Flying by the seat of my pants…

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As each new day brings potential hope for me I tend to be happy to go to bed knowing that the new day might be a day of pleasant surprises, I think because I’ve had this crappy illness for ten years officially and some symptoms for four years prior to diagnosis, I’ve got used to experiencing the pain, weakness and instability. It doesn’t make it any less painful but I’ve convinced myself it won’t be forever, so I just suck it up.


So thanks to my amazing mother who bought some magnesium chloride last month and Claire…ahh …Claire I’m able to follow a protocol of my own choosing incorporating magnesium chloride soaks for 90 minutes and mega doses of the tablets.


I know some people would suggest doing this every day and comment that you can’t have too much of a good thing. Sadly that isn’t true, actually it’s the opposite really. I liken this to eating food, if you looked at the amount of food you eat in a month and tried to eat it in one sitting you wouldn’t be physically able to do it. Your body simply couldn’t cope, you would feel like you were going to explode and your liver, kidneys, gallbladder, spleen and heart would overload then give up.


So my tablets are daily but the soaks are every other day, today was a soak day. As I’ve said before this protocol has me flying by the seat of my pants. I gauge how I feel over a period of time of taking or doing something. Everyone is different, yes we all have the same organ’s which do the same job but no two people function exactly the same, not even identical twins.


Today my soak was for just over an hour but with 6 cups of mag chloride not the four as my previous soaks. The bath water is hot but not too hot and I’ve noticed subtle but very definite changes. I’d like to be specific about the time but I think it comes down to the ability of my body to absorb the magnesium,


Today after about 50 minutes the feeling in my legs, more so in my left which is the side that suffers most, felt a very pronounced tingling similar to the feeling you get as blood flows back into a limb after you’ve been sleeping on it. It actually felt good experiencing it, being able to wiggle my toes and raise the leg out of the water.


It’s a long laborious method but I have to try, it can be a little frustrating but it’s either this or giving up and that’s not happening.

My new magnesium chloride tablets just arrived so this will improve my chances…thanks my dear..

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