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Well sadly that didn’t work for me, I’m referring to the Viobin wheat germ oil. I’d tried it after hearing about it from a friend. I think with everything that I research myself or hear about it from a trusted source I use myself as a guinea pig and give it a try.

Now being intolerant to a variety of foods or at least the additives used or integral to foods I have to be a little careful. Now please understand this isn’t a case of not liking the taste of a food it’s a little more serious than that.

For instance, I’m gluten, milk and sugar intolerant, I don’t eat fish or pork although my reaction to the last two is mainly based on my knowledge of the damage they can cause in the body when taken consistently over a long period of time.


Gluten, Milk and Sugar however tend to act within minutes

Gluten,  this is a protein found in wheat that is the natural component that helps breads to stick together, you’ll notice that gluten free breads tend to flake or split and break up much easier than other breads.

The wheat based products like breads and pasta will create physical problems in my body such as aching in my calves and shoulders and it’s in my upper spine and neck that understandably worry me most.

I tried various milk’s but they all had the same negative effect on me so no I love coconut milk, although rice milk and almond milk are good alternatives to dairy coconut milk is the best from a health standpoint. Lauric acid, caprylic acid and capric. Coconut is a MCFA medium chain fatty acid and unlike other fatty acids this is big time healthy.


Sugar is quite simply the most toxic food on God’s green earth, most people will be eating this bad stuff regularly and say it’s perfectly fine for them…But…!! .but, how many of you have health problems that you ignore such as weight gain, headaches, sleeping problems  and so many more things that you don’t associate with the chocolate bars and desserts. It’s the flipping sugar, cut it out and the crappy artificial sweeteners and over a period of time, months, you’ll see improvements.


Now back to my problem, I hoped that as the wheat germ was only 2.5% of the kernel I was optimistic that the gluten wouldn’t be a big enough problem.

This was like me telling Dr.Huggins patients that being shot by a single bullet has an equally bad effect as being shot by a machine gun, just because it’s smaller it still kills.


Never mind, the effects last night after the Viobin wheat germ oil, which almost completely incapacitated me, I say almost, but I couldn’t stand straight up and had to crawl to the bathroom and then bed was a tad worrying.

After 5 hours sleep, a litre and a half of my water, 2 hours in a magnesium chloride bath I’m back to normal. Ha….me normal…naaahh but I’m feeling a lot better than 12 hours ago.


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