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April 25th       As each day comes and goes I spend a lot of time in thought about my plans to restore my health, am I right in doing this the way I am, or am I wrong for not allowing pharmaceutical drugs into my body. It seems the only constant is the inconsistency of improvements. Each day, after an hour or two has passed and the overall feelings and symptoms have either changed from the previous day I ponder about the supplements and dosage, should I increase or decrease the dosage or completely eliminate them.


I suppose I have to be positive really, I’m not feeling worse or if I do it’s only a temporary thing lasting for a few hours. Like this morning, I was awake at 6.15 and soaking in my magnesium chloride bath at 7.00. Afterwards I noticed minor improvements in my clearness of thought but getting ready totally wore me out. The weakness throughout my body was terrible, just putting my socks on was difficult and moving around the flat was a challenge.


Breakfast is normally a protein shake with fruit which is blended together, I normally make a flask of tea and I prepare two 1 litre bottles of filtered water with himalayan crystal salt (sole) this and  getting my supplements for the day takes about an hour. This might not seem much for most people but for me I felt drained and needed to rest for an hour. Normally I’d be good  but today I was totally worn out for several hours.


This is when I started to doubt myself but fortunately after eating, drinking another litre of water I returned to being tired but bearably so. Knowing what I know I should have more confidence in myself and expect the “die off” period and not be so surprised or doubt myself.


Part of this process is keeping accurate records, a journal like this helps keep track of the sometimes delicate and subtle changes.

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