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I’m on 12 drops three times per day and I’m not absolutely certain of my personal commitment at this time. No I’m not feeling or experiencing any long term negative effects at this time per se, but the aftertaste is absolutely disgusting. Before I know it’s time to take my next drink I start to have doubts..its like a fear running through me knowing how much I’m going to hate the taste in my mouth seconds after I finish the 10 ounces of water flavoured with essence of dirty old unwashed vagrant sock…I’ve never had one of those but this is how I imagine it to be.


The gut ache is bad, it’s hard to take but it’s the aftertaste that’s doing me in at this time.

I suppose I should just accept that it’s helping to get the much needed oxygen into the cells which in turn is helping to expel the disease. Ridding my body of a so called incurable disease isn’t an easy thing to do. OK I accept that if it was easy then the medical fraternity would feel a lot easier  about it but because it tastes foul and feels like Mike Tyson is using my gut for a punch bag not that many will see it through.


As I’m saying and writing this I’m taunting myself…. I’m almost daring myself to stick with it, don’t be a wimp Stefan, the end result is going to be well worth it….. I hope…


Well the time is upon me, I’m going now to have it, you know….it..


Yeuk..had it and now gradually the taste is fading and the gut ache is getting stronger, I’m not sure if I should drink lots of water after, it may ease the pain and lessen the taste but it might also dilute and limit the efficacy  so I suppose I should wait and let the H202 do it’s job.


Reading about research done and results of others is one thing but at the end of the day I’m only going to know if I follow the protocol exactly myself so the logical side of me is prevailing, stop whinging and get on with it.

In 2009 when I first read the book “The one minute cure” by Dr Madison Cavanaugh I was working long days that started very early. I thought of reasons why I couldn’t stick with the plan exactly, looking back they were just excuses, I believe you can do anything if your “why” is strong enough. So no excuses..


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