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A few days ago a friend of mine, a professor at a university in Japan told me about a herb he’d been researching on my behalf, I’d never physically met Duncan but I’d helped him and his lovely wife when I was working for Dr.Huggins. Anyway he told me briefly about Herb Robert and that I should look into it.

Although the majority of the research was primarily in relation to it’s uses with cancer patient’s of which there are hundreds of papers, I/we can see this could help me.

Here is a post from Isobel Shipard’s blog.

I strongly recommend you read this.


Herb Robert ~ Natural Alterative ~ 3/02/08

(Geranium robertianum)

Herb Robert is perhaps the most profound natural alterative to the many toxic treatments for cancer.

Many people diagnosed with cancer have come to hear of Herb Robert, have taken the herb, and are in remission from cancer. Health has been restored to people who had been diagnosed with cancer of the lungs, mouth, oesophagus, bowel, prostate, breast, uterus, spine, lymph and other cancerous conditions, including skin cancer. It is wonderful to receive feedback from people who have been using the herb.

Many years ago, someone shared with me a news item from Herald of Health, (a European magazine) entitled, Geranium robertianum, ancient herb used in the treatment for defeating cancer . The article gave details of how to use the herb and case histories of people in remission from cancer. The full article from the magazine is given in my book, How can I use herbs in my daily life?

In Europe, it has been a traditional herb for cancer, and it was believed to supply a natural dose of radiation. My herbal mentor called herb robert the radiation plant . Herb Robert contains ellagic acid. Researchers have found ellagic acid may slow growth of tumours caused by certain carcinogens; and it has been used to fight and prevent cancer. Here we see the herb has many actions & that can work on our behalf.

Researchers have found that Herb Robert is a natural source of germanium, a valuable element and powerful antioxidant that has the ability to make oxygen more readily available to the cells of the body. Germanium also stimulates electrical impulses at a cellular level to create a beneficial ripple effect, throughout the whole body. Germanium s remarkable effects on the immune system have been documented in medical journals. It enhances energy levels and is a powerful healing agent. Germanium provides a strong antibiotic and antioxidant arsenal, and I believe we receive so many benefits when we use it on a daily basis.

Herb Robert is highly valued for haemorrhaging and as a wound healer, undoubtedly, because of its astringent properties; and it was also used for bone fractures.

This week a young mother shared with me, that she had started to drink the tea. Her toddler was experiencing severe pain, distress, sleeplessness, crying every time she would cut a tooth, however, since giving the child Herb Robert to drink, now the child is more placid and has new teeth show through without trauma. Also the child is not longer constipated.

Last week a lass from Brisbane rang to say she had been diagnosed with breast cancer over 3 years ago. She followed the suggestions given in the herb book, and recently she has been diagnosed free of cancer.

A woman with lung cancer and given a life expectancy by her doctor of 16-19 months, is now free of cancer. She said she will continue to take Herb Robert as a preventative.

Many people taking the herb have experienced relief from pain, diabetes and chronic fatigue; digestive, stomach and bowel conditions; diarrhea, arthritis, rheumatism and numerous other ailments.

For any person wishing to use Herb Robert as a preventative measure, the herb can be made as a tea; or by using 4-5 leaves, eaten daily. I have the leaves chopped over my breakfast each morning.

Numerous animal owners have shared that pets with cancer, when given Herb Robert in their food, are now free of cancer.

Herb Robert continues to be the most requested herb at the Herb Farm. No doubt, this has resulted from information being passed on by word of mouth, after people have experienced the benefits of using the Herb Robert as a natural alterative.

Herb Robert is a powerful herb that we can all grow and use, daily, for our entire lifetime, to enhance and strengthen the immune system.

I encourage every home garden to have Herb Robert growing. It is a very special herb.

Isabell Shipard


Anyway I searched and searched for Herb Robert tea or tincture in the UK, none could be found however, I decided to buy some from an Aussie provider of which I found many.

I settled on a company called MiddlePath as they responded quicker than any other.

My next post will provide specific information about them.

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