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Several years ago I came across a book written by Dr. Madison Cavanaugh called “The One Minute Cure”. The title really aroused my curiosity, there was a sample 5 pages that could be read which was very interesting and after reading it I bought and downloaded the book.

Over the next 2 hours I read the 119 pages twice and to be honest I was blown away by what she had to say and decided I’d follow her protocol and see if it could change my life.

She talked about Hydrogen Peroxide, H2O2 which I’m sure a lot of people will remember back in the day was used to dye hair, so how could H2O2 be used to cure disease?

She went on to explain that disease cannot live in an oxygenated environment and as many many of us have indulged by eating and drinking the wrong food and drinks it’s not surprising to learn that this could be part of the problem.


I have to make this very clear, what I describe here should not be taken as gospel, she describes in detail how H2O2 should be used and the potential results when followed correctly.

I suggest you click on or copy and paste this link to get the full story.



Anyway I ordered some from Amazon, making sure I got hydrogen peroxide 35% food grade and I’ve started using it.

The program is to start on 3 drops in 6-8 ozs of distilled water three times on the first day and to increase by one drop each day up to 25 drops then back down to 3 drops.

So going up and back down takes 45 days.


Now there are some very specific rules to follow that are extremely important, I’m not going to explain the details because I truly believe this needs to be done by Dr. Cavanaugh not me.

Do not try this without getting the book, it can be done at no charge by using the above link.


When I first bought her book I was working for Dr.Huggins in Colorado Springs, Co. It was very difficult for me to follow the protocol exactly because of my work schedule. The timing of taking the H2O2 is very specific in relation to meals, now I have complete control over my time this will be much easier to control.

I’ll describe my feelings etc over the next 45 days, wish me luck…


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