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Back in 2009 I was working as the client service director for Dr.Hal Huggins in Colorado Springs in the beautiful state of Colorado, the city is 6100 ft above sea level  and at the foot of the amazing Rocky Mountains.


Each day I would speak with up to 25 people, some just asking questions, some clients and some patients. It was an interesting, fulfilling, rewarding and often traumatic role to be in. I loved helping people especially those that called in what they perceived to be the last resort.


Often I’d talk with people suffering from cancer or MS or ALS and they had been told by their doctors there was no hope. So calling us they learnt that the disease they were suffering from could well have been initiated and perpetuated by dental work.


They would explain they’d had the disease for a number of years or that they had just been diagnosed, They may have read about Dr.Huggins and how he’d been able to help hundreds and thousands of similarly affected people.


One day I took a call from a nice lady who introduced herself as “Pat”, her initial question was simply about amalgam fillings and if there was any documented proof of their toxicity and subsequent danger.


We talked for the best part of an hour, when the caller showed a significant interest I would feel obligated to share my knowledge. We talked extensively about amalgam fillings, root canals and cavitations. I explained in great depth of how the blood was affected and the significant changes in body chemistry.


Normally I wouldn’t have gone into such depth but Pat appeared to soak it up and asked more and more questions. At the end of the call Pat told me she was so grateful and said she wanted to send me a book as a gift. I explained it wasn’t necessary but she insisted.


A week later a box probably 15” by 15” by 10” arrived for me, my first thought was that I’d ordered something although I couldn’t recall anything, as it was late in the day I didn’t open the box until I got home. Opening it I was quite surprised to see 3 bottles of apple cider vinegar drink, two large bottles of Bragg apple cider vinegar and three books by Dr.Paul C Bragg and Patricia Bragg Phd N.D..


I was only when I started reading one of the books that I noticed an inscription written by the author which read.


Thank you Stefan for all your time, please accept this gift.



It was only then I realised that the Pat I’d been talking to for an hour explaining the significance of dentistry and body chemistry re-balancing was actually

Patricia Bragg Phd N.D.


At first I felt a little embarrassed but then I felt quite proud of myself to have explained what I did without being criticized or doubted by such an amazing woman.

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