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Well looking back on the physical improvements I’m noticing daily is making me feel quite optimistic about the H2O2, today is 8 drops x three which is only a third of the maximum dose. The negative’s at this point are minor in comparison to the positives so I’ll not spend a great deal of time or energy on them other than saying the aftertaste is disgusting, almost indescribable. It isn’t noticeable while drinking, it’s a second or two after that the foul taste makes me shudder. This is minor in comparison to the pain in my gut that makes me double over, a bit like being punched in the solar plexus but its only temporary. Each day the pain lasts a second or two longer but it’s bearable.


So the more important positives, obviously I can only say the improvements are temporary because I’m in the process of taking it but hopefully the improvements will continue after I finish the program.

I’m seeing my GP in about 10 days so I’ll see if I can get a blood test, that would help make an informed judgement on my long term progress..


The improvements I’m feeling are minor to most people but these little things genuinely make me feel good. Starting with getting dressed, I’m finding it a lot easier maneuvering my legs etc, normally I have to physically lift my left leg and guide my foot into my shoe. The last couple of days I’ve been able to lift my leg and after a couple of attempts put my foot into the shoe…..yay.


I’m noticing greater stability especially walking while just resting my hand against the wall for balance, it might seem like nothing to you but rest assured it’s massive to me. I’m trying to do various exercises during the day, squats and leg raises mainly but I also do the yoga exercise called “the plank” which helps my core and shoulders.


I’m not sure why I’m feeling really weak in the evening, so much so that while stood at the worktop or sink  I’m finding it impossible to stay upright. I’ll be cutting fruit or poring water into a bottle and I feel so weak I bend at the waist. Slightly worrying but I then have my water, rock salt and honey microwaved for 31 seconds. Getting the salt into my bloodstream as quickly relieves this within 10 to 15 minutes.


Contrary to the misinformation being spread by western medicine, real salt not the bleached overly processed crap is extremely good for mankind in general regardless of someone’s health. Salt taken the way I’ve described above will help 99% of people.


I am drinking almost a gallon (4.4 litres) of water with sole (solay) everyday, 2 litres before I get out of bed in the morning, ½ litre is my H2O2. Now bearing in mind I have MS which doctors consider a life threatening incurable disease. My opinion, and the only one that matters to me is I have a disease called MS which is frustrating and limiting at this time. But I believe is temporary, it’s curable.

Well it’s 10 minutes to gut punching sweaty sock sucking time so I’ll say bye for now.


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