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The articles I write and re-post are primarily about my health and the dangers of accepting “western medicines“ solution to an illness  by advocating a pharmaceutical drug. This attitude is to address a symptom rather than the cause of the problem. I try to spread the word that this method of allopathic treatment does nothing other than perpetuate  the sickliness of millions of people and  ridiculous profits of big pharma.


I was wondering if some people know I’m sick and think “how can he be recommending a particular course of action, it’s not as if he’s really healthy and is telling people to do things when its obvious he hasn’t”.


So I thought I’d address this possible opinion, yes I do have MS but in the main I’m healthy, I don’t get sick. I haven’t had a cold or the flu in more years than I can remember, at least 10.

I was diagnosed with MS in Feb 04 and refused to take the drugs they recommended. The neurologist told me I would be totally wheelchair dependent within 6 months. that didn’t happen and even now after going through a very stressful last 2 years in the states after losing my job and struggling to survive financially I still only use a wheelchair if I have to get around outside.


The knowledge and experience I gained from the 3 ½ years with Dr Huggins who is generally accepted as No 1 in the world is quite extensive. I studied other specialists like Drs.Thomas E Levy, Weston A Price and Melvin Page.


I didn’t get MS because I was eating the wrong foods or drinking to excess, I got MS because my immune system was overloaded with toxins and simply said I can’t protect you anymore.

So how did this happen? well I had a nasty fall in Florida and smashed my face into a concrete step. My face looked horrendous (just ask my brother and sister in law) the dentist fixed my broken teeth with four root canals and several amalgam fillings.


An amalgam filling is what most dentists will refer to as silver fillings, when in reality they are high copper amalgam filling, 33% copper, mercury and silver. So what has that got to do with my MS? The first commercially placed amalgam filling was in 1865 in Paris, France. The first official case of MS was also in 1865 in Paris and the same person that had the amalgam. Dental authorities who are headed by the ADA (American Dental Association) will deny this fact and say it’s just a coincidence, it’s not a coincidence  it’s true.


In the USA  people constantly see advertising and commercials for one new drug or another and here in England 99% of GP’s will prefer to give you a prescription for a drug rather than advising you on natural remedies and lifestyle changes which would be far better for you long term.


The Pharmaceutical industries pay multi millions promoting the latest fix and they make billions from the worldwide sale, so much of the so called research hasn’t been done by independent researchers, no its been done by the pharmaceutical industry and  manipulated to show positive findings.


Nearly 20 percent of corporate crime is being committed by companies that make products for your health. Crimes committed by some of the top pharmaceutical companies include fabricated studies and hiding damaging research


A number of recent articles and books have delved into the practices of the drug industry, concluding it operates like an organized crime ring


Corruption of science is one of the most dangerous forms of corruption. Doctors rely on published studies to make treatment recommendations, and large numbers of patients can be harmed when false findings are published


A recent study concluded that a majority of American drug commercials—60 percent of prescription drug ads, and 80 percent of ads for over-the-counter (OTC) drugs—are either misleading or outright false


Warnings of adverse side effects in drug ads can backfire. While initially making viewers cautious, over the course of time people tend to ignore the warnings; some even see them as indications of honesty and trustworthiness.


So coming back to the question of my qualification to advise and make suggestions, I’m not diagnosing anyone I’m simply passing on my opinion based on what I believe to be valuable knowledge. That being the case then “yes” I do think I’m qualified to share my opinion.

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