it or not. My own case is a little different, yes I give my opinion but it’s not an opinion formed through watching and listening to commercials on the TV and radio. After joining the world leading authority on biological dentistry and studying the toxification of the body by heavy metals such as mercury and aluminium. I spent several years focussing on understanding how this could be rectified. I pride myself on the knowledge I gained. So, am I qualified to give advice, possibly yes although that’s not what I do, but I am sharing my opinion, an opinion based on fact and solid scientific research.

My blog is just that, its my blog, I pay to host it, so I can write and post what I choose. If you decide to read my post on Facebook or twitter or wherever else this is distributed then that’s your choice not mine.

Over the years I’ve seen ads on TV sponsored by big pharma (primarily in the US) that are played between 7pm and midnight, peak viewing times seen by gazillions of people, a slight exaggeration but you know what I mean. Most people will turn their brains off during this time but subconsciously they absorb the crap doled out. So opinions are formed not through active research but because of what is shown and intended to mislead you by the powers that be.

A couple of years ago when living in Colorado I’d see various ads promoting a drug called Claritin for allergies, the actor would complain about his or her reactions to pollen or cat dander. They would refuse to live with this problem and started taking the drug, within a day or two they felt so much better and proudly pronounced they were Claritin clear.

99% of drugs or the over the counter medicines, treat a symptom of health issue, they do nothing to address the cause of the problem.

This was typical of the type of advertising that dominates the 3 minute breaks every 6 minutes.

 These were actors pretending to be suffering and then rejoicing in the changes after taking the drug. In my opinion this is bad enough but then there was a series of ads promoting a cholesterol medication.

This is when it became disgusting and immoral, a leading heart surgeon was proclaiming that a drug was necessary to limit  the possibility of a heart attack

 Now if this leading heart surgeon were telling the truth it wouldn’t be that bad but sadly he wasn’t. If he believed what he was saying he was either stupid or he has no morals whatsoever. I don’t think one of Americas leading heart surgeon’s is stupid, so that mean’s he’s saying these things out of a love of money. Not having the slightest concern for the people he initially trained to protect.By the way his name was Dr, Paster,,,,,,k or something similar and independent research showed he was on the payroll of nine pharmaceutical companies. Heart surgeons make good money, justifiably so but selling yourself out and making another half million each year at the expense of sick people is disgusting.

There is an article on my blog about cholesterol and why it is vital to the human body.

Now going back to the question about what I believe and what i do, I was diagnosed with MS in November 2004, the neurosurgeon told me that I would be in a wheelchair in 6 months if I didn’t get on the medication. I refused then and have never taken any drugs or pharmaceutical meds.

I studied as much as possible and read many books on this hideous disease, I maintain a healthy diet and don’t put crappy foods into my body. I’ve had MS for 10 years and I suffered with it for four years prior to official diagnosis. At home, I wall and furniture walk, I need a walker to walk short distances and a wheelchair to get around Sainsbury’s.

But I’m always researching and willing to try natural remedies.

 Would I have been better off if I’d taken the drugs in 2004, for a limited I’m sure I would have been, but over the years I would have had to continually increase the dosage until the drug had little or no effect on the symptoms. At that point the disease would have turned me into a shadow of the man I was. So I’m glad I didn’t believe the lies that were told to me.

So yes I do have the courage of my convictions, I truly believe I will beat this in my own way and that is to stick with what I believe to be the truth.

This journey is painful every minute of my waking day, but I am a stubborn half German scouser and no amount of pain and discomfort is going to stop me.

I must say that me getting healthy would never have happened without the help and support of three women, my mum, my sister Suzie and my niece Deb’s, I am and will forever be grateful to you.

My book “Dentistry and how it’s damaging your health” is available here for only $2.99

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