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So today is 5 drops of H2O2 three times per day, I had my first at 6.30 a few minutes after waking, I suppose I shouldn’t think of the negative side but it’s difficult to ignore. I didn’t remember 5 drops being difficult to take when I originally tried this in 2009, I remembered that at 9 drops it was bad, the taste wasn’t good and it hurt my gut after drinking.

Because I initially thought it was a bit of a shock to the system I considered just having 3 x 3 drops for several days and moving up slowly but although I started on 3 drops yesterday the same as the previous day I increased it to 4 drops for the 2nd and 3rd dose.


After having the 5 drops this morning I almost immediately drank another 8 ozs of water which certainly eased the gut ache. It’s like being punched in the solar plexus, it hurts for a minute then eases off.

My next dose is in 15 minutes so I’ll stop now and continue later…


OK, I had my 2nd dose and again drank it in one go rather than sipping, I get a foul taste in my mouth whether I sip or down it in one, however drinking it in one go tends to be easier to mask the aftertaste by having several sips of water.


The gut ache is obviously worse but coping with that discomfort for 10 minutes is bearable knowing its helping me overall.


So how am I feeling? I will not rave about mega changes because that hasn’t happened however I have noticed very subtle changes. I had my mag chloride soak this morning and while in the bath I could sense the feeling in my toes was better, small and seemingly inconsequential it might seem but it made me feel really good. Getting out which I’ve mentioned before can be quite a challenge but this morning I was very pleasantly surprised by how easy it was.


The second dose tasted quite disgusting but after some more water and a ten minute wait I felt good. I am noticing I feel stronger and more stable so this is encouraging and strengthening my will to stick with it.


I was describing how difficult the everyday requirements are for me to my brill sister Suzie today. Just getting up off the sofa and going to the loo is hard. The weakness I feel in my legs makes me sad and frustrated, bearing in mind that before getting sick I was leg pressing 1,000 lbs. I’m sure there are readers that will doubt this but it is true.


I think because of the sports I’ve done, skydiving, scuba diving, hang gliding, mountain biking, rock climbing and flying small planes. I’m sure that along with having two amazing women in my life (mum and Suzie) has been influential in my determination which borders on arrogance and an unfailing belief in myself and beating this thing…

I want everyone that knows or knows of me to think of me as the guy that against all odds and logic actually overcame and totally eliminated MS from my body, please write a positive and congratulatory comment.


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