Magnesium Chloride and me..

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In the main I’m feeling very positive and optimistic about the effects of the larger doses of magnesium I’m taking. At this time I’m taking 3 x 200 mg of magnesium stearate three times per day, so 1.8 g’s.

The magnesium is chelated which to a degree enhances the ability of magnesium to be metabolized.


Ideally I want to have magnesium chloride but until today I’ve not been able to get here in England, but through trusty Amazon I can now get it.  I was able to get mag chloride from a company called Alta  who is the same provider so in a week I’ll have them.


Magnesium in any of the several forms available is helpful to everyone but mag chloride is the quickest and easiest form to be metabolized.


Stability Constants of Common Magnesium Compounds

The following chart lists the stability constants of some common magnesium compounds, with lower stability constants reflecting higher bioavailability:2 3

Magnesium Complex




Magnesium chloride


[totally ionized]

Magnesium acetate


[essentially ionized]

Magnesium gluconate


[essentially ionized]

Magnesium lactate


[essentially ionized]

Magnesium malate


[essentially ionized]

Magnesium glutamate


[essentially ionized but neurotoxic]

Magnesium aspartate


[essentially ionized but neurotoxic]

Magnesium citrate


[essentially ionized]


Although I’m a long long way from being healthy and free from MS, I am noticing small and very subtle changes. Getting up and negotiating my way around my flat (apartment for my US readers) probably looks awkward to anyone watching but it’s getting easier.

I use the walls and the furniture to get around and I definitely feel stronger and my stability is improving.


The amount of mag chloride I’m taking is considerably more than the recommended dose, but normal doses are for normal healthy people. I think MS or the combination of symptoms that collectively are termed MS are so closely linked to magnesium deficiency. That being the case I feel that saturating my body through supplementing and soaking is the way to go.


The book by Carolyn Dean M.D, N.D. certainly indicates that using the amounts will not harm me, as so many enzymes and systems desperately require magnesium to function correctly.


Unlike some other elements if a body is subject to an overdose it can naturally be excreted  so I’ll take on my role as guinea pig and see how I feel over the next week or so.

I’ll not elaborate on my next comment but I will pass on my most sincere thanks and gratitude to a true friend Claire Trigger…

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