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Considering I had a terrible night last night, still awake at 3.15 am which was more frustrating because it was my own fault. I’ve not slept without a sleep aide for over 20 years. So knowing that it was stupid of me to try and not give in till 3.o am.

At that point I was just getting frustrated with myself, tossing and turning trying to find a comfortable position. I must have sat up and checked emails 4 or 5 times until I eventually gave in and went to get an Advil PM, 15 mins later I was in cloud cuckoo land. Thats all well and good but it took me till 9 am to get out of bed. That put my timing out, I have my H2O2 first thing which today was 8.30, I can’t have breakfast for an hour after that. My 2nd dose is 3 hours later which will be between 12.30 and 1.0.


Ok its no big deal but I’d rather be done with all three by 4.30, anyway no more gripeing, so the subject line about trying to not be too excited?…..

Knowing I’ve felt a little frustrated with myself I’m also quite surprised by how good I’m feeling physically. I’m quite tired now because I’ve been walking around so much more than I normally could and I’ve been able to carry things at the same time..woohoo!!


I’m writing this at 11.30 but I’ll stop now and continue in a few hours, that way i’ll have had my 2nd dose and will have a better understanding of effects and symptoms etc.


Had my 2nd and still feeling good, normally moving around my flat probably looks a bit amusing to any onlookers although they are limited to mum,Suzie and Debs, I doubt they would laugh. So its a case of furniture or wall walking, no I don’t walk on them but I have to lean or hold them to negotiate getting from one room to another. But….but thats not exactly the case today, My stability and strength is better today, now it might be a “today” thing but it might just be that the H2O2 is having a positive effect.


Now its difficult to be specific as there are several things I’m doing that hopefully are having a positive effect. I’m a month into the Magnesium Chloride baths and large doses of the supplement. Its also nearly a month with Sphingolin Myelin Basic Protein, I personally think all three are making a difference. I know for a fact that XanGo is essential so I’ll continue that for as long as I can.


My daily supplements seem to make a difference, they are magnesium chloride, potassium, Vit D3, and a multi-vitamin tablet. On occasions over the years I’ve missed a day and felt bad, very weak and unstable so that has indicated to me they are a must..


On top of this I also fast one day each week, when I first read her book Patricia Bragg on fasting and apple cider vinegar I was a little doubtful I’d be able to do it as hypoglycemia would be my problem but luckily it never affected me that was. So from Sunday at 6 pm I start my fast through to 6 pm Monday, I must emphasise that during that time I drink a litre of water with Bragg ACV and 2 ½ litres of filtered water with sole made from himalayan crystal salt.


This probably sounds a bit strange and a bit long winded to most people but the alternative is to give up, be bed ridden and have no life whatsoever and there are 5 hopes of that happening…




Bob Hope and………..NO HOPE…


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