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Memo to self….”When you feel better in the morning it doesn’t mean you can walk as if you are healthy”….

Ok so I woke with the sunrise, normal for me, I sat up and started on my litre and a half of water and checked emails. After that which normally takes an hour or so I got up and started running my bath with 6 cups of magnesium chloride. I made sure it was only warm not hot.

Moving around without shoes on tends to be very tentative maneuvers as I’m always worried about twisting my ankle or breaking a toe….again.

But this morning I just felt stronger and more stable than I usually do, I was able to move around without holding the walls and furniture so I felt more confident.

I soaked for just over an hour,  I thought that having the water at a cooler temperature was ok for me to soak longer and allow the mag chloride to be absorbed. So getting up out the bath which sometimes can be quite a challenge was actually very easy today. After drying myself and getting dressed I didn’t feel worn out as I sometimes do, in fact I felt positively good.

Ok this is where the memo should be in the form of a bright yellow Post-it note stuck to my forehead because the internal muscle memory overrode the common sense and logic as I walked around as if I was healthy. Well the first two steps were like that but the third seemed to forget that the legs also have to move not just the upper body.

The first time I was in the kitchen getting water, the stumble was just that, a stumble with the worktops breaking my fall.

I started working on my laptop for an hour and rested my legs until there was a knock at the door, being the dummkopf  I am  (half german) I leapt up, sort of, and made for the front door in what sort of resembled a dislocated puppet motion. As I cleared the doorway into the hall, attempting to look normal, I started to fall face first into the doorframe of the bathroom. The Spiderman in me managed to twist sufficiently so it was my back that struck the door frame not my face and amazingly I didn’t break a leg or an arm. Now at this point I still wanted to open the door and look cool or at least unhurt. When I did there was no one there just a parcel on the floor. I don’t know if the person delivering it heard all the commotion and banging and decided they didn’t want to feel bad or they had caused it. If you are reading this and you delivered my XanGo please rest assured it was my fault and no one else.

Anyway, apart from that minor incident I’m perfectly ok, I am feeling better than I have in a long time.


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